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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fears, Anxieties, Worries Tearing You Out ?

I remember I was twelve then as I stood up in that small gathering of friends and well wishers to deliver a song for the occasion. When I got up in front of everybody all dressed in my best suddenly the song choked and the words wouldn't come! I couldn't bring a single word out! Fear or panic had strangled me at the last moment. That was my first battle battle with fear of this sort. I sat down ashen - faced and later as I mingled with the crowd not knowing what to say, in the quiet of my mind dark fear set up base camp. Over the years whenever I was called to make a speech, say a few words in public or again sing in front of friends this eel of fear would vein through my emotions and strangle me again and again. But I decided to take the battle to fear's lair and started out by honing up on my guitar, practicing on scales and writing, singing songs and tunes. The personal battle with this one fear if I had lost would have laid me out in the trenches of life.

Left to themselves these panic attacks will invite the rest of their brood - shyness, feeling like withdrawing from public activities, dreadful of being in the spotlight, terrified of performing publicly and other manisfestations into our emotional life. These panic attacks start out of our response to a specific situation but if you also suffer from anxiety, depression and fear you may end up dealing with them on a regular basis.Whether you call it stage fright or performance anxiety, this debilitating fear can stop you cold in your career tracks. Almost everyone have bouts with stage fright, racing and pounding hearts, people fright or fame fright at some point in their lives. Many of the world's most famous performers have had to deal with periods of intense fear. There are even more fears - fears of a devil out to do you in, being continually anxiety-ridden, fear of coming face to face with crocs, fear of flying, fear of growing old, Friday the 13th, or worried about going insane maybe, spiders and snakes, the spirit world or social situations - nail biting and asphyxiating climaxes that could floor you for a full count-out! Whether students, preachers, housewives, doctors, lawyers, CEOs' or airline pilots fear stalks all of us.

The way to deal with these fears is to get to the bottom of WHY you are having these panic attacks. One way to start dealing with these fears is to begin writing down - how the fear rushed in. Was it because you saw a taunter in the crowd? Or you suddenly felt 'Hey!what am I doing here?Trying to be famous?' Write down everything you can about a particular episode of panic. Then ask yourself how are you going to deal with this. The question now is whether you want to let fears do you in or you will confront them, whether you want to vanquish them or run petrified in the face of them! Another way is to have a healthy role model such as Deborah who lived in the early history of Israel. Would she cower in fear or writhe in trembling as the army of the superpower of the day, the United States of Canaan came out against her puny little force? Another effective way to control a panic attack is to mentally make yourself relax. Take control of your emotional reins. Assure yourself that the problem isn't a huge issue and you are going to handle it, take control and solve the problem. You have to repeat this response until it becomes an attitude that you will no longer be at the mercy of these panic attacks nor fear or be dismayed by them. Get ANGRY with these fears and as often as you face them down you will realize you have got the power to control your panic attacks and just about overwhelm and go over any fear demon. If you don't do go pro active and face them off these fears don't just walk away they might build up, mob and cause worse panic attacks.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy! Deal with these fears before they deal with you. You CAN overcome the worst fears, phobias & anxieties - using the easiest, safest and fastest modern techniques - without drugs.

To Your Future ,


Cally Rao

Go forth and live a complete , emotionally healthy life.