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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Life Is A High Wire Walk...

Life as we live it, have it or go about living it, has its thrills, its fun. It thrives on what we can do, even though we do grunt work for someone. But despite the parties, the good times , the good days there can always be a day,a time , a moment when darth vader might swoosh in  , might come a calling. There's always the day when we might just be clinging for dear financial life by a hair's strand.
A slip and a fall from causes within or without and family life can go to smitherens. The challenges you face, need to
take upon , as you take the family from its beginnings to the end of the book is a high wire act. Unless you prepare and stride out onto the  wire , there'll be no feat , no extraordinariness in / to your life .Don't get entangled in the ropes of  divining when or how to kick off.
Press on , no matter what.

“My motto is never give up. My goal is never be out-worked by anyone,” he continued. “America was built on that. The American Dream: go pursue it, do it. But it’s not that way anymore. People today are so negative. But I have that determination of, no matter what, I’m going to do this and I’m not going to stop until I get what I want... until I build a name the whole world knows about.” Karl Wallenda

[ The writer believes that building on your talent , teaching/monetising your passions , being you , doing what you do best is the key to financial life no matter what job you're doing or the circumstances you're in now.A website enables you to start with small change...]


Monday, May 28, 2018

A Farmer's Lesson Plan

Once upon a time in China , a farmer who had gotten on in age, began to be perturbed and riled by the feasting and pleasure-seekings of his three sons. He had toiled himself to dry marrow to build up this farm business. One night while starring up into the skies an idea rode in into his mind. 


The next morning he called his sons and said: 'Sons, I 'm gone - I might die any day now.This farm is here for you guys but it's hard work. Look at me , a scarecrow of bones. But never mind all that. There's a secret . I need to tell you this before it's too late. I heard from your grandfather that...that.. there's huge treasure buried beneath our farmlands.....' hardly had he wanted to say the rest when.. when his sons.. just VANISHED !  As the farmer peered out the window , he saw the eldest son and his two brothers running to the nether ends of the farm with hoes and spades in their hands. 

They began digging , turning the clods and soil over but careful not to harm the fruit trees and crops just budding.They dug and dug, day after day. The rains came. But they kept on at the digging . Soon it was all over. Dig they did with all the arms and energies they had. But there was no treasure found. 


One evening as they sat down , eyes met eyes.They looked at each other in askance.Perhaps the crafty , wily old fox had had them ?   


But, meanwhile, the rains and turning over of the soils brought one thing - a bumper crop and piles of cash.They realised then , that hard work and perseverance were all the hidden treasure their genius of an old man had fooled them into learning and meant !   

There's A Secret 

How An Iowa Farmer BEAT Drought ...

BOONE, Iowa — Unlike most of his Iowa neighbors, farmer Dick Thompson isn't expecting the US government to help him survive the drought.While others depend upon federally subsidized crop insurance, Thompson relies on old-fashioned farming methods to see him through.

Thompson also foregoes many of the tools of modern agriculture. He uses few chemical fertilizers and weed killers. He doesn't grow genetically modified crops.

He went for crop diversity, something lacking on many Iowa farms today. Corn and soybeans carpet the Iowa landscape. Many farmers grow nothing else. And when those crops do poorly, payments from crop insurance keep farmers in business.

Instead of crop insurance, Thompson protects himself the old-fashioned way. While he grows corn and soybeans, he also raises hay and oats, along with cattle and hogs. His oat crop was harvested before the drought hit. His third crop of hay sits scattered in round, shoulder-high bales on what will be next year’s corn field.

"I think it's common sense," Thompson says. "You've got diversity and you've got some protection there. If one crop doesn't do well, maybe the other one will make up for the difference." 

Thompson did not sell off his herds because his cows and hogs were good for more than income. They also provided the manure to fertilize the soil, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.

Read the rest of the story below.....

Prudence Helped Iowa Farmer Beat The Drought

[ the above is an excerpt for it's message]

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Are You A Rubber Stamp ?

Are you someone's clone ? Have you been made into a square potato ( there isn't one ) from an original round one by every influence and personality over the growing up years?      

Our cultures embed into our psyches and personalities a compliance prone and tail wagging life/lifestyle . Practically everyone seems to have a hand in 'certifying' us ! Loved ones , good friends , best colleagues. So we get on the bandwagon of doing what everyone's doing..... dying at 30 but getting buried at 60 ! It's time to rethink what you'd rather be than what everyone wants you to be.

In particular , being an employee or a worker or being someone's spoke in their business or work wheel. It's time to examine if the way you're earning is going to make you , dumb you or perhaps break you !

Time To 'Discover' Yourself !

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Charge Of The Angry Chickens

Not very long ago in an Asian nation the price of poultry in the marketplace fell off the cliff and whole chickens could be bought for the price of a cuppa.The farmers fell into delirium and worn out by the government’s snail attitude towards their plight  decided to strike their grief home .

They loaded their lorries with chickens of every  hue and size and drove them to Parliament’s doors unbeknown to anyone but themselves. Meanwhile on that day ,in Parliament as the lawmakers sat down to sip their coffees and munch on their pastries like they did every other day , there came sounds of what sounded like cackling  at the doors. The cackling  grew  louder  and  louder and suddenly thousands of chicks came down the hallways and into the meeting chambers. For a tense moment the lawmakers stared and gawked at the chickens that
blitzkreiged into their sanctum before hell broke loose. The hungry chickens, starved  for this moment and day , flew upon and clawed onto tables and the panic impaled lawmakers. They chased some down alleys , seized upon them from the air , jumped atop desks and started chomping on the sandwiches , cookies and whatever. As the pandemonium increased in crescendo cups and mugs went flying. As the fowls went about their tasks, the smell of chicken  excrement  filled  Parliament House’s air. Cries of anguish , screams of terror got drowned under by the hoots and chuckles of the cackling , gleeful chickens. 

While the fowls indulged in an eating and clawing orgy the nation’s eyes [live telecasts of proceedings]were turned to watch the carnage. Never before had they seen such clowning and anguish and dement upon the faces of their lawmakers. A scene that stood out was the battle atop the Speaker’s table. A cockerel flew at him [call it chemistry],clawed his paling cheeks and as his spectacles fell to the floor , the cockerel clambered atop his head and egested. He never for once thought nor the constituents imagined that he could run as fast as he did that day , fleeing past doors like the Flash.

When it was all over men and women lay sprawled and prostrate everywhere. The chickens lay, some standing, panting too as ambulances fled with screaming sirens towards hospitals. Troops from nearby bases rushed in, to quell the coup d’etat of  the chickens .

Though we can’t resort to do this but one thing we all know from experience is that , that’s what can happen to us emotionally when we ‘re pushed towards financial cliffs  or / and when our financial trees wither or are uprooted or get burnt.