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Sunday, August 23, 2015

It Ain't Easy To Kill An Octopus..

An octopus in the open sea might seem easy pickings for predators such as

moray eels, sea lions and bigger octopuses, but the octopus isn't quite such a sitting duck.It has quite an armory. It can disorient a pursuer with a splurge of purplish-black ink. If it lost a limb , it can regrow one. And just one thing more, it can change color in split seconds. Octopuses also go all over reefs, probing with their arms for prey in hiding.

In its hiding,an octopus will often lie out of notice,arms coiled, before a tentacle unrolls to snag a passerby with the suckers at the tip. While gallivanting through the oceans , its primary attack posture is to parachute gently down with all eight arms outstretched and scoop its prey in the embrace. Having lashed its victim the octopus holds it against its underside and bites it with a retractable beak. 

Shouldn't you be an octopus amidsts predatory times like today ? 

[The writer believes that in a changing world the best business is that in which your talents lie]