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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Guts,No Triumph

As you stand on the horizon of a new year pop yourself this question:What is your future going to be? Globalization has made the marketplace your oyster.The courage to go against convention,to be a high performer has never been easier than now.You've got the whole world in your hands.Step into tomorrow today.
Take the reins of your own life.Do not let it slither away into one of enduring it in quiet desperation . Life , however it has come to you or has come down to you, is do-it-yourself kit.Success is not going to abseil in from luck's skies or fate or the position of the planets.You control your own destiny.Self reliance has turned newsboys into editors,waiters into restaurateurs.You do yourself great harm in wallowing in self pity or ignoring the cries of 'Wolf!Wolf!' from those in the trenches of financial despair and hopelessness.

Set and write down your goals.Visualize them.Keep your eyes on the oak tree of your goals.Learn new skills.But stay course.Persist,push on.There's a world waiting out there-go for it!If you're stuck in a rut of a job stay away from 'pity' sessions or groups of 'Gripes Anonymous'.You may think it's good to be with them but you are actually clambering back onto the shipwreck you slid off from earlier.Instead raft away.Find a new beach.Find a new trail.Start anew.Make new footprints.A life without danger,daring and perils faced is a life not lived. To discover a new sea you will have to leave shore.

No Guts , No Glory