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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes When We Touch The Passions Flare Again..

Oh , I was talking about the days of my guitar practices just out of high school . Working on scales at dawn , pounding away on arpeggios at midnight. If I heard a bird carry a particular note over 2 bars I attempted. I worked on playing pieces into which I could breathe a bit of my spirit rather than just practicing mechanically. Over wine and cheese , by the beaches , at reunions it was practice , practice , practice . Discovering tone nuances and new melodies was exhilarating and balm for those testy days. If you have a hobby or a skill and you have a passion to teach then you need this indispensable friend . Giving is one of life’s greatest satisfactions. Think of Neil Clark Warrens eHarmony born of a father’s passion to find a right husband for his daughters . Read On

Let Your Passions Pay

Cally Rao