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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cry From A Frugal Trench

In some Asian communities a most widely accepted belief and an overarching principle is that frugality
will make them  rich . Driven by that obsession they would take no turn in the road but ' work' themselves into the trenches of extreme frugality .Having reduced their meals to sandwiches and coffee , cutting corners on every front , they slash their comforts and needs to the bones.How low can you get down though, for you'll still have those mandatory bills to pay in life ? So should you exhaust yourself with your cost cutting mindset or use that energy to populate income generation?

The truth is severe austerity won't solve that problem.You can only slash your spending so far. If you need money, you must find a way to MAKE more of it. That's how life works.What WILL do it , is stepping on gears : on different income generating gears .That's the only way to create financial independence and take control of your future, by stepping on gears - different financial gears.You save your life from financial noose by increasing your income or resourcing your income .

One of the best ways to resourcing your income is launching your own online prescence.This will add value to your income sources.Better to do it now while you’re young and full of sap then when age has inked your strength away AND for only the cost of a dinner. In truth , when you make more money, scores of your loved ones will stand to benefit from it all.

All you need to do is to find a right way for you to add your particular value to some income re-generation.

Jim Straw suggests this is what you could do .

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