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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can You Make Money With A Blog ?

With the economy howling the way it is , fear and anguish are rampant. It's one reason why people are increasingly retreating into the world of online marketing . Another is the fatigue from rejection from job searches. One other hound is the tremendous amount of buzz about making money from blogging .But is blogging THE tool for your online web prescence or financial goals ? When you launch your own blog there is of course hardly any barrier .Everyone and anyone can do it. A lot of blog content are based on activities or interests pursued by individuals for pleasure and not primarily to generate income . It may surprise you to know that a blog post today becomes a two week old throwaway newspaper in two days! People reading blog posts often come into or go away with the impression that they are listening in on a conversation or rant rather than reading the writings of a trained , knowledged professional . However thematic blogs , such as , say on credit repair or finance sometimes build good followings. Yet content needs to be refreshed often , otherwise traffic just languishes to death. So is the blogging model to launch an online income flawed ? Generally there is tremendous silence as to and if whether blogging brings home the money. Before you drift into using blogging software to build your primary web prescence you may want to seriously look at whether it lacks or meets what an entrepreneur needs to make money on line.It's your onus to check the details.

Blog Or Build ?

To your success ,

Cally Rao

MAKE A Difference !

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why [ Bernard Baruch] . Life was meant to be lived ,so don't just sit by the fireside and turn spectator,watching life happen to others or on the screen.Moving onto ever fresh horizons and seeking new perches , seize life! An abundant life doesn't just happen! When he was 18 he bought his first truck. Six years later as he waited impatiently for his trucks contents to be loaded onto a ship in New Jersey , he thought there must be a way to lift the trailer right onto the vessel and save huge labour and time costs. Over two decades as he built his trucking services into one of the largest freight fleets , the idea stayed with him. In 1955 he bought a small tanker company and adapted it's ships to carry cargo in large uniform metal containers. In 1956 he launched his first container ship from off a point close to the pier where Malcolm Maclean had had his brainstorm. A decade later Maclean went international and his containerized shipping changed world trade! If you have your own product or are into services you must learn how to use marketing , advertising and the web to assist your sales efforts. Great marketing always includes an eleventh spice - your intuition and nose to smell out a deal. Are you going to play to win? Or continue trudging the mill? The changes on the web, in your business, and in your market, will only accelerate and take off... and unless you ride the surf you'll be sitting on the beach ..just munching cookies!

To your future ,

Make A Difference

Cally Rao

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How To Revive In A Recession

Banks exist to allocate capital to businesses and consumers smoothly.Instead they ladled credit to whoever wanted it.Banks are supposed to make money by skillfully managing the risk of transforming short term debts into long term cash streams ;instead they have been shipwrecked by them.They are supposed to dispense with the flow of cash/credit through economies;instead they ended up blocking it.The costs of this failure have been massive.Last gasp efforts to buoy economies and save financial systems have bent or broken the backbone of public finances.Yet what most experts keep pointing fingers at,is that at a lot of banks not many cared to look at cash flow in the earnings game.
There might be more red ink spilling but what should the entrepreneur do?Hunker down?How do you pick up from the debris of collapsed financial nests and structures?How do you dust off and press on? We can't mistake the mistake of the banks for personal failure!The sun could be setting on them but not on you.The current financial turmoil has illustrated the point that it is vital to develop multiple streams of income.One job is not enough,one investment ain't another twig in nest building,one business won't do.If you are only relying on a salaried income or a single income stream you are setting yourself up to be broke soon and for the most of your life.It's a fact that millions grow old only to die financially broke.That's partly because we have allowed ourselves to be herded or have let crisis badger home the point that we have made ourselves sitting ducks to financial turmoil.
Tomorrow is another day!The rules may have been tweaked but you need to continue to stay on course to be your business's or family rainmaker.There is never a better time to wriggle through the fallen leaves , out of the winters of adversities and rein back to rainmaking.One of the most poorly practiced art in business and entrepreneurship today is the art of marketing.How do you stay in the game of making profits while everyone else is being cleaned out?

Revival Step 1

Revival Step 2

Cally Rao

Financial Success Is Counting On Yourself

Why do so many people let their dreams crumble into dust?One of the biggest,hidden reasons is other people.Queer though it may sound-it's not our enemies,it's our friends and loved ones.If the ones we spend most time with are negative,cynical naysayers,constantly harping why we will fail,THEY are literally doing us in.A friend can tear us apart in more ways than several enemies.The one who never got a merit raise will give you all the reasons why hard , productive work won't get you anywhere.The guy who has never reached the top sales position or achieved a sales target will tell you not to bother because the management always sets the goals too high.The wage earner who never ran a business can give you 221 obstacles why you can never start your own enterprise.The truth is listening to just about anyone without being aware of their own tracks could be suicide.Listening could be habit forming and you could end being held hostage by fear or begin burying your head in the sand.

Without goals you get nowhere.No one got anywhere without defining their life goals.Your goals should never drop out of sight.Can a ship navigate without rudder?Has your calendar been invaded by financially dead excursions and diversions?Similarly you can have a great product or the best quality benchmarks yet unless you know how to take it to the world's markets you'd be doing what a certain tribe in the Artic does when their parents reach old age-they'd put them in a canoe on a water expanse with nothing else and abandon them to die!Stop huddling with the same cast of characters you have habitually come to lean on.Look at all your advertising pieces and ask,"What's the first thing that strikes peoples' eyes when they look at my product?".Acquire one special skill and you could reverse your cash flows for life.You don't need a PhD to do that or even a college education.Remember opportunity is self made.Winning stimulates winning,iron sharpens iron.Don't douse your dreams.Light your fires and take off on a newly ignited trajectory.

Next Step Marketing

Next Step Marketing 2

Cally Rao

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Losing Everything , Noose Or Opportunity ?

The Great Kobe Earthquake , 6.8 on the Richter scale hit the city of Kobe in January 1995 . It was the largest urban earthquake to hit Japan since 1923. Close to 6,000 died, many plummeting to their deaths from elevated highways and bridges . Forty thousand more were seriously injured .Over 55,000 homes crumpled and fell sprawled across streets. Severe damage and flash fires rendered another 55,000 homes incapable of salvage . Half a million more people were made homeless. Dazed survivors - newly- made orphans , widows , homeless , injured scurried for safety onto smoke-filled , buckled streets , huddled in blankets and in askance "Why us?" .
On our home front here the number of unemployed has crossed the 15-million figure of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Experts forecast that one in eight Americans may be without an income by year's end. Rising homelessness - more than 5.5 million families have lost their homes since the crisis kicked-in - and bankruptcies threaten to tear up even more of the fabric. Furthermore with plunging real estate values the equity in our homes is being evaporated before our very eyes.

Survivalists say sometime in the course of our lives, maybe weekly , we must sit back to .... imagine . IMAGINE losing everything of value to us - job termination , our home burnt to the ground with all of our possessions , creeping cancer or the death of a child. Why this dreary bit in the midst of all this ? The argument is that everything we have in our lives now though we have put together , toiled for and fought for maybe even inherited is not for keeps forever. We can't lock them up in our grasp for all of our days on earth .To get to feeling that we 'have it all' and need never worry nor be vigilant is folly! Neither can we 'lock in' our health or breathe of life or forecast and thwart the circumstances or the events ahead in our lives. Anyday any calamity may ride in or all of our assets are put to smoke . Our health could tumble from it's tower. This is not to suggest that you should tune out and go watch movies for the rest of the day or life or wait for a rapture of the holy ! It's instead the cry of the watchman., to be prepared for the worst , not be put to sleep or charmed by the good times and the parties now . It's to move towards changing your state of mind. No one should invite or need a catastrophe to feel what it is like to be homeless or drawing your last breath. But keeping yourself in razor sharp preparedness for sudden desolation , for the worst , will keep you in stock of rafts to keep afloat and live for another day while most everyone else is drowning. This continuos re-imagining the future , of dwelling constructively on the 'what if's' , what can totally go wrong etc etc scenarios will keep you on your toes and enable you to row to fresh shores after an earthquake or move on to new endeavours if you lost your job. There's no salvation in playing victim when you are visited or burying the head in sand or live obliviously now . Remember the sycamore ! The tree has amazing powers of regeneration. Even if you cut it all the way down to the ground , it will always grow back. Even if a small sycamore is completely covered over with sand, it will send out new branches and drill new roots to survive .As it's ability to grow back even under the harshest of conditions, the sycamore has a lesson for us - that no calamity is a noose .We need to pitch for our future now , not when it arrives , to be ready in a split second lest the future gets stolen . To your future ,


My Online Income System

Cally Rao

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who'll Make The Rain For Your Family?

A slumping economy is seeing a surge in the birth of much more contemplative ,wary young business owners. Few fields are as rife with activity, as the start up sphere Entrepreneurial activity keeps the economy growing and healing. Opportunity remains the biggest inspirer for launching a business . Many ,starting out in business would love to have in their hands a step- by- step formula or a specific set of rules they could use to achieve their aims. But the reality and the problem is, there aren't any. Rather, a start up is an individually crafted enterprise . It's a whole way of thinking that allows someone to deal with many different and sudden situations and take advantage of the opportunities as they emerge. To be sure, having that mind set doesn't guarantee that you'll succeed at everything you do, but it does put you on top to seize chances immensely. You win more than you lose, and the longer you stay in the game, the more often you come out a lion for your own cause.But there is also another pressing need - a financial base to fund that start up.In times such as now it may be a little difficult to build a dream business.Surveys indicate that one in four feel financial crisis regionwide or at a national level would have a very bad or devastating effect on them.They say it takes money to make money. So if you're young and trying to set up a business, where do you turn to for that all-important start-up capital? When you lack substantial savings and credit because of your age, finding those precious few dollars to get a company off the ground can be challenging and fatiguing.Reaching out to family members and taking out small-business loans are among the most common methods. But in many cases, beginner CEOs dip into their own savings.Maxing out credit cards, while not the right thing as a funding source seems to be an early favourite. What any entrepreneur should focus on is to just get the cash flow coming in. Far too many entrepreneurs start out on big dreams. They want to franchise, they want to get the investors, and raise a ton of a fund. Business survivors advise that it's necessary to show first that their businesses can make dollars ,even a $100 . When you talk to a bank they too would want to see pretty much everything that an investor will want as well . Failed pitches are a common thing. While you are at the crossroads here are two resources where you could start off for the cost of a lunch and the second resource shows you how to raise funds with your present stable of products without having to blow yourself up.

Start Up Skills

Become A Cash Flow Expert

Cally Rao


What kind of a business would you run if you had your way ? What business would satisfy your marrow? If you haven't thought about this then isn't now a good time - in today's financial climate you can't just keep doing the same old thing or you could see your entire nest egg become just memories. Headwinds are still likely to come through and smite personal financial havens .Grab paper and pencil and make two columns on it. Under Column A list all your hobbies , dreams and interests. Over under Column B match them to start up ideas , businesses for sale in the marketplace , an enterprise up for a change of management. Check with friends - send out an email to them - if they know of a business that's going under but which your hearth tells you you might be able to turn around , perhaps resuscitate a fledgling family business run by a kin in a far off nook or other things like a novel location. I know a friend who runs a tree top bar and believe me he's made more more in two years at tree top level than he did in his previous ten years at a corporate level. What often kills is the narrowing of the spirit , the withering of dreams and the naysaying response to life. It is up to us to invent what goes into our days and personal extraordinariness. Move into a world of effort and endeavour. Go into unexplored territory.You have to leave your world of comforts and go into the wilderness of your intuitions. You can't take a fast speed train out to your dream , nor bus there.You get there by effort , endeavor , risk drenched hard work. Don't bask in last year's lights. Press on. Standing at the doorways of your future , don't waste more time divining when to start off. Occupy yourself with the future , not with what's left behind , the yesterdays. Just look ahead .We can't afford to waste our tears on what could have been , might have been etc. We need to turn the tears into sweat as we chase our raison d'etre ( reason for living ) . If the drought strikes again and there is no water to get through...... With finances in meltdown, jobs being outsourced or firms on the verge of closure and the numbers of unemployed rising the immediate future looks heartbreaking. After all, the only real job security in the future will be one a person creates for himself/herself, by starting an income stream , planting an income tree or launching a business.Wall Street may be doing very well, but it's the street you live on that'll pay the bills and take care of the family. So put your passions to work. Replace a deteriorating income with a new one..." You have to be tough to survive ....... I like variety. I don't want to be nailed shut in a box labeled "Newsreader - do not touch touch ". Angela Rippon , BBC.

Start With Your Skills

The Key To The Future - Marketing Skills

To your dreams ,

Cally Rao

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where's The Cash Flow Crisis ?

In 2007 iPhone entered the market at $599 for a 8GB model. The latest model was released just a few days ago and once again people were waiting in line to get their hands on one. In the first three days more than a million units have been sold .When we thought people are tight on cash , Apple reports close to 90% sales increase over the previous year! The lesson here is , companies that are committed to innovating, exposing new ways to do things, and putting that on the market for cheaper prices, and better quality, are rolling right now and kicking recession's teeth in. Is there an economic crisis? Those that are stuck in the same old way of doing business will confront the tentacles that have choked many industries. Trying to solve problems with outdated information rolled out by also-rans and losers won't take you out on new wings. If you can develop your marketing skills , you'll transform or turn around any business. Your bond with your customers will endure through thick and thin.Marketing has been one of the key catalysts of the abundance around us . It has swaddled us with the comforts we have come to indulge in .It's easy to forget that marketing, the delicate union of the consumer's needs and the products and services that meet those needs, has not always existed as it does today. Be liberated by income producing web ventures . Markets can be shifty and unreliable as quicksand. Discover how to identify markets and market segments that you can dominate for years vs. those that require constant roosting . Discover an entirely new level at which this game - marketing - is being played , the advanced licks, little known techniques and secret insider tactics that has had the bank vaults filled . How do you accurately focus your energies and efforts ? The gravity of these decisions and choices can be both awesome and paralyzing. But if your opportunity filter is rightly calibrated, you'd always be just three or four moves away from a major financial shift. Having the right process for making these decisions is supremely liberating. I repeat: if your opportunity filter is rightly calibrated, you'll always be only three or four moves away from turnaround cash flow.

Where's The Economic Crisis?

To your cash flow ,

Cally Rao

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fears, Anxieties, Worries Tearing You Out ?

I remember I was twelve then as I stood up in that small gathering of friends and well wishers to deliver a song for the occasion. When I got up in front of everybody all dressed in my best suddenly the song choked and the words wouldn't come! I couldn't bring a single word out! Fear or panic had strangled me at the last moment. That was my first battle battle with fear of this sort. I sat down ashen - faced and later as I mingled with the crowd not knowing what to say, in the quiet of my mind dark fear set up base camp. Over the years whenever I was called to make a speech, say a few words in public or again sing in front of friends this eel of fear would vein through my emotions and strangle me again and again. But I decided to take the battle to fear's lair and started out by honing up on my guitar, practicing on scales and writing, singing songs and tunes. The personal battle with this one fear if I had lost would have laid me out in the trenches of life.

Left to themselves these panic attacks will invite the rest of their brood - shyness, feeling like withdrawing from public activities, dreadful of being in the spotlight, terrified of performing publicly and other manisfestations into our emotional life. These panic attacks start out of our response to a specific situation but if you also suffer from anxiety, depression and fear you may end up dealing with them on a regular basis.Whether you call it stage fright or performance anxiety, this debilitating fear can stop you cold in your career tracks. Almost everyone have bouts with stage fright, racing and pounding hearts, people fright or fame fright at some point in their lives. Many of the world's most famous performers have had to deal with periods of intense fear. There are even more fears - fears of a devil out to do you in, being continually anxiety-ridden, fear of coming face to face with crocs, fear of flying, fear of growing old, Friday the 13th, or worried about going insane maybe, spiders and snakes, the spirit world or social situations - nail biting and asphyxiating climaxes that could floor you for a full count-out! Whether students, preachers, housewives, doctors, lawyers, CEOs' or airline pilots fear stalks all of us.

The way to deal with these fears is to get to the bottom of WHY you are having these panic attacks. One way to start dealing with these fears is to begin writing down - how the fear rushed in. Was it because you saw a taunter in the crowd? Or you suddenly felt 'Hey!what am I doing here?Trying to be famous?' Write down everything you can about a particular episode of panic. Then ask yourself how are you going to deal with this. The question now is whether you want to let fears do you in or you will confront them, whether you want to vanquish them or run petrified in the face of them! Another way is to have a healthy role model such as Deborah who lived in the early history of Israel. Would she cower in fear or writhe in trembling as the army of the superpower of the day, the United States of Canaan came out against her puny little force? Another effective way to control a panic attack is to mentally make yourself relax. Take control of your emotional reins. Assure yourself that the problem isn't a huge issue and you are going to handle it, take control and solve the problem. You have to repeat this response until it becomes an attitude that you will no longer be at the mercy of these panic attacks nor fear or be dismayed by them. Get ANGRY with these fears and as often as you face them down you will realize you have got the power to control your panic attacks and just about overwhelm and go over any fear demon. If you don't do go pro active and face them off these fears don't just walk away they might build up, mob and cause worse panic attacks.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy! Deal with these fears before they deal with you. You CAN overcome the worst fears, phobias & anxieties - using the easiest, safest and fastest modern techniques - without drugs.

To Your Future ,


Cally Rao

Go forth and live a complete , emotionally healthy life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can You Trust Your Lover ? Marry Him ?

When you have moved into a new city or neighborhood, you may begin to feel cowed being the new kid in town besides being quite all alone . As time marches on , folk in the neighbourhood begin to want to get to know you and you reciprocate. You establish a circle of friends and pull them in into an inner circle.You now have friends or acquaintances.With the plodding on of time you notice relationships undergoing changes some even turning cold.One of your new found 'friends' seems to be a bit unpredictable in his behaviour. While it can be overeaction on the one hand yet of late we have been witnessing senseless killings , people getting shot at for no obvious reasons and some who seem to succumb to emotional rampages . This kind of senselessness throws us all out of kilter – when is the next episode of cat and the canary ? It is no longer something to speak softly of !What steps can you or families take to be safer ?Does this friend have any 'background' ?Perhaps something that is being held back or kept unknown from you ?
There is a way to take the lid off - do a background check!You do not have to be a private eye to do a background check-one of the best tools to do that had been on the Internet for a while. Finding information of any sort on anyone quickly and accurately such as criminal , driving and medical records is easy on the Internet via Net Detective. NET DETECTIVE is one of the most preferred people search engines on line. Almost anything about anyone can be accessed.Family histories, criminal records , birth certificates,DMV Records,adoption records,email addresses ,lost relatives,heirs,unlisted phone numbers and a lot more. Armed with this in depth information you need not allow fear to gnaw or trouble you. You can steer clear from peril if you can call it that. But at least you can put your doubts to rest.
Almost anyone's past could be traced or checked by a staff or employee , criminal or even medical background check. When fear or suspicion pickets your conscience,you ought to check your friend's , or new-found acquaintance's past record before wading deeper and trying to bind the relationship/s. Don't overlook the spate of killings and kidnappings at churches,neighbourhoods and other least expected locales amidst our own local citizenry.It's wisdom to take precaution.
Armed with this in depth information you need not allow fear to gnaw or trouble you. You can steer clear from peril if you can call it that. But at least you can put your doubts to rest.To be wise to the times we are living in now check out the tools and resources available to you at Net Detective.It could stop peril dead in it's tracks.

It will also be worth it if you are able to forge one of those solid, lifelong friendships.

Wishing you safe and wonderful friendships wherever you move to or are at ,


To your future ,

Cally Rao

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stepping Stones To Success For Teenagers

How do successful people reason and think ? What drives them ? In the years I was teaching classes full of teenagers I got hit by a full gamut of problems and issues they had had to grapple and fend with.Many of them were emotionally or mentally paralysed because they had no clear clue of what was 'right' or 'wrong'. In many instances I wouldn't be far from the truth they were having these problems because of some element of parenting or the stark abscence of parental coaching.To help them through I used to point them to certain role models and how they clambered out of the pits. Here are some of other issues:

1.Dropped out of school ? Not my fault. Smoking crack perhaps? Not my fault ! Married the wrong person? Not my fault.To a certain extent everybody claims to be a victim of somebody, some situation, background or country and or religion. VICTIMISM is almost default thinking now. Victimism's overriding cliché ,the response to almost all questions about one's miseries is : It's not my fault! Victimism seems to imply that we don't need to take responsibility for the living of our lives - that we are what we are because of somebody's else's fault. Not quite.You are fully responsible for what you are. Someone else's opinion of you won't change your life.You cannot afford to sell your self worth to someone else's mere words nor so easily succumb to their assessment of you. You are you. Unique and original.You must take responsibility for your life and control your thoughts and actions and chart your individual history.

2.Yet another key is to be PURPOSEFUL or pursue purposefulness in whatever you do. Do what you love to do . When you get a summer job,yes, do it with all your might! Go out of the way. Excel! Make a difference. Be a team player . Set small goals and work towards them. Achieve, climb. When you are older these small wins will lead you to victories in achieving.

3.Being purposeful requires you to be mindful of the direction you want to go. WRITE down your action plan. Write down your goals . If you are not clear about your goals you are living on fantasies. I mean if you are driving to a distant place and if you don't have a map or direction you'd be wasting time,energy and money and may even just quit going that way.With a written map you'll steer your life towards an anchor , destination. Be prepared to pay the price for your success.You have to make your dream come true , breathe life into it.

4. Don't complain or tire of the work it takes. Be a beaver to improve your skills. Work towards being the best in your field. Study the experts and copy their best practices.When you have committed to your goal giving up will never be an option. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach milestones or benchmarks. NEVER GIVE UP! Top achievers go after what they want - energetically and passionately accompolishing their dreams. YOU CAN TOO.Not long ago one of the greatest statesmen of our times , Sir Winston Churchill gave this advice :"Come on now, all you young men all over the world.You are needed more than ever now to fill the gap of a generation shorn by the war. You have not an hour to lose.You must take your places in life's fighting line.Twenty - twenty five.Those are the years.Don't be content with things as they are.The earth is yours and the fullness thereof.Enter upon your inheritance. Accept your responsibilities.Raise the glorious flags again, advance them upon the enemies who constantly gather upon the front of the human army and have only to be assaulted to be overthrown. Don't take no for an answer. NEVER SUBMIT TO FAILURE. Do not be fobbed off with mere personal success or acceptance."

Walk With Peers

Character Is Something You BUILD

To your future,

Cally Rao

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Write A Whitepaper..

You can increase your customer base, slash your marketing costs, and outsell your competition by delivering problem-solving whitepapers to your customers and prospects.

And you don't have to slave over this for weeks or months. Your whitepaper can be finished, published, and bringing new clients to your email box by this time tomorrow.

How To Write A White Paper

Sunday, September 20, 2009

THREE WAYS To List Building

Build A List ... Almost Immediately!

If you don't have a list now , all is not lost....
Here's An Idea To Test If You Haven't Got A Mailing List........

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Build Your List

Monday, August 31, 2009

Age Is No Barrier To Starting All Over Again..

More and more seniors are going into things themselves much faster than from the other age sectors. Great numbers of older people are launching their own businesses , marching into self-employment and entrepreneurism than they ever had. Even if the younger age groups recognize the entrepreneurial option, they take some time halting , pondering and divining to step out or not. Putting their passions to work: ex grad-school dropouts launch beauty companies , new ways to make pies , hit the trail marketing a recipe from great grandma or plunge into the ‘island complex’ trail – anything that’s an island they take a boat out to , to go and see it and put that information on their online journals.They have started a revolution of entrepreneurs building organizations based on purpose , dreams and goals. Shrugging off the years of monotonous and mind-numbing work , looking at the clock every hour, waiting for the day to be over they prefer the fresh winds of time freedoms . Moving on has greater satisfaction than listening to some fancy therapist on how to be happy in a hammock. They no longer want to fertilize dead trees. Cicero said “ Large affairs are not performed by muscle,speed ,nimbleness but by reflection ,character,judgement. In age these qualities are not diminished but augmented “
But there’s a slight sad tint to this. Many having no marketing experience are sustaining losses that they have not anticipated. In a globalizing world marketing has changed tremendously . It is no longer homogenous as it used to be. With the arrivals of TV , audio, video and the Internet the old ways of marketing have fallen over the cliff.

It used to be that your company was doing the marketing , focusing on itself – how great they are , their product and their features.That would have worked in the past.But it can no longer find it’s breathe today. Customers don't care what you or your company says.Instead, they want to know what you can do for them. They want to know that you will help them get what they want. The Wells Fargo/NFIB estimates that over the lifetime of a business, 39% are profitable , 30 % break even and 30 % lose money . Is marketing hobbling these tremendous energies ? Here is a school to grasp , adopt , practice and profit from …. from marketing.


Vive la difference ,

Cally Rao

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't Start A Business , Start An Income Stream...

Professionals advise that startups should do a careful cost analysis and consider every cost including hidden ones. Double this figure and prepare for a year and a half without revenue for initial outlays . What however if you chose a wrong niche/business or even a partner ? Can you scale the business and keep it moving forward ? Will retooling, further skill development become necessary ? Battleplan and Strategy ? If everything fails ? Can you survive falling down seven times and getting up eight ? Your self-esteem is your most important resource in financial survival. With the spectre of tightening credit , declining home equity , erosion of corporate, social and other safety nets coming out of the woodwork our cash resources could be at death’s door fast . There’s a better , less risky alternative. Start BUILDING AN INCOME FIRST , plant an income tree that generates cash flow NOW and when you are in flight THEN go into or build your business afterwards . Some people in my circle of friends are living debt free having worked with just Clickbank Products and Adwords Campaigns not long ago ! Here are two doors you might want to walk through on and make them your silk road to independence. Become a gazelle for your cause. No business had been or is immune to hard times but if your ship goes down this way you haven’t lost the Titanic ! Don’t stop too long to smell the flowers ; get down to what Mark Twain , the writer – lecturer said :
“ Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream . ” [ 1835 – 1910 ]

Income Stream

Don't Even Think About Failing!

William Smithsburg, Chairman Of Quaker Oats, took responsibility for two "mistakes" - the acquisition of a video business he has since closed down, and a pet-accessory business he bought and had to write off.He told his employees:"I want you to take risks.There isn't one senior manager in this company who hasn't been associated with a product that flopped.That includes me.It's like learning to ski.If you are not falling down you're not learning."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes When We Touch The Passions Flare Again..

Oh , I was talking about the days of my guitar practices just out of high school . Working on scales at dawn , pounding away on arpeggios at midnight. If I heard a bird carry a particular note over 2 bars I attempted. I worked on playing pieces into which I could breathe a bit of my spirit rather than just practicing mechanically. Over wine and cheese , by the beaches , at reunions it was practice , practice , practice . Discovering tone nuances and new melodies was exhilarating and balm for those testy days. If you have a hobby or a skill and you have a passion to teach then you need this indispensable friend . Giving is one of life’s greatest satisfactions. Think of Neil Clark Warrens eHarmony born of a father’s passion to find a right husband for his daughters . Read On

Let Your Passions Pay

Cally Rao

Monday, June 15, 2009


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" Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more expensive goods, houses and technology , pushing them to take more and more expensive credit , until their debts become unbearable. The unpaid debts will lead to bankruptcy of the banks , which will have to be nationalized. The state will then have to save the banks which will eventually lead to communism. " Karl Marx

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Making Money

From ancient times ways to making money has always been the catalyst for trade routes , silk routes, explorations to open up new worlds and entrepreneurship. The need ,want and the how to make money has made small communities and entrepreneurs take risks and start over and over again from setbacks and failures - just so making money , earning ever more and more money can be maintained . New ways to make money , better ways to making money as against the traditional keeping of herds and flocks , agricultural harvests or cottage industries has driven pilgrims and pioneers to new shores and frontiers . The gallop into unchartered endeavours , searching for ever different ways to making money will never die off. Read On
Making Money

To your money , Cally Rao

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beware - Cash Flow Hypothermia

Hypothermia sets in when the body temperature falls below 95°F (35°C). The condition can kill . A continuous exposure to this temperature especially in cold weather can cause hypothermia. Everyone in their lifetime experiences cold and feeling a chill.Goose bumps accompanied by chattering teeth , aching limbs induce sleep and if you don’t do nothing , death could ensue. Often a little jumping in place and a warm drink is all it takes to get body heat surging the heart back to life ! But there’s another kind of hypothermia that affects income earners and financial winners of families when troubles and worries overwhelm . They infect and rout your enthusiasms and squash the sparks of life and hypothermia sets in. All of your dreams for the financial well being for yourself and the family quickly descend into unmarked graves.Yet all it would take to resurrect your financial breathe is a piece of paper that lists all your goals on one hand and what you’ve got in terms of assets – savings nest , job , family network , other support nets – in the other hand . Unpursued , forgotten goals and dreams remain clay until you breathe life into them. Be on guard against this demon which routinely, seamlessly can strike us BUT you simply have to wrestle your future back from it’s claws . Today’s income is no oak tree. Search the entrepreneur within you , start preparing for a financial 9/11. Routine living dulls our minds and induces well . Shrugging off routine , trying something we are not good at yet , attempting new things renews the spirit. Could you write a book ? Paint something that can be framed or interpret a Bach piece on that old accordion ? Keep a scrapbook of your best ideas. You may get cold feet but as you chug on you’ll get juiced .Cynicism , another relative of hypothermia eats the heart out of entrepreneurship. So don’t divine the next move! Get away from the tears and tear into something you always wanted to do! Get away from that well worn chair in front of the TV. Take a chance on chance. One oft advised road back to financial life is to diversify your income streams .
Diversify Your Income

But building a secondary income in your free hours would be a smart move. If you are not familiar with what it takes to webify your income and plough those free hours into generating income into your personal economy check out the resource below.So here’s to your success , carved out against the odds and chaos but when the results kick in it’s been a battle worth it’s blood.

Second Income

To you and your family's future,
Cally Rao

Friday, May 22, 2009

Why America Should Resist Protectionism...

Recession's winds are blowing and America's strategic position is uncertain.A period of relative peace the world enjoyed from World War 2 up to the 90's wasn't due to America's military might. Squables over markets , expansion of empires to build markets , prowling for resources and raw materials had plunged the world into World Wars.Following the last war America began to stand up for and encouraged a world that respected sovereignty , a culture which rewarded work and fair exchange of goods and services.The Europeans were pressured to de-colonise and GATT was established alongside a stable system of currency exchange.These actions led to huge growth in world trade,finance and banking.Through the 50's and 60's the US was the dynamo that hastened economic development and many countries received US investments. By the early 1970's South East Asia became seething with it's own economic engines.These economic waves changed the views of other nations.China which used to be a spoiler slowly realised that closed doors for her would only lead to stagnation and financial backwaters.Much of the Third World began to rethink their policies.Once infatuated with socialism more and more Third World nations began to open their doors to trade and investment.Thus the US became a catalyst for these countries to slowly move towards modern societies with technological and other skills.But troubled voices out of Washington have been decrying trade imbalance , job losses , budget deficits and a clamour to put up barriers to America's markets.This would be fatal and halt the advancement of the free-market oriented developing nations.It would signal that the model provided through the 50's and 60's that made for peace and growth is no longer an available option and trigger a downward spiral of the world economy.Is America to abandon the contest between free market democracies versus controlled and alternate ideologies ? This will have disquieting consequences for the rest of the world.For forty years peace and political boundaries were possible because peoples have achieved a better lot through trade.If these oppoturnities are choked a return to the traditional ways of of conquest such as war becomes more attractive.Protectionism and dwindling trade means less growth for the developing countries.National debts will pile up , defaults will become common with heavy consequences for the international banking system. Developing countries may abandon democratic freedoms and severe and repressive governments may ride in.America has been the anchor of the of the world's free-market economies.It is encumbent upon America as the pre-eminent powerhouse to uphold the rules for progress and growth and not to put up tariff and limitation walls as these would then cause others to retaliate similarly and thus a replay of past depressions and even a return to wars to settle things.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Horsemen In The Clouds

In 1883 the volcanic island of Krakatoa,Indonesia exploded.About 18 square miles and more than 300 feet above sea level the island suddenly disappeared with a gigantic blast that left a cavity 1000 feet deep.A column of stones,dust and ashes shot up into the air up to a height of 17 miles.Huge tidal waves 50 feet high panned out across seas - reaching Cape Horn 8,000 miles away and the English Channel 11,000 miles away.Sound blast of the eruption created atmospheric waves that went right round the world several times.This monstrous blast placed a veil of dust between the sun and earth for several months causing unusual and beautiful sunrise and sunset effects.But nature has a way of repairing itself.In 1952 a bomb was exploded on Eniwetok ( Pacific )- the whole island burned and practically disappeared - the resulting mushroom cloud was 8 miles across and 27 miles high while the canopy was 100 miles wide. More than 80 million tons of earth was vaporised... Radioactive mud fell out of the sky followed by heavy rain. Are these bomb tests , forests burnings , carbon emissions etc etc affecting our food supply chain ? Global climatic and thermal disturbances depriving the earth of much of the sun's heat? Disrupting the rhythms in the weather leading to harvest failures ? Wheat, milk ,vegetables , tea, coffee can be contaminated thousands of miles from the site of occurences of these man made blasts.The regular movements of winds and tides have given us the seasons by which we plough and reap. Radioactive water contaminates plankton the food of many types of fishes , which infect the larger fishes that prey on them and at the end of the chain we end up eating these larger fishes from off our tables .We are throwing a spanner into the works with our bomb tests , burnings and pollution and no nation admits that these may result in floods, drought and starvation affecting millions. As we continue to nuke our environment with the mass of humanity merely looking on with remote sympathy it isn't going to be long before the weather takes on the shape of the horsemen of the apocalypse.The UN hasn't teeth to enforce anything globally.It seems only military might is respected among nations.Nations go their own ways .So what is at stake ? Charles A.Lindbergh says it well : ‘The failures of previous civilizations and the crisis existing for our own show that man has not evolved the ability to cope with limitless complication.He has not discovered how to control his science’s parabolas......As earth’s most messy,destructive and defective animal , man’s record gives him little cause for pride. Our present intellectual superiority is no guarantee of great wisdom or survival power in our genes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

How I Fought To Get Back To The Top

Two years ago, Dyan Cannon was $150,000 in debt , unemployed for four years , alone and fighting the bank from taking her home in Malibu.She was down to little more than tears.Today she is on a winning streak,cresting exciting new projects and in love.This is Dyan's recipe for pulling out of a nose dive."There's only one rule to follow all the time, and that is be true to your higher sense of right.There is no formula.Perhaps Shakespeare said it best,'To thine ownself be true.'Now each of us is different, so the solutions to our problems are going to be different.But some things don't change , like , never sell yourself short on your higher sense of right.Don't sell the values that are basic to your self respect.BE TRUE TO WHAT YOU ARE.At one point of my career I finally arrived at a point I could not proceed-I was growing tired of the disparity between what was in the script and what happened when the picture was finished.Hollywood thought I was attractive and attractive women were not supposed to be much beyond that.Now Hollywood didn't do that to me.I did it to myself.I allowed it.I accepted the limitations.I was going from film to film and finally I said 'no more,I can't do this anymore.I felt that there was something missing.So I said to myself,'What are you going to do about this? 'I'll stop acting.That's what I'll do.Stop acting?What about the house , the car , the rent? Well, I'll do theatre.But what if theatre doesn't happen ?Soon there came a time when I couldn't pay the rent and the market said no more money , no more credit.They are going to take away the home from me.And then an offer came for a film.But it sickened me...because it was the same old kind of part.That's when I decided they could have my car , the furniture, the house,but that never again were they going to have me.Never,never,never!And from that moment ,it became easier for me to function,because I was standing on solid ground.... I went back to writing peotry, and making a little movie of my own about children.I went back to things that really pleased me.And...slowly I began to live again,to feel, to be myself.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"It Must Be Of The Spirit ..............."

'Men since the beginning of time have sought peace.Various methods through the ages have been attempted to devise an international process to prevent or settle disputes between nations....We have had our last chance....The problem basically is theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence and improvement of human character that will synchronize with our almost matchless advances in science , art , literature and all material and cultural developments of the past 2000 years.IT MUST BE OF THE SPIRIT IF WE ARE TO SAVE THE FLESH."
General Douglas MacArthur , Battleship Missouri , 2/9/1945.

"One theologian ( Jesuit Father Karl Rahnev ) argues that if the image of God faded completely from our minds , we would slowly cease to be human.This means that we would retain our intellectual capacity,our ability to make ever more complex machines.But by cutting the umblical cord with God , our source of ethical vitality would be gone.Morally we would become nothing more than a species of fantastically clever monkeys.... For the truth is that we humans are all Jekyll and Hyde creatures and the monster within each of us is always striving to take over.Theologians call this the doctrine of original sin and it explains what we all observe but find hard to understand.Man can be and often is destructive and malicious.This propensity to evil cannot be corrected entirely from our own resources.We need external help to keep our dark side under control.That is what regular practice of religion provides." Paul Johnson , the author of The Recovery Of Freedom , Modern Times etc etc.

In all the annals of Mankind has a moral code been given to peoples such as The 10 Commandments ( Deuteronomy 5: 6 - 21 )?

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