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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blood,Sweat & Tears - Tale Of A Son Of Immigrants

There's a story told from ancient times that nations were scattered ( the first immigrants? ) at the Tower of Babel.Moving of people(immigration) across lands has been a part of the patchwork of the histories of nations. The Silk Route , Ellis Island , the QUEST for freedoms , new lives and financial independence are all in the trails of immigrants.In almost every instance immigrants have worked exceedingly hard , hardly quite moan , rarely take time off , don't call in ill , sharp on the job , loyal to their new masters and the land in comparison to native-to-the-place-population.In recent times some nations practically owe their place in the economic sun to the industry of immigrants(,
,, )." I work on four-mou land ( < an acre ) year in year out , from dawn to dusk but after taxes and own needs , I make $20 a year here . You make that much in one day ( in America ).No matter how much it cost to get there or how hard the work is , America is still better than all this !"- own words of a Chinese immigrant. An old Asian proverb says deal your bread to strangers , be hospitable , cast it upon the waters ...... . In a shrinking world and shriekers shrieking from pulpits , let's live with the inevitable , let's discover compassion and relationships again !

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Battle Hymn For The FAMILY..

She was barely five . Her body was found in a bag thrown onto a dumpsite . When the cops opened up the bag unspeakable things had been done to her genitalia.A whole country reeled and mourned for days. Hardly had the tears dried in yet another true story - her dad was thrown into prison. Her mom was on sick bed . A neighbour ( a cop ) pimps their thirteen year old daughter and she was found practically lifeless three hundred miles from home in a brothel.The FAMILY has never been under assault like it has come under these days. The onus of fighting back is upon Dad and Mom . Here are some things we can do to begin the battle to build , bring together and knit our families .........

BUILD family life..