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Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Blight Of Averageism

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From the crib to the tombstones we are ticked off against the everpresent yardstick of 'average'; being like everybody else..

Everybody around us wields the hammers of making us average.From  family to extended kith and kin and out in the marketplace the forces forging averageism are invisible but breathing and beating us into compliance and submission.

These 'factories' work more silently than the night in making sure we are like everybody else.You can spend all your life in this twilight zone and not be knowing what's happened all these whiles or years at all to your life as far as going places in life's concerned.

Take for example skill training . The old idea of artisanship training by a master of an apprentice has been replaced by say about 25 people placed in line to operate machines to put out a product.

Talent is relegated , ignored and real born-with skills get buried by disuse and having been put away.

Going from being ‘average’ to ‘outstanding’ requires taking risks and making bold moves . That's the only cure against the scourge of averageism.

Sail out of average's harbours.Try something new.