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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"keyword writing"?

Here's a tip I got in literature class and writer friends : piece together , quilt a descriptive short sentence and spin a tale around it.Carry a scrapbook with you and when you overhear conversations , or come across a very colourful three word description in the papers , in a novel , in conversations and even movie dialogues grab that pen and jot it down. KEEP KEEPING and as time coasts on you'll be able to write vintage , authoring your own works .......
Here are some sentences out of my scrapbook : a cobweb of options , headed for a garage of ideas , stubbing out fears , the fist of the past , a cavallier of hope , the invisible handcuffs of fear , will the party fizzle when the sake runs dry , man from the last-chance saloon , carpet bombing , quiet inevitability , aimless juggernaut , sawdust headed puppet , gaping to drink hope , lettuce-field peace , political acuity , crusading with a paper sword , big companies stuck in sunset industries , exporting obsolescence etc etc