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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't be one of the ones that suffers in this economy..

Trapped in a frozen career, just trudging on 'cause everyone's doing it ? You hurt yourself  by thinking
that your future will depend on someone or by waiting for 'luck' to turn you or your life into something , whatever that something might be.

Try do-it-yourself risk taking. One of the components of success in life is asking yourself at the next bend: 'Now where's this leading to?' Set your own benchmarks instead of comparing yourself with everyone else in your block or seeking solace and refuge in the comfort zones of your life right now.

An old turkey of a trudger can turn into an entrepreneur when he practices this art of do-it-yourself risk taking regularly.Depend on yourself! Don't depend on others.Stop running errands for mediocrity.

Make a great comeback! A business comeback!

Be seen in your neighbourhood.