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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Don't Get Stuck ....

Poverty is going to spread because governments are not grappling with issues that are capsizing the boats of families . In most countries the  political class , is so far distanced from the hardships of a normal life that they can't even connect with the poor.

Despite having resources aplenty political leaders in country after country have come under no pressure to be truly driven to substantially reduce poverty . In several cases families  whose lives have gone under water , who can't even pay for their daily provisions just give up on seeking help and wait for an end to their days.They are just a health bill, a payday , a loaf of bread away from slipping under drowning their families along.As voices decry this apathy the toll on families continues to spread .

Ultimately whose baby is it ? Is it the government's? Or helping hands from kith and kin ? Or yours ?

The first instance of stewardship is always the individual's.

Doing something about what is coming or preparing against doomsday is still the individual's.

Don't fail yourself.