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Friday, March 5, 2021

Financial Success is Counting on Yourself

Why do so many people let their dreams crumble into dust? One of the biggest, hidden reasons is other people. Queer though it may sound-it's not our enemies, it's our friends and loved ones. If the ones we spend most time with are negative, cynical naysayers, constantly harping why we will fail, THEY are literally doing us in. A friend can tear us apart in more ways than several enemies. The one who never got a merit raise will give you all the reasons why hard, productive work won't get you anywhere. The guy who has never reached the top sales position or achieved a sales target will tell you not to bother because the management always sets the goals too high. The wage earner who never ran a business can give you 221 obstacles why you can never start your own enterprise. The truth is listening to just about anyone without being aware of their own tracks could be suicide. Listening could be habit forming and you could end being held hostage by fear or burying your head in the sand.

Without goals you get nowhere. No one got anywhere without defining their life goals. Your goals should never drop out of sight. Can a ship navigate without rudder? Has your calendar been invaded by financially dead excursions and diversions? Similarly you can have a great product or the best quality benchmarks yet unless you know how to take it to the world's markets you'd be doing what a certain tribe in the Arctic does when their parents reach old age-they'd put them in a canoe on a water expanse with nothing else and abandon them to die! Stop huddling with the same cast of characters you have habitually come to lean on. Look at all your advertising pieces and ask, "What's the first thing that strikes peoples eyes when they look at my product?" Acquire one special skill and you could reverse your cash flows for life. You don't need a PhD to do that or even a college education. Remember opportunity is self made. Winning stimulates winning, iron sharpens iron. Don't douse your dreams. Light your fires and take off on a newly ignited trajectory.

[ The writer believes that YOUR OWN SPACE could be your launchpad ]

Monday, March 1, 2021

Catastrophic Financial Crashes Will Wipe Out Your Standard of Living

The world is sleepwalking towards a fresh economic and financial crisis that will have devastating consequences for the democratic market system, according to the former Bank of England governor Mervyn King. READ MORE 

For the first time since the Great Depression both advanced economies and emerging market and developing economies are in recession. For this year, growth in advanced economies is projected at -6.1 percent. Emerging market and developing economies with normal growth levels well above advanced economies are also projected to have negative growth rates of -1.0 percent in 2020, and -2.2 percent if you exclude China. Income per capita is projected to shrink for over 170 countries. Both advanced economies and emerging market and developing economies are expected to partially recover in 2021.READ MORE 

If worry , spreading dismay , has begun to gnaw you , focus on these options

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Taken Care Of
Find ways to rainmake and string up financial scaffolding 

Find Easy Ways To Trim Cut Your Overhead Costs
Spending habits built up blindly or by habit during the boom years or good times could take you to the cleaners

Assess Your Spending Habits
Are you expending your income on right expenses or are expenses driving you
down the road to finacial perdition ? 

Supplement Your Income
For the price of a cuppa you COULD do something or get moving in the right direction.

Feeling Lazy ? Wondering What To Do ? Here are 3 Trails.....

“Laziness” is an overused descriptive, a judgment­­, - that really does nothing to goad us understand why some of us or we ourselves don't press on with effort to do what they ought to do, or wish they could . If we take a moment to examine what’s behind the stalling , hesitating , and and the putting off of doing things we find a range of reasons : fear of failure , fear of not being up to supposed skill level , even depression [ years of working for someone where you don't have to go beyond your chore / task and a fear again of rocking your own boat and capsizing it ].

So , get off the rocking chair and check out these 3 trails by the weekend and you won't be bored to death :

Saturday, February 27, 2021

No Enterprise Fails With This ......

We got ingrained as we were growing up that only those with special skills, plenty of of luck and money can start a successful business .Isn't it so ? The truth is there are lots of enterprises dying ,pining  to be hatched that wouldn't talk of sacks of capital and an "education" to the skies. We’re not talking about the next premier, branded-from-launch stuff , here, but ventures that cost  a cuppa  and give you a foot in the door to your own endeavour , to your own venture .

 Entrepreneurship is hard work but it isn't for the cash rich  or those who've gone on to universities around the world. Have GUMPTION , PLUCK , determination , a nose for practicalities ? There are plenty of businesses you can start on a shoestring budget and without exclusive skills or a fancy doctorate.

If you're you're passionate about something ,you'll be unstoppable. So kick up the dust by asking yourself what pedals up your innards , what cranks your engines . What gets you energized ? What activity , work or world do you get lost in thinking you were only doing it for a mere moment and subsequently finding out you had been at it for hours on end ? Don't worry if someone has a jump start on you.When you're on the trail , you'll be unbeatable.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” 

Calvin Coolidge

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Is Eating Out Eating You ?

EATING OUT can devour your paycheck and leave crumbs in your hands for a rainy day. Before you become hard-wired to eating out here are some 'experiences' you may want to , need to be weary of :

Your living expenses can slowly grow over the years causing your budget to become unmanageable.

You are eating mostly over processed or processed food with a ton of chemicals in them. This affects your health in the long run and costs you even more money at the doctor's.

Like all things , eating out starts small but it can take over your life and put your savings plans on skid row.

Creating a mental ledger of your food expenses is no security. As habit takes hold of you , you'll slowly yield away to more and more mouth watering array of foods that'll gallop you into debt.

And if you're the sort of person who can't say 'No!' you could slowly give way and allow binge eating to leverage you into debt.

It's time to stop and ponder the longings of your tongue.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

What's A New Year For , If It Ain't For Sail Aways ?

Time zings away so very quickly. And as you get older, it seems 'becoming old' seems to speed up even more. If you don't do something about it, your life will take place without including the person who's buried deep withinst you. You guessed the person I mean !The dreamer ! The boy or girl insides of you. The bright, starry-eyed optimist who was once 'owner' of your body and soul. 

What did you want to be... or dream you'd rather be ... when you were in childhood? And what kind of dreams have you had since? Do you still have goals or ambitions you haven't achieved? We all have and have had dreams. And we're all guilty of putting off those dreams. Our real dreams take a back seat while the ones we would not rather be take the front seat! Seems life gets inverted ! So be honest with yourself. Have you achieved any or all of your cherished dreams? Are you even working toward them? Do you even remember what they were? “Being yourself” means owning your particular ways and styles of doing things , the way you steer circumstances, your sense of  cheer in the face of armageddons ; yes, your oddities eccentricities too, and protocols.

So , this new year BEGIN something !Perhaps call to memory Mark Twain's spur on :

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”