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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stay Home, Make Money!

Be your own boss!

Starting a business from home is the silk route way to get your feet wet in entrepreneurial waters without sawing your arms off paying for overheads , physical office space , staffing , media tools and inventories ! 

Businesses are being launched every other day from off  bar tables , bedrooms , attics, golf buggies , battlefield trenches and yes,off  kitchen tables .Thanks to the 'Net and all the resources available at your fingertips it is easy to start a business right in your bathroom!

You can unleash , turn loose your curiosity and find inspiration building your own hand wrought small business .It's recession proof ,cheers you on and requires NO start up fund to launch off. It answers to no boss but your hunches,intuitions and nose.

More and more people are dropping out of the rat race to provide services or goods from home.Start part-time and build until you can say goodbye to your day job. 

But this area is fraught with "get rich quick" schemes. So evaluate the opportunities carefully. Anything that offers great rewards for no-or-low work or free income is snake oil.

Joy Of Freedom..

Amy's Story : Amy had always wanted to own a gift shop, but it wasn't feasible due to her husband's career, which creates frequent relocations. She thought that she had found the answer with eBay, but that all changed... literally overnight. eBay had shut-down her business on a false accusation with no questions asked.This frustrating "eye-opener" underlined for Amy the importance of self-reliance, owning your own traffic and income diversification. SBI! provides Amy with all three, plus a way to share her passion about beautiful beaches!
"... eBay sends me traffic and when I send them traffic they pay me as an affiliate for doing it. To say the least, my business has grown and prospered since I stopped working for eBay and started using SBI! to grow something that is truly mine."

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Even With All The Mistakes, My Future Is Clear ...

I just wanted to post about my happiness and excitement as my site starts to snowball!

I started my site in 2009 and made LOTS of mistakes early on. I'm quite embarrassed at how awful it used to look! Nevertheless by taking a lot of hits and quite a few misses, I was still steadily building traffic.

When I started I didn't have any kind of business plan, I had no idea HOW I was going to make money or what kind of site I wanted to even have, I just had a vague idea of, well I'll start a blog about what I eat and people will read it and I'll make a lot of money... Thankfully, I was steered towards SBI by Steve Pavlina's fabulous review, so instead of starting a blog that no one would read, I instead started an SBI site.

I was quite sketchy about following directions in the Action Guide, I would often go ahead and do something and then read the action guide later, figuring out that I'd done it all wrong! So growth was probably a lot slower than it could have been. I would also get a burst of enthusiasm and work for a little while, then get deflated because I wasn't seeing the immediate results and then procrastinate and do nothing for months at a time!

My Monetization Strategy....

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions About Traffic To Your Site

1. Do you wish your best prospects search on the keyword you’ve bid on or KNOW they’ll see your ad on a website they likely visit regularly?

2. Do you spend most of YOUR time online searching on Google? Browsing websites? Why would you expect your prospects to be any different?

3. Would you rather fight it out with hundreds of other keyword bidders…or with just a handful…or NONE? ( Seriously, there are places in the content network – one of them that gets millions of visitors per day – where most of the time, there are ZERO advertisers )

Tapping the Traffic from the Internet’s Top Sites