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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tale Of Two ONCE Fishing Villages

What set off this race and the ensuing 'battle' for supremacy?The race that set many a page ablaze in newspapers in South East Asia for decades?Both were Great Britain's enclaves.Both were mere fishing villages.What transformed them into the financial hubs of Asia?

As the race kicked off in the '60's a policy of tight budgets, low taxes and a non interfering government gave space to free wheeling entrepreneurism to take to the skies in Hong Kong.Far away, the other fishing village ,
Singapore, got off  to a start on a raft of  a government of professional bureaucrats.Smart,well paid civil servants and decision makers navigated it's course.How did they race through those twilight years?One was the energy from it's people, the other the energy from the leadership.Hong Kong relied on the entrepreneuralism of it's people and their hunger for wealth and better tomorrows which gave them the spirit and energies to drive through hard,biting times.Singapore on the other hand worked hard at reinventing itself,stealthily pushing off into the economic waves of the future - high tech , software development etc - with a leadership that was priming itself for crisis management anytime, all the while.

So what works? Perhaps it's the persistency of approaches,of crossing frontiers,challenging practices , questioning the unquestioned.But above all , a willingness to GO into the future instead of waiting for it to arrive has given these former fishing villages leagues mileage.

Your talents and energies are all the pedals that could give you an edge over your peers if you raft off and ask,seek and knock on a new frontier.