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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Horsemen In The Clouds

In 1883 the volcanic island of Krakatoa,Indonesia exploded.About 18 square miles and more than 300 feet above sea level the island suddenly disappeared with a gigantic blast that left a cavity 1000 feet deep.A column of stones,dust and ashes shot up into the air up to a height of 17 miles.Huge tidal waves 50 feet high panned out across seas - reaching Cape Horn 8,000 miles away and the English Channel 11,000 miles away.Sound blast of the eruption created atmospheric waves that went right round the world several times.This monstrous blast placed a veil of dust between the sun and earth for several months causing unusual and beautiful sunrise and sunset effects.But nature has a way of repairing itself.In 1952 a bomb was exploded on Eniwetok ( Pacific )- the whole island burned and practically disappeared - the resulting mushroom cloud was 8 miles across and 27 miles high while the canopy was 100 miles wide. More than 80 million tons of earth was vaporised... Radioactive mud fell out of the sky followed by heavy rain. Are these bomb tests , forests burnings , carbon emissions etc etc affecting our food supply chain ? Global climatic and thermal disturbances depriving the earth of much of the sun's heat? Disrupting the rhythms in the weather leading to harvest failures ? Wheat, milk ,vegetables , tea, coffee can be contaminated thousands of miles from the site of occurences of these man made blasts.The regular movements of winds and tides have given us the seasons by which we plough and reap. Radioactive water contaminates plankton the food of many types of fishes , which infect the larger fishes that prey on them and at the end of the chain we end up eating these larger fishes from off our tables .We are throwing a spanner into the works with our bomb tests , burnings and pollution and no nation admits that these may result in floods, drought and starvation affecting millions. As we continue to nuke our environment with the mass of humanity merely looking on with remote sympathy it isn't going to be long before the weather takes on the shape of the horsemen of the apocalypse.The UN hasn't teeth to enforce anything globally.It seems only military might is respected among nations.Nations go their own ways .So what is at stake ? Charles A.Lindbergh says it well : ‘The failures of previous civilizations and the crisis existing for our own show that man has not evolved the ability to cope with limitless complication.He has not discovered how to control his science’s parabolas......As earth’s most messy,destructive and defective animal , man’s record gives him little cause for pride. Our present intellectual superiority is no guarantee of great wisdom or survival power in our genes.