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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tomorrow Trap

Determined to climb corporate ladders,save for retirement and to avoid being dumped in another downturn many are heading headlong into a let's call it-"tomorrow trap". People rush past everything building their careers and other personal pursuits.But taking refuge in visions of a wonderful life just ahead somewhere down the road income earners are forgetting to tend to their personal and family lives.Living in the future can be emotionally seductive.People gain some kind of emotional satisfaction from constructing fantasies of a future life tomorrow even though they are not living it today.This trap, the 'tomorrow' trap that the sun's gonna shine on you is so alluring it's captives see their actions as noble.Catch yourself before burnout, exhaustion and a loss of will fry you.

We all must plod on slogging it out against an economy that appears to be floundering and desperately trying to heal itself.Though it's allright to stretch the boundaries of your imagination and vacuum your energies in the course of transforming an idea into a successful venture yet you must avoid driving headlong 'round the bend!Instead take unique steps that would go on to produce extraordinary results.Knowing what the next step is and being able to take it is the magic. Many bump into enough "next steps" along the way that after 2 or 3 years they eventually figure it out and do allright.But most people never do figure it out. Winding up out of money,out of time,and out of energy most end up staying with their safe,secure jobs. But for how long is anything safe?Take your company for example.Marketing is such a crucial limb that if employees don't know that their service delivery all ties in to cash flow they could put the company out in red ink in no time.

The biggest lie that anyone can ever tell you is that all is safe and nothing can go wrong.Whether you are an employee or a small business owner you have a need to know the whole marketing puzzle and how it all fits together..and you need to know it now. Agreed?Your buddies,the millionaires or anyone else will shed no tears if you lie there dying financially.Customers don't walk in.They need to be won over. I mince no words: If you won't want to learn how to do this right, you shouldn't be worried about your on line future at all.There ain't none.The 'tomorrow' that has had you so seduced so long may never knock on the door!


Cally Rao