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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How To Revive In A Recession

Banks exist to allocate capital to businesses and consumers smoothly.Instead they ladled credit to whoever wanted it.Banks are supposed to make money by skillfully managing the risk of transforming short term debts into long term cash streams ;instead they have been shipwrecked by them.They are supposed to dispense with the flow of cash/credit through economies;instead they ended up blocking it.The costs of this failure have been massive.Last gasp efforts to buoy economies and save financial systems have bent or broken the backbone of public finances.Yet what most experts keep pointing fingers at,is that at a lot of banks not many cared to look at cash flow in the earnings game.
There might be more red ink spilling but what should the entrepreneur do?Hunker down?How do you pick up from the debris of collapsed financial nests and structures?How do you dust off and press on? We can't mistake the mistake of the banks for personal failure!The sun could be setting on them but not on you.The current financial turmoil has illustrated the point that it is vital to develop multiple streams of income.One job is not enough,one investment ain't another twig in nest building,one business won't do.If you are only relying on a salaried income or a single income stream you are setting yourself up to be broke soon and for the most of your life.It's a fact that millions grow old only to die financially broke.That's partly because we have allowed ourselves to be herded or have let crisis badger home the point that we have made ourselves sitting ducks to financial turmoil.
Tomorrow is another day!The rules may have been tweaked but you need to continue to stay on course to be your business's or family rainmaker.There is never a better time to wriggle through the fallen leaves , out of the winters of adversities and rein back to rainmaking.One of the most poorly practiced art in business and entrepreneurship today is the art of marketing.How do you stay in the game of making profits while everyone else is being cleaned out?

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Cally Rao

Financial Success Is Counting On Yourself

Why do so many people let their dreams crumble into dust?One of the biggest,hidden reasons is other people.Queer though it may sound-it's not our enemies,it's our friends and loved ones.If the ones we spend most time with are negative,cynical naysayers,constantly harping why we will fail,THEY are literally doing us in.A friend can tear us apart in more ways than several enemies.The one who never got a merit raise will give you all the reasons why hard , productive work won't get you anywhere.The guy who has never reached the top sales position or achieved a sales target will tell you not to bother because the management always sets the goals too high.The wage earner who never ran a business can give you 221 obstacles why you can never start your own enterprise.The truth is listening to just about anyone without being aware of their own tracks could be suicide.Listening could be habit forming and you could end being held hostage by fear or begin burying your head in the sand.

Without goals you get nowhere.No one got anywhere without defining their life goals.Your goals should never drop out of sight.Can a ship navigate without rudder?Has your calendar been invaded by financially dead excursions and diversions?Similarly you can have a great product or the best quality benchmarks yet unless you know how to take it to the world's markets you'd be doing what a certain tribe in the Artic does when their parents reach old age-they'd put them in a canoe on a water expanse with nothing else and abandon them to die!Stop huddling with the same cast of characters you have habitually come to lean on.Look at all your advertising pieces and ask,"What's the first thing that strikes peoples' eyes when they look at my product?".Acquire one special skill and you could reverse your cash flows for life.You don't need a PhD to do that or even a college education.Remember opportunity is self made.Winning stimulates winning,iron sharpens iron.Don't douse your dreams.Light your fires and take off on a newly ignited trajectory.

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Cally Rao