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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How Important Is Loyalty?

How important is allegiance ? That's a question we all have to grapple with.

When it comes to being financially successful  is a clinging-to , to a present job a good thing or a bad thing ? There are those who feel otherwise.Loyalty, they argue, is a sanctimonius pious thing or attachment bred by habit of years hanging there in that job. It's what's been putting the meals on the table.

But entrepreneurs will gasp at such'folly'.The issue is at some point in life we'll have to break OFF from the treadmill or the rat race of the wrong kind or face burnout .

Think of it.
Here's  Jerry Mack's story                 
I needed a way to generate leads to help me sell medical equipment in the office I had just opened in California for a medical distribution company based on the east coast. Basically, I figured that if I had control over web-based sales promotions and marketing programs, I could build sales significantly in my region. Otherwise, I was going to starve, because their expensive, fancy, gorgeous site was not sending me any business at all. 

Jerry Mack more of Jerry Mack's dilemma

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