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Monday, August 10, 2020

Now Is The Time To Cut The Cord...

 “On average, it takes three to four emails to hear back from a lead, whether they are interested or not, and it takes about six emails and three phone calls to close an interested prospect.”

You see the blaring headliners that your problems are finally over.And you're gonna be rich as soon as you've done the pages's bidding.But it isn't that way in a way... first you need to work hard at marketing.So someone comes to your site and sees your offers - but would he or she buy immediately ? The marketplace experience is a customer -to-be needs to be shown your offers 6 or 7 times with further contact before he or she buys.And that's where most flounder , even give up , sending their goals to the tombyard.

So , how do you  fix this problem ? Most all programmes / offers / whatnots fall flat or fail to address this.That used to be . But now , here;s the fix , a BEST PRACTICE in the annals of marketing. If you're serious about cutting the treadmill cord and rainmaking , you owe it to yourself to check out this tool.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

An Art With Twigs....

No skill ever just fell down from the skies , really.Some were born of passion.Some were born of family heritages. But also required an INDIVIDUAL LOVE for it / them.

Here's one such passion:

“The cabin is pretty self-sufficient,” he said (taxes are $1,100 a year). “It has stood by me, been my cohort. There’s no rent to pay, and it’s been a good place to come home and store my stuff. It’s also a place to work ideas out. It became central to my imagining my life as a sculptor.” Read More....

Passion is a positive emotion.Positive emotions populate zing,energies into your life and inject you with cheer unending as you navigate opportunities,broken trails , failed attempts and what not.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Disconnect From The Rat Race

For some people it can take decades to discover their true passion, but for Ross Dempster, managing director of Beyond Adventure, an outdoor adventure company in Perthshire, Scotland, he knew from the get-go that he wasn’t made for a life clocking up the hours in an office. In fact, it wasn’t long after university that he made the bold decision to switch his career........Read More
Here's one decision you'd rather think of before furlough of some kind hits you...

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Are You Digging New Wells ?

Water wells are dug to access groundwater in underground acquifiers.Wells are inexpensive and a low tech enterprise. Wells had been an important source of water needed for drinking and cooking down the ages.Where surface water was not easily available , wells came to the rescue.If not for wells, Mankind's habitable spaces would have been severely limited and confined. People built permanent communities around wells and water springs These waters enabled farming , irrigation of farmlands,trade, travel and food supply chains.From earliest times WELL DIGGING , digging new wells has been symbolic of finding life,putting down roots and starting communities that grew into nations.Digging new wells has been symbolic of a never give up attitude, of clambering ,overcoming obstacles to stake a family;s or families's future.We all have a need to dig new wells.The digging of new wells is something one NEVER quits on.But wells too are not forever - they can run dry or be out of water down the road.Dig new wells BEFORE your present one runs dry by a layoff ,an illness, or the company has gone under or be imperiled by a yet unseen sudden desolation like that unfolding now with the COVID-19 pandemic.Governments can topple and economies collapse.You owe it to yourself to find new wells.
“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1746

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Do Something 'Stead Of Being Something..

Too many  things to do, too many places to be at, squeezed of time to do it all. In all areas of our life—home,work, marketplace  —we are increasingly jostled and contained by the perception that there's so little time and we must bulldoze into things to be somebody, someplace.somewhere.We charge like a bison from one commitment or event to another and have gotten ourselves clobbered into thinking that we haven’t a minute to lose. We long to be someone but drag and shortsightedness grab us by the neck and hang us.But until we change our relationship to what we ought to be woodpecking at,instead of rushing around like the Flash, the lives we ought to live will fall over the cliff at severe cost to our happiness and health.
How often people give up the steering of their lives to the wills, winds and shrapnel that litter their paths to the present day ....

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