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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Personal Touch To Building Your Business

Starting an online business without the radius constraints of a brick-and-mortar business , your business being open 24/7 to a marketplace without boundaries catches the fascination of many a solopreneur. But building a thriving audience or scaling your business isn't something that's gonna fall out of the sky. MARKETING your service or product requires being a beaver. 

Beavers are workaholic small animals that build canals,lodges and dams. They don't much bother biting cold ; they're active all through winter to maintain use of their ponds.While Man's activities have interfered or destroyed watershed levels and habitats for other animals BUT beavers B-U-I-L-D , going the other way.

They engineer the way water flows through landscape.The work that they put their little shoulders to,also keeps erosion at bay,so plants can survive.Their unsung labors allow for local aquifers to recharge thus preserving the ecosystem for mankind.