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Monday, September 27, 2010


Ideas for inventions strike at the most unlikely of moments.George de Mestral was walking through a meadow when prickly burdock seeds hooked themselves to his trousers,giving him the idea for Velcro.Here are some ways to curious and help communities and your corner of the world.

1. The great thing about inventing is that it isn't some impenetrable form of magic.The answer to all our tomorrows could lie in your workshop,the workshop of curiosity,of being curious.Dredge your experiences for ideas.Get back into your childhood for inspirations.Ask.Seek.Knock..Go into tinkerville.

2. Lose yourself in a cause: The challenge for all of us is to find those causes that are peculiarly our own.Those to which we seem to be drawn to by instints and go full throttle.This will add purpose,pattern and a never giving up trait tp our lives. Wijaya Godacumbura,a doctor in Sri Lanka was horrified when a 19 year old pregnant woman was brought to his hospital in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.She had third degree burns to 75% of her body and shortly later she died.Most Sri Lankan homes in ruralia depend on lamps for light.These kerosene lamps topple over easily,spill and start fires.There was no way to prevent this.In 1992 Dr Wijaya decided to do something himself since neither the government nor the authorities were doing anything about this.He designed a glass bottle thta had a screw on lid and a heavy base to prevent it from rolling."My work," he says,"will never stop until all of the three million unsafe lamps in homes are replaced with these bottle lamps."

You should be constantly looking for breakthrough ideas by going outside your field. Identify hot trends in other industries. Then think about how they might be adapted to yours.

But here's a suggestion you might want to take up on..

Real people build real business. Lives change.

Cally Rao