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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Competition Matters

While it is important to win,it's imperative to compete said Dave Weinbaum once.

In any game or race without a potential winner the excitement is lost.A competitive spirit striving to win is key to our success as adults.Why shouldn't we foster and nurture it in our children?It's not to suggest pitting children against each other like some sports coach who mistakes the heat of the game for the spirit of sportmanship.But healthy rivalries can teach our children a lot about life.While games, contests,races show up the importance of drive,determination,will and endurance they also teach them how to lose without developing a loser's mentality.And with these attitude building come a tree of lessons.Of learning from mistakes,finding ways to do things better,make things work faster,to tinker and be curious.This builds in them a will to try and try again to fall down seven times and get eight as the Japanese business philosophy urges.Children who haven't gone out,fallen down,picked themselves up and gone into the fight again may end up having character problems in adult life in areas such as goal setting and persistence. Children learn valuable lessons when their activities result in winners and losers.

Winning is a feeling you'll never forget.It is the accumulation of experiences including mistakes and misjudgments that will finally give them the seasoning for real and lasting success.

Rivalries build,not tear down.They should be the classrooms for our children to come out of to face their future.

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