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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where's The Cash Flow Crisis ?

In 2007 iPhone entered the market at $599 for a 8GB model. The latest model was released just a few days ago and once again people were waiting in line to get their hands on one. In the first three days more than a million units have been sold .When we thought people are tight on cash , Apple reports close to 90% sales increase over the previous year! The lesson here is , companies that are committed to innovating, exposing new ways to do things, and putting that on the market for cheaper prices, and better quality, are rolling right now and kicking recession's teeth in. Is there an economic crisis? Those that are stuck in the same old way of doing business will confront the tentacles that have choked many industries. Trying to solve problems with outdated information rolled out by also-rans and losers won't take you out on new wings. If you can develop your marketing skills , you'll transform or turn around any business. Your bond with your customers will endure through thick and thin.Marketing has been one of the key catalysts of the abundance around us . It has swaddled us with the comforts we have come to indulge in .It's easy to forget that marketing, the delicate union of the consumer's needs and the products and services that meet those needs, has not always existed as it does today. Be liberated by income producing web ventures . Markets can be shifty and unreliable as quicksand. Discover how to identify markets and market segments that you can dominate for years vs. those that require constant roosting . Discover an entirely new level at which this game - marketing - is being played , the advanced licks, little known techniques and secret insider tactics that has had the bank vaults filled . How do you accurately focus your energies and efforts ? The gravity of these decisions and choices can be both awesome and paralyzing. But if your opportunity filter is rightly calibrated, you'd always be just three or four moves away from a major financial shift. Having the right process for making these decisions is supremely liberating. I repeat: if your opportunity filter is rightly calibrated, you'll always be only three or four moves away from turnaround cash flow.

Where's The Economic Crisis?

To your cash flow ,

Cally Rao