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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Never Ever Too Late!

Behind most of the damaging things we do to our ourselves such as being overweight, fretting and being a couch walrus are two ideas that have kept us that way.First that,someday when we clean up our act we can undo any ill effects and secondly that we are in our prime,nothing can happen to us.We begin to feel indestructible!But the evidence for how wrong these assumptions cry out from a wealth of data.

The effects of some bad habits can haunt and torment you for decades.However any time you improve your behaviour and make lifestyle changes they begin making a difference from that point on.Maybe not immediately.Our bodies and minds like as when you have to brake a car need some skid distance.The truth however is:you can reverse a lifetime of bad habits.

Caregivers argue that many chronic diseases can be warded off with a few sensible changes in lifestyles. Adopting healthy habits won't cure all that ails you though nor take the void of personal responsibility.But one positive change leads to another. Make enough changes and you will discover you have adopted a new way of life.It won't make you invincible or doctors unneeded but you can't wait forever either.Unless you do you will never know how much damage you can undo if you don't try.It doesn't matter what your age or job or where you are but you CAN reverse a lifetime of bad habits. But if you are ready to turn your life around,the payoff can be huge.

Not sure where to start?

Get Fit - a little weight training or aerobics or getting involved in a sport of your choice would be the best first steps away from the couch.

Take It Easy-the mind does influence the body.You may need to examine your emotional management and values that you chose to live by.

Learn A New Skill- there was a time when the company took care of everything and at the end of the month there's the paycheck. But times have changed.Many employers are living in trepidation of their own paycheck.Can YOU make a difference?Can YOU add to the company's coffers?And if you can or would want to-how?

Turn Things Around!

Cally Rao

Making Money

From ancient times making money has always been the catalyst for trade routes, silk routes, explorations to open up new worlds and entrepreneurship. The need,want and how to make money has made small communities and entrepreneurs take risks and start over and over again from setbacks and failures-just so that making money,earning ever more and more money can be kept up on.New toolkits to make money,better ways to growing money as against the traditional keeping of herds and flocks,agricultural harvests or cottage industries has driven financial pilgrims and pioneers to new shores and frontiers.The persisting on onto unchartered endeavours,searching for ever different ways to making money will never die off.Witness the skill and technology changes within whole societies moving from the agricultural age into the industrial age onto the information age and into the space age driven largely in part on wings of money economics.Nations earning off from commerce.

The Internet has both expanded and changed the ways to generate money. An on line marketer has available to him thousands of ways to make money. Earning off affiliate programs,from providing services such as legal work or banking or dropshipping have flung open doors for entrepreneurs to earn money across the globe without having to physically traverse air, sea or land routes or by horse and camel as in yester years.The best and easy ways to making money today can be launched right from bedrooms or basements or a cave.Difficult times such as now have forced people to rethink ways to generating incomes and move away from traditional corporate jobs or as employees to find daring and novel ways to making money as risk takers and venturers into the unknowns. No frontier today can escape the 'veni,vidi,vici' ( I came, I saw, I conquered ) footsteps and spirit of the entrepreneur because making money has become tied to survival today's economy.

Finding ways to money well is an 'art and craftsmanship factor' too.The difference between winning and losing is the earning game is the craftmanship factor.It's born out of your ability to combine tools,skills and talent in making money.Imagine if Mr Flintstone had 'discovered' a special barbecue sauce, he would have made enough money working from home instead of commuting into the jungle.Just as Sam Brennan did during the 'Gold Rush' by selling shovels instead of prospecting for gold himself.Those who won't put forth the effort nor learn skills would have to wait for a genie to deliver their wishes.Would you rather not be an action taker?Most marketers including Internet Marketers ask you to follow or duplicate their system to become rich.The 'art factor' says you have to have some originality in your money making toolbag.

Keep company with performers and doers in marketing.The ultimate goal of any endeavour is to have it become the flagship rainmaker.Financial abundance comes from the belief and persistence that you can accomplish what you want inspite of what else is happening around you. Sometimes we may not have 'everything' but David did slay Goliath with nothing.He used his own weapon-a sling and a stone.It's time to find your slingstone and overwhelm debt, living paycheck to paycheck,fear of a layoff,fear of being busted,fears of a whole slew of things.Make money before age inks out the years of our lives. Haul anchor and sail away.

Unlock The Game

Cally Rao

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Will Never Get Rich With Just Your Regular Salary

Too many entrepreneurs and business owners have succumbed to the notion that they cannot shake off from their present job highway and move on.If that's the way you feel too either have some serious personal leadership issues that need to be worked on or you need to remind yourself that you don't have forever to plant a cash tree.You might think you are indispensable where you are or are warming yourself in your own glow but unless you exercise the freedom of stepping off the beaten tracks from time to time your rainmaking ability will slowly collapse and you will become nothing more than an employed asimo.

We don't have free minds only to enslave them to averageism, being contented with or philosophize about our choices.We are not meant to drift aimlessly without purpose and direction.We must engage in and use our talents and skill technologies to their fullest in ways each of us sees best.To do otherwise is to waste our lives by personal choice.Impoverished communities or captive men and women caught up in prison camps or slavery know too well the banality of waste:human life of tremendous potential reduced to mere existence,slithering in and out of the days of their life.Denied all will to make use of the best of their talents and energies their lives wither away into oblivion.

If your economic productivity is handcuffed or your rainmaking is closetted in a tower of self erected mediocrity then your life has lost it's sense of purpose.Don't seek refuge in a rathole.Wherever you may be,whether a baker or in an office,on an assembly line or a teacher don't plant yourself in a place too small to grow in.You expand your life by using your talents and imagineering.Remember the beginnings of the electric bulb or the wheel or the torch?

Starting your own internet business is one breakaway.You'll have the freedom to concentrate on a passion.The freedom to set your own work hours.The freedom to work from wherever you are in the world.Best of all you take the first steps towards financial abundance.

Plant A Cash Tree 1

Plant Another

Cally Rao

Stay True to Yourself No Matter the Age

Why did a nurse walk among the dying and the horribly maimed? Why would someone live with outcasts and help them set up colony when they could be playing golf or watching TV or knitting?"I'll go in case everyone else has given up on them.I'll never give up!" was the answer from one hope bringer.

Never giving up is a trait we honour in soldiers,survivors of perils and those making comebacks from severe injuries and afflictions.Any community worth living in must have a web of people faithful to 'lighting candles in the darkness' however tiny their flames are. And unless for these little candles that community would fall apart.The challenge for all of us is to find those few causes that are peculiarly our own,those causes to which we are roused to, and then to plug in and go for launching with all our energies and heart.By remaining faithful to a calling we can ink the conditions for finding purpose,pattern and paths to living.If you seek to solve everybody's problems,your own energies might just not be enough.They could evaporate before you grab the spade.But if you stake out your own cause reaching out to whom you will and being there for someone you could then accomplish a great deal.

Faithfulness to a mission,in the words of Roosevelt:'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are' seems to be the battle hymn of those who bring light in every place that they do.

However imperfect we are,clinging to our true self,being who you are is what matters.You can make whatever you want out of your life because like a potter, our days on earth are all the clay we'll ever have in our hands to shape and mould our tomorrows.

It costs energy and time,maybe a lifetime.You can make whatever you want out of YOUR life, but first you have to not be afraid to try.

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Cally Rao

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Step Into Innerpreneurship!

As a new year scrambles to roll out the carpet for you isn't it time to ask yourself if those words still echo down your memories- the time when Grandpa said :'You're really gonna be somebody .You'll make a dent .You'll be successful.' Or have those words withered out of memory's ground? Connect with that big picture unless you want to leave your life to careen to a dead end story! Stop sending out that press release about what you 're going to do while leaving it to amnesia to pay the bill. If you discovered an inner streak of non conformism , a propensity for risk taking , and been a beaver for a new opportunity/ies , hungry to be different , then it's time to fulfill Grandpa's prophecy.

Replant the plant. It's time to think of your full potential , saddle up and blaze fresh , new trails .Walk away from the treadmill , break rank from the mundane where you know you're just going to be a square peg in a round hole all over again. Get ruthless .Make the new year a year of beginnings , renewing the pages of your individual history. Become more of what you really are - seize the day! We've all had career missteps but change has to start now. The past should not hold hostage the future. As the new year rings in , zing up Grandpa's words again.

Here's an avenue : become a problem solver instead and start preparing for a future personal financial hostage crisis.

Be Your Own Casting Director

Cally Rao

Questing And Learning

On the platforms most schooling systems are built upon on today,learning is mandatory,compulsory.But after a while most learners start sneering,snarling and gnashing.Because for far too many of them learning has turned out to be a demand to surrender their will to external direction, an enforced oppression.

One of the joys of life are the things we can learn up on or bring to life a hitherto hidden talent and yes picking up a craft too.Learning has always been inborn,instinctive and essentially full of fun.But if learning is fun WHY have so many become dull and incurious?It must have to do with conditioning.Conditioned to routine,surrendered to dullness and by falling into a habit of absorbing everything as it comes in unquestioned acceptance.

Many have played themselves into their caskets or eaten and drunk themselves to their tombs but no one has ever died from learning.Though the body gradually wilts taking in tow our aged emotions but the mind in everyone continues to live, growing ever more lively and active, expanding and delighting itself with things,vistas, horizons and crafts new.

The greatest danger confronting us today is not age or race or geography.It's the drying up of our lives by abandoning learning and avoiding learning.It's further ambushed and smothered to death by laziness , slothfulness,routine and stupidity.

No learner has ever run out of, run short of,of subjects to wade into, crafts to learn, skills to practice.So why the despair in the hallways of learning?Like all things of life such as careers,wealth building learning demands long deliberate effort of the mind and emotions.It's not conferred upon us by nature or God or anyone else.It's comes by one's own efforts.

In embracing it our days are extended,we are taken out on new wings to new worlds and unlike health or wealth building which wither with age learning rares for more of life and pushes on.So what ought we to do?

Here are two steps:

Return To The Library Step right back again into the libraries.Look up at the shelves.Those are not lifeless books or bundles of worhtless paper.Each one is a voice crying out though far distant in time and space.Minds alive but on shelves waiting to sit down and talk to whoever would want to.

Return To Rainmaking. We are all providers, providing into family coffers.In an era when employeeism reigned supreme most of us never bothered,nor realised that our jobs depend on not our cash nests alone nor our resources but rather on how your employer is facing the competition , on marketing.Here's an idea to ponder.Considering that the wealth of a firm are it's employees, imagine how valuable YOU would be if you tripled your firm's revenue this year. Or how about tripling the traffic to their website? How about saving the company from the hangman of dropping sales?In today's ever-changing marketplace,you need to be more than being just a worker.You could be the rudder that turns the ship around from being shipwrecked! LEARN the tools a company needs to keep it in the black.Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself:Shouldn't I be a rainmaker instead of being a mere employee?Have I ever thought of being a difference?What have I done for the company?Now is the time to be the Obi Wan Kenobi for your company!

What Have You Done For Your Boss?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Competition Matters

While it is important to win,it's imperative to compete said Dave Weinbaum once.

In any game or race without a potential winner the excitement is lost.A competitive spirit striving to win is key to our success as adults.Why shouldn't we foster and nurture it in our children?It's not to suggest pitting children against each other like some sports coach who mistakes the heat of the game for the spirit of sportmanship.But healthy rivalries can teach our children a lot about life.While games, contests,races show up the importance of drive,determination,will and endurance they also teach them how to lose without developing a loser's mentality.And with these attitude building come a tree of lessons.Of learning from mistakes,finding ways to do things better,make things work faster,to tinker and be curious.This builds in them a will to try and try again to fall down seven times and get eight as the Japanese business philosophy urges.Children who haven't gone out,fallen down,picked themselves up and gone into the fight again may end up having character problems in adult life in areas such as goal setting and persistence. Children learn valuable lessons when their activities result in winners and losers.

Winning is a feeling you'll never forget.It is the accumulation of experiences including mistakes and misjudgments that will finally give them the seasoning for real and lasting success.

Rivalries build,not tear down.They should be the classrooms for our children to come out of to face their future.

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Cally Rao

Monday, March 1, 2010

About Depression

When it came to dealing with "feeling down" or otherwise called mild depression the bootstrappers credo was that you just pull your socks up and get on with things and the blues will flee every other way.

But depression is not to be confused with "feeling low".It's almost a disease, that slithers through our emotions like a slug leaving little sign of it's violence and preventing us by it's very invisibility how horrible an ogre it is when out of steer.It can debilitate us in every way it continues to inflict mood disorders. When a family breaks up it's okay to feel sad.But just as normal cells can be infected by carcinogens, sadness out of control triggers malignant sadness or otherwise called by it's proper name,depression.

There are no reliable tests to diagnose depression other than that it's hosts are mostly negative about everything or have gone through weight and sleep swings and are ridden by overwhelming feelings of worthlessness and guilt.Many reasons have been proposed for depressiveness.Any event or activities in any area of life can trigger depression with as yet untold consequences upon physical health.There seem to be just two over relied treatments for those among us battling depression: anti depressants and cognitive therapy.In cognitive therapy a care giver or practitioner helps a victim unlearn the negative thoughts that are emotionally drowning them in mood mayhems and replace them with positive ways of thinking, for e.g.going for long walks or exploring trails instead of languishing on the couch is called 'replacement'
thinking.The depressed are also hell to be with.So if you are feeling down in the dumps most of the day,get out of yourself ,reach out and get help.Here are resources to help yourself.



Cally Rao