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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cry From A Frugal Trench

In some Asian communities a most widely accepted belief and an overarching principle is that frugality
will make them  rich . Driven by that obsession they would take no turn in the road but ' work' themselves into the trenches of extreme frugality .Having reduced their meals to sandwiches and coffee , cutting corners on every front , they slash their comforts and needs to the bones.How low can you get down though, for you'll still have those mandatory bills to pay in life ? So should you exhaust yourself with your cost cutting mindset or use that energy to populate income generation?

The truth is severe austerity won't solve that problem.You can only slash your spending so far. If you need money, you must find a way to MAKE more of it. That's how life works.What WILL do it , is stepping on gears : on different income generating gears .That's the only way to create financial independence and take control of your future, by stepping on gears - different financial gears.You save your life from financial noose by increasing your income or resourcing your income .

One of the best ways to resourcing your income is launching your own online prescence.This will add value to your income sources.Better to do it now while you’re young and full of sap then when age has inked your strength away AND for only the cost of a dinner. In truth , when you make more money, scores of your loved ones will stand to benefit from it all.

All you need to do is to find a right way for you to add your particular value to some income re-generation.

Jim Straw suggests this is what you could do .

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Watching Life From The Stands ?

The modern workplace has undergone tremendous changes not least among them : sitting spaces . Sitting tools tie people down to their computers and work stations .

But there is a raging debate going on , albeit noiselessly ,  about sitting.That there are consequences and costs to sitting : sitting down way too much of the time of our working hours .A combination of sitting , lack of movement and being in an inactive state for long hours can wear out almost any spine in the long run.Not to mention what else can follow in tow : obesity , shortness of breath , risk of heart attack/s and a sapping of your capacity for energies.This isn't any good : for the individual, for the company or for the family rainmaker.

The way forward , out and away from being disabled by sitting inactivity is to take responsibility and personal control rather than being set adrift.That our life is in our hands and all it takes is to remember we are designed for movement : in other words to switch between sitting, standing, walking and all of the other postures in between.So it's time to get up , take a walk , shake , loose and limber up the scaffolding of your physical frame.

There is another area where we can fall asleep "at the wheel" , get into the habit of sitting down for months and then to years and watch life pass by.

Don't Be A Bystander...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Free Lunches

Back in the 50's and 60's a single income would take care of the household but today families
are struggling with two incomes!The family on the street is very open to financial wipe out. Having a road map to diversify your income streams or planting a money tree could be groundbreaking effort. You'll find great value in starting off now than when trouble comes a'knocking on the door.

The notion that you can get a free ride is simply so much hype . You can't get anywhere without risk-drenched effort.If it were simply just a bus ride to get to anywhere you want in life financially, well.. that would be all over the papers , the whisper on every lip.
Get out of the comfort zones, off the couch while the sun's still shining.Go into unexplored territory.Trudge if you have to into the wilderness of your intuitions  . There isn't a fast train out to your dream, nor can you taxi there.You get there by effort, endeavor, risk drenched hard work. Forget basking in last year's lights. Press on. Standing at the crossroads of your future, don't squander more time divining when to start off. Occupy yourself with the life ahead , not with what was in the past , the yesterdays. Set your face to striding into the future .We need to turn heartbreaks if any  into sweat as we chase our raison d'etre ( reason for living ). Just get started down the road to success. Don't postpone planting that income tree.      [ pic : ]

A Turn In The Road

It's Never Too Late To Get Cracking

 " Life was pretty bad for me at the time I read this book. A friend loaned it to me on a whim, he said his mother had sent it to him and he didn't hadn't had the chance to read it. So I took it home and I was transformed over night. I started it and couldn't put it down. Four years later, I have to write a paper for a college class and I keep thinking about the book, wishing I still had it so I could quote from it. I figured I'd try searching for it on and amazingly it was there! Thank God, this book is still in print. I highly recommend it to anyone that is feeling "lost" and needing a little direction. Good Luck!"

 Caryn Covington (Oregon)

" This book was great! I am a total procrastinator and I have put things off for so long and this book got to the root of why!! It was like a huge wake up call that this life is the only one you have and if you don't do what you want to do now...there is no next time! I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to make a big change in there life and start feeling good about themselves. It is great."

 Ms. redkatt 25 (San jose, CA)

 One best way to achieve your goals is to stay motivated .. get off the beach and get cracking.

 Get Cracking..