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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogging - Why Shouldn't I Join The Crowd?

Many people are looking to the Internet nowadays to make money. Since blogs are cheap and simple to start (free blog-building software and $100/year hosting) and because "everybody's doing it," they think a blog must be the best and easiest way to build a small business online.But this is a serious mistake.Ultimately, your business is exposed to changes in rules, a decision to terminate the service, etc. Check the agreement. You will find your risk is total and your future is out of your hands. Blogs are essentially a "one-to-many" platform through which bloggers share the latest news and/or their views. But most blogs are unvisited and fail.

Only a few exceptional people have the time, talent and inclination to blog frequently enough to become a high-traffic "news center" of their particular area of interest (ex.,, or to be known as a creative commentator (ex.,
Aside from that, blogging and hosting only covers 1 out of the 10 steps necessary to build a profitable online business. .....