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Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't Let Life Happen ........

Poverty is a terrible reality today around the world.One place where this problem is both constant and dire is in inner cities /ghettoes across the world.With the mellee some economies are in , it wouldn't be surprising if more people get drowned or stumble into poverty . Early pregnancies , teen violence , drug dependence , homelessness  -  the litany of common bad that these groups of people are up against literally sears the conscience.
But there's another side to all this: that each one of us DOES have complete control over our lives. You are free to be whatever you wish to be provided you work hard enough for it , that there is a price for the prize.Don't let life happen to you . You can beat the odds and come out on top.Although many careers are predicated on education and funding , here's one opportunity that requires BOLDNESS and it costs you nothing literally.

Don't 'TRY', Just DO IT!