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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do You Want To Work And Work...

and work and retire drained and broke and burnt out? One of the antidotes to burnout is to do a fun thing - like perhaps sharing humour - before inertia and hypothermia bury you in the sands.Here's one man's way out....
Hervy Christmas was looking for work , saw a TV commercial about truck driving school and jokingly said he was going to look into it. Next thing you know, Hervy became a trucker! Along the way as he began to meet other truckers, he started noticing common "problems" among many of the them including relationship problems, money problems, etc. For some reason he took notes about these things thinking in the back of his mind that he'd somehow like to help other truckers with their problems. Years later, Hervy was looking for something more to supplement his income. Working online seemed like a good fit . Although his intention at the time was to earn income as an affiliate, he decided to get SBI! and see if it really worked the way so many people said it did. He followed the Action Guide and when it was time to register his domain, he said it hit him like a lightbulb that he could help truckers and those considering becoming one with the experiences he had as a trucker!It's time to step off the treadmill ......

Strike Out ! 
pic :http://www.theguardian.com/education/mortarboard?page=4