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Monday, March 11, 2013

Do You Long For A Porch Time... ?

There is nothing like a small business . But it 's a challenge to stride into one  in the midsts of gloom
and glum.But if not now then when ? We haven't got eternity to plant milestones in our lives.Perhaps tonight will be a good time to  brainstorm business ideas you could launch in some free time -- and grow it into a full time gig, replacing your desk job.

Mary and Dave Morris spent the better half of their adult lives in the corporate world. The two say they came to the conclusion they
wanted to watch their grandchildren grow up.

But in order to do that, they needed to work for another boss – each other. So, the couple turned turned a bucket list item into a full-time career.Mary discovered Site Build It in Oct 2008. " We listened to a short video, liked what we saw and heard. Wanting more time and financial freedom that residual income can produce, we chose to go for it ." After some hard "fun" work and learning new things to build this site, Mary was able to quit her corporate job in 2010 and " we are pursuing our passions together". [pic: credit ]