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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Looking For A Frontier ?

Laos Map       
In the 1990's South East Asia was a backpackers paradise. But, Laos, a nation in the heart of South East Asia was fast asleep while it's neighbours , Malaysia, Thailand , Singapore and since Vietnam,Indonesia and the Phillipines moved away from colonial economies and romped on to become tiger economies . This resulted in the region undergoing tremendous transformation in becoming an investor's dream - growth rich economies , booming retail spending in tow and with companies and governments loading up on debt , much in US dollars. That invited investment bankers in.

But today Laos is astir. It is expected to grow 7% annually. This boom that has taken off is fuelled by mining and hydropower . The country is aflow with rivers and waterways cutting through its mountains and jungles stocked with minerals.Laos's export revenue from copper and gold is projected to reach billions.Laos has launched a modest stock market, intending to attract capital to its growing enterprises and pour funds into its economy.Large energy-related deals , special economic zones and broader fiscal incentives being primed for its future , the sort of launchpads that provided the springboards for industrialization in the tiger economies , are huge engines for growth.Shopping malls , cars and motorcycles clog the streets of this once sleepy hollow.Laos is finally landlinked from being landlocked. This is a new frontier