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Monday, April 25, 2011

Use the Web to Build Something Real....

Money doesn't fall down the chimney or grows on mulberry trees or however else you've heard that expression before.The moral here is you need to plan,save and budget wisely.In today's times, financial literacy is the key to , the stepping stone to build and scale personal net worth.It's no more about how much you earn  and how much you spend - keeping the books,i.e.It's also about saving , investing and budgeting.Just like any other skill ( writing , golfing etc ), financial literacy is necessary knowledge , one that promotes and builds your financial well being.Any crisis can have us facing the wall  in these uncertain times and  impale us. Living from paycheck to paycheck maybe .

Here's one link about earning in a different theatre - as an affiliate marketer, a rookie entrepreneur. You don't have to worry about start up capital and a product.You'll get great landing[ product ] pages with the sales copy , design layout and hosting done for you.You get scores of landing pages to whet your visitors' passions.All you need to do is choose a medium - PPC, article marketing , social media- in which you are good at to put a word out to your network.Track your traffic in the back office.Test and change your landing pages as often as you wish while soaking up on the art of marketing.

You can't outsource [ rely on somebody or something ] your personal leap of  faith .You'll have to stick your neck out for yourself.As someone who brings in the money you need to look out for new oars to bring your family boat to safe harbours. Here's that link again.

Cally Rao

Will I Be Here Next Year ?
Next time this year will I still have a job ?

Will the job be still here , outsourced or gone ?

Will the company survive another tumult ?

How can I survive this ?

Nothing Beats Working From Home