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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Life Is A High Wire Walk...

Life as we live it, have it or go about living it, has its thrills, its fun. It thrives on what we can do, even though we do grunt work for someone. But despite the parties, the good times , the good days there can always be a day,a time , a moment when darth vader might swoosh in  , might come a calling. There's always the day when we might just be clinging for dear financial life by a hair's strand.
A slip and a fall from causes within or without and family life can go to smitherens. The challenges you face, need to
take upon , as you take the family from its beginnings to the end of the book is a high wire act. Unless you prepare and stride out onto the  wire , there'll be no feat , no extraordinariness in / to your life .Don't get entangled in the ropes of  divining when or how to kick off.
Press on , no matter what.

“My motto is never give up. My goal is never be out-worked by anyone,” he continued. “America was built on that. The American Dream: go pursue it, do it. But it’s not that way anymore. People today are so negative. But I have that determination of, no matter what, I’m going to do this and I’m not going to stop until I get what I want... until I build a name the whole world knows about.” Karl Wallenda

[ The writer believes that building on your talent , teaching/monetising your passions , being you , doing what you do best is the key to financial life no matter what job you're doing or the circumstances you're in now.A website enables you to start with small change...]