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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who'll Make The Rain For Your Family?

A slumping economy is seeing a surge in the birth of much more contemplative ,wary young business owners. Few fields are as rife with activity, as the start up sphere Entrepreneurial activity keeps the economy growing and healing. Opportunity remains the biggest inspirer for launching a business . Many ,starting out in business would love to have in their hands a step- by- step formula or a specific set of rules they could use to achieve their aims. But the reality and the problem is, there aren't any. Rather, a start up is an individually crafted enterprise . It's a whole way of thinking that allows someone to deal with many different and sudden situations and take advantage of the opportunities as they emerge. To be sure, having that mind set doesn't guarantee that you'll succeed at everything you do, but it does put you on top to seize chances immensely. You win more than you lose, and the longer you stay in the game, the more often you come out a lion for your own cause.But there is also another pressing need - a financial base to fund that start up.In times such as now it may be a little difficult to build a dream business.Surveys indicate that one in four feel financial crisis regionwide or at a national level would have a very bad or devastating effect on them.They say it takes money to make money. So if you're young and trying to set up a business, where do you turn to for that all-important start-up capital? When you lack substantial savings and credit because of your age, finding those precious few dollars to get a company off the ground can be challenging and fatiguing.Reaching out to family members and taking out small-business loans are among the most common methods. But in many cases, beginner CEOs dip into their own savings.Maxing out credit cards, while not the right thing as a funding source seems to be an early favourite. What any entrepreneur should focus on is to just get the cash flow coming in. Far too many entrepreneurs start out on big dreams. They want to franchise, they want to get the investors, and raise a ton of a fund. Business survivors advise that it's necessary to show first that their businesses can make dollars ,even a $100 . When you talk to a bank they too would want to see pretty much everything that an investor will want as well . Failed pitches are a common thing. While you are at the crossroads here are two resources where you could start off for the cost of a lunch and the second resource shows you how to raise funds with your present stable of products without having to blow yourself up.

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Cally Rao


What kind of a business would you run if you had your way ? What business would satisfy your marrow? If you haven't thought about this then isn't now a good time - in today's financial climate you can't just keep doing the same old thing or you could see your entire nest egg become just memories. Headwinds are still likely to come through and smite personal financial havens .Grab paper and pencil and make two columns on it. Under Column A list all your hobbies , dreams and interests. Over under Column B match them to start up ideas , businesses for sale in the marketplace , an enterprise up for a change of management. Check with friends - send out an email to them - if they know of a business that's going under but which your hearth tells you you might be able to turn around , perhaps resuscitate a fledgling family business run by a kin in a far off nook or other things like a novel location. I know a friend who runs a tree top bar and believe me he's made more more in two years at tree top level than he did in his previous ten years at a corporate level. What often kills is the narrowing of the spirit , the withering of dreams and the naysaying response to life. It is up to us to invent what goes into our days and personal extraordinariness. Move into a world of effort and endeavour. Go into unexplored territory.You have to leave your world of comforts and go into the wilderness of your intuitions. You can't take a fast speed train out to your dream , nor bus there.You get there by effort , endeavor , risk drenched hard work. Don't bask in last year's lights. Press on. Standing at the doorways of your future , don't waste more time divining when to start off. Occupy yourself with the future , not with what's left behind , the yesterdays. Just look ahead .We can't afford to waste our tears on what could have been , might have been etc. We need to turn the tears into sweat as we chase our raison d'etre ( reason for living ) . If the drought strikes again and there is no water to get through...... With finances in meltdown, jobs being outsourced or firms on the verge of closure and the numbers of unemployed rising the immediate future looks heartbreaking. After all, the only real job security in the future will be one a person creates for himself/herself, by starting an income stream , planting an income tree or launching a business.Wall Street may be doing very well, but it's the street you live on that'll pay the bills and take care of the family. So put your passions to work. Replace a deteriorating income with a new one..." You have to be tough to survive ....... I like variety. I don't want to be nailed shut in a box labeled "Newsreader - do not touch touch ". Angela Rippon , BBC.

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To your dreams ,

Cally Rao