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Monday, August 31, 2009

Age Is No Barrier To Starting All Over Again..

More and more seniors are going into things themselves much faster than from the other age sectors. Great numbers of older people are launching their own businesses , marching into self-employment and entrepreneurism than they ever had. Even if the younger age groups recognize the entrepreneurial option, they take some time halting , pondering and divining to step out or not. Putting their passions to work: ex grad-school dropouts launch beauty companies , new ways to make pies , hit the trail marketing a recipe from great grandma or plunge into the ‘island complex’ trail – anything that’s an island they take a boat out to , to go and see it and put that information on their online journals.They have started a revolution of entrepreneurs building organizations based on purpose , dreams and goals. Shrugging off the years of monotonous and mind-numbing work , looking at the clock every hour, waiting for the day to be over they prefer the fresh winds of time freedoms . Moving on has greater satisfaction than listening to some fancy therapist on how to be happy in a hammock. They no longer want to fertilize dead trees. Cicero said “ Large affairs are not performed by muscle,speed ,nimbleness but by reflection ,character,judgement. In age these qualities are not diminished but augmented “
But there’s a slight sad tint to this. Many having no marketing experience are sustaining losses that they have not anticipated. In a globalizing world marketing has changed tremendously . It is no longer homogenous as it used to be. With the arrivals of TV , audio, video and the Internet the old ways of marketing have fallen over the cliff.

It used to be that your company was doing the marketing , focusing on itself – how great they are , their product and their features.That would have worked in the past.But it can no longer find it’s breathe today. Customers don't care what you or your company says.Instead, they want to know what you can do for them. They want to know that you will help them get what they want. The Wells Fargo/NFIB estimates that over the lifetime of a business, 39% are profitable , 30 % break even and 30 % lose money . Is marketing hobbling these tremendous energies ? Here is a school to grasp , adopt , practice and profit from …. from marketing.


Vive la difference ,

Cally Rao