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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Money Need

As the New Year dawns will everything just go on the way it is..or will there be drama,chaos or what else will it be? It's a good time to remember Ralph Waldo Emerson's words :"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities."
Here's one overworked teacher's road to financial freedom without being an expert or having  had to study masses of marketing materials.Of planting an income generating tree now than blowing away a rainy day fund or a saved-up cash nest starting a business ...

The Money Need

Monday, December 20, 2010

This Page Is Not For You If ....

This page is not for you if...
  • you love blogging more than building a rainmaker's income 
  • you are stuck on " free," even at the expense of time, money and low traffic and no income 
  • you already have or own a significantly profitable Web-based business
The rest of this page is for you if you want to blaze a new trail to grow a rainy day income instead of pouring yourself into a new business that demands huge funds, manpower and resources and if you are...
  • new to all this ( perhaps even skeptical about the idea of building profitable e-businesses)
  • aware that it is possible to earn life-impacting income online, but have yet to succeed
  • highly Web-savvy, trying for years, and can't figure out why significant profits elude you. 
 the rest of the page ....

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tale Of Two ONCE Fishing Villages

What set off this race and the ensuing 'battle' for supremacy?The race that set many a page ablaze in newspapers in South East Asia for decades?Both were Great Britain's enclaves.Both were mere fishing villages.What transformed them into the financial hubs of Asia?

As the race kicked off in the '60's a policy of tight budgets, low taxes and a non interfering government gave space to free wheeling entrepreneurism to take to the skies in Hong Kong.Far away, the other fishing village ,
Singapore, got off  to a start on a raft of  a government of professional bureaucrats.Smart,well paid civil servants and decision makers navigated it's course.How did they race through those twilight years?One was the energy from it's people, the other the energy from the leadership.Hong Kong relied on the entrepreneuralism of it's people and their hunger for wealth and better tomorrows which gave them the spirit and energies to drive through hard,biting times.Singapore on the other hand worked hard at reinventing itself,stealthily pushing off into the economic waves of the future - high tech , software development etc - with a leadership that was priming itself for crisis management anytime, all the while.

So what works? Perhaps it's the persistency of approaches,of crossing frontiers,challenging practices , questioning the unquestioned.But above all , a willingness to GO into the future instead of waiting for it to arrive has given these former fishing villages leagues mileage.

Your talents and energies are all the pedals that could give you an edge over your peers if you raft off and ask,seek and knock on a new frontier.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Very Special From SBI ...

(This Offer Is Now Over )
Should You Full Blog? For Most Small Business People..."Full-Blogging" Is the Wrong Choice To Build a Business  

Blogging. Everyone's doing it.

And that is a financial mistake for most small businesses. Few make much money at blogging because it is usually the wrong way to grow an online business. That's important if you want your Web venture to be more than just a hobby ("an activity or interest pursued for pleasure and not primarily for income"). 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogging - Why Shouldn't I Join The Crowd?

Many people are looking to the Internet nowadays to make money. Since blogs are cheap and simple to start (free blog-building software and $100/year hosting) and because "everybody's doing it," they think a blog must be the best and easiest way to build a small business online.But this is a serious mistake.Ultimately, your business is exposed to changes in rules, a decision to terminate the service, etc. Check the agreement. You will find your risk is total and your future is out of your hands. Blogs are essentially a "one-to-many" platform through which bloggers share the latest news and/or their views. But most blogs are unvisited and fail.

Only a few exceptional people have the time, talent and inclination to blog frequently enough to become a high-traffic "news center" of their particular area of interest (ex.,, or to be known as a creative commentator (ex.,
Aside from that, blogging and hosting only covers 1 out of the 10 steps necessary to build a profitable online business. .....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Only Reason.......

'The only reason I have been a great teacher is because I didn't do a single thing you told me to.I ignored your 'standards', I thwarted your bureaucracy and I taught unauthorized material.I filled out those forms that said the students were in their desks when they were really taking horizon-expanding study trips.I had them read real books instead of those inane,dumbed-down textbooks of yours. I taught them real history instead of the porridge of revisionist pabulum you call social studies... a reason why most kids follow the herd into a bleak future instead of thinking for themselves'- John Taylor Gatto.

Read The Book...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Find , Fall And Stay In Love

What after walking up the aisle? Can marriage suffer burnout?Like all relationships,putting the romance back into marriage requires energy,devotion and being there for each other through foul and good weather.Here are three lighthouses to look out for:

TOUCH - Babies crying their hearts out aren't doing so to want a chat.He or she wants to be held and patted.Something basic, primitive: human touch,contact.Adults need this physical contact as well.They need to cuddle together for warmth and comfort in an indifferent,cold world,almost loveless world.A man and a woman can do that for each other.Touching each other in open ways leads on to touching mind and hearts as well.Do whatever it takes to make a connection,to make your spouse feel loved,secure,cared,respected in the relationship.

TALK - Small talk,chats,talking to each other must be fought for and persevered in.The man can tell his woman something he has done without fearing repercussions or that he is blowing his trumpets.He can count on her interest,support and understanding.If you will be away,if even for a day make sure he/she hears your voice at least.

SERVE - A woman serves the man's need to be needed.If no one needs you what good are you?Others- friends,employers,business partners,acquaintances may swear they need you.But as far as they are concerned or your place in these relationships are replaceable.To your spouse you are not replaceable at any price.That should flood you with the sort of feelings and self esteem you need to meet the world everyday.A spouse feels great to know, to be made known to. that he or she is No 1 in the partner's life.We do not have a choice in arriving and exiting from this life, so make the best of the lemons or the roses.

Any love that lasts becomes a love story.Marriage is a story of sharing.Partners grow and share because they know they are on the boat,journey together against the whole world.A wonderful marriage spills over into the childrens' lives,quietly letting them know that it's a story to be them.

But one thing you have a great deal of responsibility over, is the family coffer - the most threatened platform and fabric of married life today.Here's a pioneer's trail.

Pioneer A Trail

The Family

The family today is an assaulted,wounded institution.As far back as one can look back into dim history, how we order our loyalties depends on the ageless bonds of family life. Significant,sudden changes are destroying families like as had never been before . Cohabitation, gay,lesbian and divorce are it's greatest enemies.

The removal of legal and moral shame from cohabitation,divorce, homosexuality etc etc has not made the worlds of our lives safer or unchanged.The gradual keeling over by which lesbianism etc became immorality and immorality went on to become deviance and deviance is choice and choice assumes legitamateship has torn lives to shreds.

Whatever happened to stable nuclear families?The family is that cradle in which with supportive sources of love and loyalty we work out a sense of who we are.It is the place where one's individuality blooms.Our sense of right and wrong and our moral values came out of life in a family.It is where we care for others,for dependents:loved ones,young,old,widows,orphans and strangers ( in an extended family).The family is the cradle of history,where traditions,heroic struggles and the adventures of kith and kin have been handed down from generation to generation.The place where individual histories have been kept alive.A collective memory knits brothers and sisters together.Family life was where our moral world came into being and nurtured.This moral structure lies behind our idea of individual freedoms,social ties and every other relationship.

Without the family nest,with our modern ideas of abstract individualism,with no limits on what one can choose or unchoose to do the family is getting relegated to unnecessary.Should family life disintegrate?At the heart of all our sensibilities is family life.Lose it and we will lose much more.

Cally Rao

Family Life

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Blame Game

Banking failed. Banks were meant to save us, help us or throw a raft to us when we are drowning. Banks were supposed to manage risks or the risks in the marketplace. Instead they were undone by them. Can similar smoke come up your chimney?

Though you are besides yourself with rage or even if you are a rat in the public outrage against the bank, the truth is their failure has smashed up everybody else massively. The scale of wealth destruction by banks both to it's owners and market capitalisation capabilities has the latter on a bed of nails.

Employees have not been spared.Though those at the helms of banks could be driving those behemoths,the mass of the industry's staff sit in branches or centres or at some desk.The pain has been savage. Half a million jobs have been lost in the immediate wake of the financial meltdown and the crumbling and tumbling is still in it's throes across countries and assets. Evaporated trust, dried up credit has made many reel under or feel the ship's sinking.

But the threat hasn't gone away despite all hands on the oars. Governments themselves are deeply embedded in the banking systems.

What would your asset book look like in the future? Now is the time to prepare a raft. Let go of the corporate hand-holding you have been told to trust, parental coddling or a lifetime of reliance on being guided. Being right doesn't mean you are gonna get somewhere. Embark on a new course. Change your business model. If you are an entrepreneur, there's no time to be lost. Take action now because there'll be no one to bail you out if and when you fail.

A Time Proven Business Practice

Unpack your imagination.

Anxiety Self Help

Studies show that teenagers who smoke a pack or more of cigarettes a day are more prone to anxiety disorders as young adults. The study goes on to link that teens with anxiety disorders were more likely than those without anxiety disorders to become heavy smokers as adults. Other research implicates cigarette use as a possible cause, rather than a result of problems with anxiety and depression. An expansion of the study found that generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, agoraphobia (fear of public places) were much more common in those who had smoked heavily as teens.

If and when anxiety or stress floods your emotional world or the pace of life threatens to spin out of control, here are three ways to ward off the kamikaze attack:

Do nothing: At least once during the day take five or ten minutes to sit quietly and do nothing. Focus on the sounds around you, your emotions and any tension in your chest, arms. Just sitting quietly counters stress's blitzkrieg. It can change your perspectives and increase your sense of control over events. The past is done, the future has yet to arrive. The only thing we need to control is the present moment.

Laugh out loud : Keep something handy that makes you laugh. It could be a collection of your favourite comics, television comedies or even your own humorous or funny stuff in your scrapbook. Turn to this every so often during your day. Good laughs throw stress napkins out of your systems and to the winds.

Think happy: Focus on someone or something you feel deeply about for anywhere from 15 seconds to five minutes. Picture scenes of blue skies, rolling away meadows, lily fields or even words, phrases, quotes that lift you up or stir you on. Anxious habits and stress flood us with negative emotions - anger, hurt, revenge and grudge. Thinking the other way can have an opposite effect.

Manage stress or suffer.Don't take your troubles to bed.Any one of the steps above could, if practiced often enough, turn the tide back on the tormentors if you want to call anxiety that.

Financial Anxiety?

Cally Rao

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Money Opinions

We all live on opinions. By the time we reach teen age we are just brimming with beliefs, windmill theories, attitudes and judgement calls. Our wisdom is freely dispensed, at dinner tables, in the company of friends and in that halo zone, the doting extended kith and kin. Opinion rules all over in advertisements, voting, choices and near every other decision.

Our personal take on subjects as diverse as UFO's to global warming clamour for audience. But in a world increasingly deafened by too many opinions, begrudgingly demanding to be accorded equal weight to each and every say, ear fatigue steals in. And who or what is right is being given the run around. But buzz - your opinions - are important. They create bonding. They are an easy way to vent off frustrations, get to know others and solve problems. Everyone gets to a point where they get a longing to want to leave a legacy of their sayings, the last word.

But there's one podium where your opinion really counts-the personal podium. It's where, whoever, whatever sways you, however compelling the drums sound for any opinion, where what you say, believe in can devastate or let the lights come on, on you. But be careful, opinions can mob you. These are the verbal outposts which we rarely if ever change. They sometimes put the lights out in our lives.

Here's one candle to dispel a very opinionated darkness. It's a vehicle to look into your financial self, who you want to be. A suggestion to unpack your imagination and look beyond today's harangues.

Level the Playing Field

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Cally Rao

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Secret Formula In Every Business Is ADAPTING..

Keyword Research on Facebook

The #1 thing Facebook marketing has been lacking up until now has been a keyword research tool. Facebook's online tools appear to have been developed in the early-to mid-1960's.Stephen Juth is a long-time Keyword software Jockey and long-time friend of Perry Marshall.His software tool CashKeywords not only has a superb suite of keyword tools for Google AdWords, but now has a Facebook tool too. It queries the Facebook database and then combines the results with Google-related data to make a truly useful and powerful tool.

Watch the video here ...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Ideas for inventions strike at the most unlikely of moments.George de Mestral was walking through a meadow when prickly burdock seeds hooked themselves to his trousers,giving him the idea for Velcro.Here are some ways to curious and help communities and your corner of the world.

1. The great thing about inventing is that it isn't some impenetrable form of magic.The answer to all our tomorrows could lie in your workshop,the workshop of curiosity,of being curious.Dredge your experiences for ideas.Get back into your childhood for inspirations.Ask.Seek.Knock..Go into tinkerville.

2. Lose yourself in a cause: The challenge for all of us is to find those causes that are peculiarly our own.Those to which we seem to be drawn to by instints and go full throttle.This will add purpose,pattern and a never giving up trait tp our lives. Wijaya Godacumbura,a doctor in Sri Lanka was horrified when a 19 year old pregnant woman was brought to his hospital in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.She had third degree burns to 75% of her body and shortly later she died.Most Sri Lankan homes in ruralia depend on lamps for light.These kerosene lamps topple over easily,spill and start fires.There was no way to prevent this.In 1992 Dr Wijaya decided to do something himself since neither the government nor the authorities were doing anything about this.He designed a glass bottle thta had a screw on lid and a heavy base to prevent it from rolling."My work," he says,"will never stop until all of the three million unsafe lamps in homes are replaced with these bottle lamps."

You should be constantly looking for breakthrough ideas by going outside your field. Identify hot trends in other industries. Then think about how they might be adapted to yours.

But here's a suggestion you might want to take up on..

Real people build real business. Lives change.

Cally Rao

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Migrant Labour, Immigrants And Jobs..

The cheap labour model that has driven the economies of most of South East Asia,China and other nations may be running out of breath.Twelve people jumped off buildings at a certain factory's facilities in Shenzen ( two survived however) exposing problems related to ill treatment, mismanagement of staff,military style training and a no nonsense corporate culture. Production line workers,including pregnant women were forced to stand for eight hours on their jobs while not having time to cmunicate with friends and support nests.Withholding of wages , locking away of personal document etc etc. are some of the abuses.Pay cuts and longer working hours are held out to these so as to reming them that their jobs are at the mercy of the Boss.

Nine million Filipinos work abroad as migrant workers.Another four million , mostly from India, work in the Gulf region.The recent global meltdown has driven sixty million people below the poverty line worldwide.Twenty million migrant workers have lost their jobs in China alone. It is estimated that about eighty million migrant workers have crossed borders in search of jobs between China and South East Asia alone.

One looming question over all this is what will happen if these millions lose their jobs,expelled or thrown out of work in another economic crunch? What about again about their remittances to their home countries which have become a big source of income for countries such as the Phillipines and Bangladesh besides propping up their families and households?A gnawing fear is, if and when another downsizing slits the throats of economies will these workers have jobs to hang on to ? Can they just stay afloat in the labour markets of their host countries? Will they be allowed to stay on , or will they turn to crime or become powder kegs of social unrest?

The story of both immigrants and migrant labour is :freedoms.Financial and personal freedoms.It's easy to feel snug and comfortable for the others who are citizens .But anyday ,anyone of us can be caught up like an antelope in a net as economies are battered.. Here's one preventive step, a preemptive strike if you care to call it.

To your future,

The e-business option

If You're A Small Business Owner..

Cally Rao

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Strategy For Passive Income

AdSense is just one of several income streams your business can produce.
AdSense primes your monetization pump like no other option...

* It's low maintenance -- no products to ship, no customer transactions to deal with,
etc. Google provides the ads and the guidance on how to easily insert them on your
* Forget banners. Google outperforms them. Contextual ads rule!
* Ad networks? Not worth the bother.
* Blend in a few well-chosen affiliate programs and it's passive income at its best!

You provide the relevant "real" content and AdSense compensates your efforts.

What Else ?

Reap The Rewards

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Parent Show

If the home's a stage, kids are the audience. They see everything that happens or takes place on that stage.For better or for worse the day to day events taking place on that stage such as decision making, conflict and other displays, slowly construct the childrens' blueprints for their behaviour that will last and build or tear them throughout their lives.

In a problematic marriage, a child's perceptions and reactions go awry resulting in behaviour or health problems such as putting on weight, headaches and sullenness.Their performance falls and personalities change. And kids can carry the yoke and guilt feelings of their parents' failed marriages into their own adult relationships in the future.Like some unfinished business it continues to blight and tear apart the lives of the children.

Simply overhearing parents' conversations kids absorb several aspects of character or behaviour. A discussion about what to do over the weekend can illustrate planning, respect for everyone's views and purposeful talk.Every day life-managing discussions between parents are the show that kids get to see most.In their eyes parents are the prima donnas.How to face challenges, manage crisis,treat the opposite sex are learnt right at home in the in the innocent days of their lives.

How are we helping our children grow - physically,emotionally and in character?Our conduct is the rudder that in unseen,unseemly ways steers their lives.Should it be a matter of jesting, impunity and blind walking?Set the stage for well adjusted kids.Let the real parent show come on.

Build Character

Cally Rao

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Make Yourself

Steve Case and his brother hawked magazine subscriptions and sold lemonade when they were kids.Later on when Steve discovered the computer he became passionate about building a connected society on line where people can buy,sell,communicate or to get news with and from friends,family and colleagues.In those days connecting to the Internet was slow,frustrating and fatiguing.Steve started AOL and though many pundits predicted it'd demise Steve focussed as he says it: 'We stayed focussed on what consumers not technologists want." Here are three small steps out of oblivion:

[1] See a need and fill it

Fauzia moved into a new housing estate. Shockingly none of her neighbours came out to greet them. Where she used to stay in Secunderabad neighbours spoke to each other everyday. Fauzia found this strange. So she decided to visit all 27 households on her street.Using information she had gathered during the visits,she rigged up a local directory listing names,phone numbers,house numbers and emergency contacts and delivered a copy to each home on the street.Following favourable response to the directory,Fauzia arranged a coffee party for women in the neighbourhood.At this get together they discovered that their children were in the same classes and decided to share the responsibility of sending the youngsters to and from school. Others who used to see each other almost daily discovered they lived next door.From then on the women stayed in touch. Next she and her husband organised a party for everybody in the neighbourhood.Thanks to Fauzia's iniative the people in her neighbourhood continue to share ideas to solve common problems and be there for each other in times of distress.

[2] Get Out Of The Box

Take everyday tasks and make them more EXCITING.Perhaps a new route to work?Or a complete change in routine for a day?Tinker with curiousity.Is there a better way to do something?Perhaps sit down with the kids or greet the hubby as he comes home drained by the wringers at work.

[3] Get out To Do Something New

For example browse in an old art shop.Study German architecture.Hang around others who are breathing breaking free from the chains of routine.Join an association of scrapbook keepers. These activities feed you in unexpected ways. Lighting the fires in your energies or spark you on to something new or to go in new directions.Many people come up with their best ideas while driving or cleaning house or shopping:be available to your intuitions!

Time spent in these snatches of minutes or parts of an hour in tinkhamtown is time well spent.If there's genius laid low in the woods within you,it may not surface suddenly or catapult you onto fame's court.But it's life altering,leading you to make changes in work and pursuits.Take a chance on something you've always wanted to do.We shouldn't get burnt by living and dying with that one wish unfulfilled.

So steal away to yourself. Find the person in you.

To your best,


Cally Rao

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ways To Finding Yourself ...

Peggy will never forget the phone call she received one September morning.Her daughter,Diane, a student at a university had been killed in an automobile accident.The weeks and months that followed were a blur of grief for her.Until an old friend from secondary schools and a few bike rides together in the woods did she claw back to her usual gazelle self.

Stress and anxieties through whatever door they come in trigger the now familiar fight-or-flight response in all of us.But unless you tear loose from the gravity of old life, you are going to get boxed in and caged again from time to time.But there's a way to kick your heels up again and live life:Get Lost!

Yes!Lose yourself!Lose yourself on an operatic binge.Hide away in a rustic old hotel on a faraway beach.Sneak away on a moonlit canoe ride.

Why should you bother getting lost?Getting lost unhatches trails out from the prisons of your comfort zones, your locked-up situations, forcing you to adapt,change,challenge and overwhelm a situation.Getting lost forces you to abandon schedule,routine and rigidity.You should let your instincts lead you instead of you leading your instincts.

Every new day is a new leaf to the chapters of our life.Will today be as tomorrow was or the day before had been?We have a past but we are not our past.If we don't like what we are doing now, we have the choice to change.

Go get lost! Take a leap from well grazed turf and the couches to open vistas. But if work has you bottled in here's a trail to get lost on.

Finding Yourself..

Cally Rao

From "Do-It-For-Me" To "Do-It-Yourself"

Do You Know Something About Anything?
A Hobby? A Passion?
Any Interests? Experience?
Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue!Life doesn't happen.
It comes from a willingness to get your feet wet..


Cally Rao

Beating The Blues

Nobody knew Louise's secret.A bubbly journalist,she often had panic attacks,dry spells at work and was afraid of getting out of bed in the morning. She stopped eating well and slowly lost interest in assignments on the job.She began to spend more of her time lying in bed,smoking and drinking and getting overwhelmed by feelings of dying.Studies show several risk factors that can parachute us into depressiveness: poverty, numerous children, a sick baby, lack of a support system, low education, unemployment, marital problems and an unplanned pregnancy.In the Arab world, postpartum depression affects 18 percent to 21 percent of new mothers. In the Western world the figure is 10 percent to 15 percent.

Depression is bad for the heart.New studies bear out that patients with major depression were three times more likely to be struck down by heart disease.Even mild depressions can take the fatality rate 50% higher than normal.Depression causes stress and stress triggers an outpouring of hormones ( cortisol ) which can cause heart rate and blood pressure to surf.Depressed people are also less likely to exercise or eat right than those who don't suffer the malady.Depression is a huge cardiac risk factor, so it's really crucial to take care of your emotions.

If you are overwhelmed by feelings of isolation,hopelessness,inadequacy and failure it's time to be careful, to do a reality check.Too often someone feeling down over protracted periods of time doesn't feel anything abnormal with this but neither do they confide to friends or relatives.They march off into silence. Take it out of the closet or you could end up suffering in silence for life!Stigma,fear or just outright obliviousness can make sufferers lead a double life. Victims will tell their doctors about physical problems but reluctant to discuss their emotional problems.Cultural factors lead to misdiagnosis or no diagnosis at all in nearly half of all sufferers in Asia. Left to itself it becomes a self harming tool.Self harmers struggling with all their emotional problems may get to feel that they have no one to turn to or cry out to could end up harming themselves as a coping mechanism.Sufferers are in huge emotional pain and the only way they know how to release all that built up tension is through self harm.Some go into drinking binges or drug themselves while others flee into harmful eating disorders.It is a tragic reminder of how life can go terribly cruel.

But depression also has economic consequences.Workers suffering from depression take more sick time,use health services more and are less productive.But a job can be the road to recovery.Being on the job gets you away from drowning in yourself and keep the mind busy.Confidence and a sense of purpose follow in.Being on a job, doing things, TRYING out new ways add a pattern of purpose to your life and transform your days into time worth living.

Beating The Blues

Cally Rao

Friday, July 9, 2010

Here's how a 14-year old girl started her own business as a part-time hobby..

The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy , said Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990).
Dreams do come true, if you dare them to be. And if you work to turn that dream into reality.
Choosing the future home of your business is not an easy decision.

And read how this deserving family runs their business from poolside, looking out over the Tuscan hillside.

Dreams Can Come True

Cally Rao

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do You Really Want To Quit ?

What if you come to realise you may have studied the 'wrong' thing in university? That you have zero affinity for numbers despite that accountancy degree? In my old peoples' time they'd just bite the bullet , endure and stay in the job.But times have and are a'changing.With globalisation opportunities for job and career hopping have come flung open.Careers unheard of fifteen years ago are now the norm.Hate being a lawyer? Become a chef!Don't like finance? Go into retail.Hate where you are? Go to Korea!

But before you hop, a thing or two to consider :

a]When going into a switch do you have enough transferrable skills to tide you over
in the short run on the new job?
b]Are you willing to slash your paycheck because you are starting at near bottom
with a steep learning curve ahead?
c]Are you really interested in your new found career or have been swept off your
feet by some image of it ?
d]Take small first steps.Instead of plunging and ploughing rightaway into your new
career try working weekends on it.When your gumption or instincts tell you that
you have both talent,resources and seed money,do you quit.

Though there is nothing wrong chasing your dreams or striking out to be numero uno just be sure your decidion is based on clear , practical thinking and not a sudden squall of emotions.The best thing you can do is PLAN your change.

Here however is a 'change' that won't sink your boat.Check it out and weigh.

Stop Being Someone Else's Guinea Pig

Be A Netpreneur

Cally Rao

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Today you’re faced with some very tough challenges.Your customers and prospects are inundated with choices.They’re relentlessly pursued by sales people.For the small business owner today knowing how to sell is the most important business skill you can acquire.Learn it and you will take cash flow to new heights.Master it and you will be able to turn around any situation into showing you the money.

The marketplace is crowded with thousands of professional and self -claiming marketing coaches.People in the older age group,especially those in their 40's and 50's feel that they already possess the necessary knowledge and experience that can be leveraged wpon as a business.With more and more retiring year on year this avenue has become a worthy business option to embark on.Some driven by an 'inner calling' also flow into this teeming marketplace.

The hard truth is fortunes are not going to change much until and unless something is done to reinvent the way to do your marketing.Unless marketing is very much part of your business life you can't grow,protect,project and sustain your own brand personality and identity.You can outsource a lot of things but you ought never outsource knowing marketing.

Assuming away marketing would be waltzing into a trap.Before a distress call or seismic signal comes in from your business now is the time to beaver the art form into your marketing.

From the Fringes to the Jet Stream

David Bullock used to feel The Man’s boot on his neck every day, but when he discovered how to systematically multiply the power of web pages by 100% to 1000% within weeks or months, he flew the coop.Originally Available Only in Programs Costing Over $4500,Now You Can Have Them for $99 Just for Saying “Maybe”

Cally Rao

Monday, July 5, 2010

Living Through Personal Crisis

Barbara was meeting with clients when she got a call from home.Interrupting her appointment,she took the call and was stunned when told her daughter has Hodgkin's disease. Growing up in a close knit family,she felt that family comes first.She caught the first flight home thinking that she could sort this out in a week or month.But it ballooned into a mammoth struggle.It dawned on her that though family comes first,yet,she can't let her business go down the drain.

Barbara is one among thousands or perhaps millions who must carry on,on a job while their personal lives are in peril of going as smoke up the chimney.Whatever the cause-illness,death in the family,divorce or losing the home-the emotional and practical pressures of a life crisis can lead to emotional and financial bleeding.In fact people need more,not less income to navigate across to calm waters on the other side.Those who have been there and back suggest some steps which you ought to consider:

1. Tell your employer about your situation.They can't help unless they know what's going on in your life.Frank disclosure of serious personal problems is the best way to go. Emotional relief and help might spring out of this.When colleagues see that you are there at your desk despite your problems they will reach out to you.

2. Don't become a tower to yourself.The old saying that no one is an island is very very true during times of turmoil.Don't take pride in never accepting help.The little ways friends and coworkers reach out to you could well help you raft through the storm.

3. A crisis can rip off financial structures and nests.Should you think of working from home?Perhaps an online income?Consider these life rafts against cloudy financial overhangs.

5 Pillars

Here's A Deal

Cally Rao

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Producing Traffic ...

If you buy the typical book about advertising… if you take advice from the average sales manager or ad agency… if you do sales and marketing the same way most big companies do… you will be thoroughly and totally equipped to do business in 1985.
(Just in case that year ever comes back.)But in , those same methods will get you slaughtered. Or, even if it’s not a total disaster, you’ll constantly be saying to yourself, “I can’t believe how dang hard it is to make money these days!”

If you’re an affiliate, this is crucial!

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Your Future Success May Hinge on this Factor

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Discover How To Get 1,000, 5,000, even 50,000 Clicks Per Day – For LESS Money Than The Other 99% Pay....

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The winners in every market ..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Is 'The Long Tail' Important To Your Cash Flow?

"The long tail" is a phrase that has been buzzed into our consciousness by Chris Anderson, executive editor of WIRED magazine. His book, The Long Tail, is an "impact book" -- the most important book in years.

An Interview With Chris Anderson

Cally Rao

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Are You Neglecting LIST BUILDING?

In the earliest days of marketing the Chinese marketer's sales school taught: 'Beat your gong and sell your candies'. But that has changed today. Beating the gong had become an art form. 'Advertising isn't a science. It's persuasion. And persuasion is an art.' says William Bernbach.

You can grow accustomed to and become innured to change in the ways you market. Oftentimes forgetting to praise new tactics that can help your business grow more. How do you get your sales moving up again when you have reached impasse?How can you get more visitors to your website? What can you do to stimulate traffic? Here's a modern day gong that can trigger visitor arrivals to your site by up to 300 % and help you build a list of hundreds automatically.

The huge mistake that 99% of gong beaters advocate is the reliance on the old 2-step lead capture process. A visitor arrives at your website, he fills up a lead capture form and then he's taken to a reward or download page. Nett result - I visitor in, 1 visitor out. The 2-step process is a worn out tool in today's marketing. Viral Friend Generator introduces a single viral element converting this into a 3-step process launching a tsunami of word-of-mouth marketing for your website. Now how can that be done? Visitors Sally, Tom and Geena arrive on /are brought to your landing page; they fill out the opt-in form, and then he or she are presented with a tell-a-friend form before being redirected to the 'Thank You' page. Sally, Tom and Geena now invite their friends to the VFG web page to check out the site-and a viral epidemic is quietly launched. Now how much difference can this one step make?The old way has one visitor enter your marketing funnel and then he or she goes home! The 3-step process triples or quadruples the pulling power of your sales page with no further effort and all it takes anyone is less than 10 minutes to launch the plug in. This one extra step self perpetuates the process of getting leads and viralises lead generation every single day after day. Each visitor starts a chain reaction beginning an entire network. Let's say your affiliates and partners start sending visitors as well to your site, thus setting in motion a traffic explosion and sales turnover through an infinitely perpetuating lead generation process.

Now what is there in this new gong? Well if you hired a programmer to create a software similar to VFG it would cost you upwards of $ 500 and it still wouldn't do half of what Viral Friend Generator does! It is compatible with all of the major auto responder services out there and has many incredible features that every other tell-a-friend script just cannot compete with at all.

Viral Friend Generator (VFG) totally automates the reward and delivery processes to capture your leads. You could also access, track and manage every single marketing campaign. Just consider, what would it cost otherwise to generate 25,000 visitors to your site or add an extra 150 registrants to your next tele-seminar? So let the gongs sound again...

List Building Automated

Cally Rao

How To Market Your Website

Outgoing daily website traffic is most important to all internet business owners. Without it, there's no business.

What are your current traffic levels? Traffic experts concur 10,000 daily hits is a good starting point to your success on line. Once this figure is achieved a business begins to experience results. If your daily traffic is less than that many hits, you should focus 70% of your efforts on traffic building. What does that mean? It means that 70% of your time and budget should be spent on traffic building. Whoever or whatever you are using for prospecting there will be no visitors unless your game plan demands hard effort at traffic building.

The draw of the Internet is partly due to the fact that you can launch a business from ground zero from home, at a cost of a lunch, with a website. The other reason is market size:it's huge. It's global. A glimming website stocked with the best products and services is not enough to become THE storefront to these internet users, 80 % of whom have come aboard on line to shop for and buy products. You need to be visible to them. But how? Remember the showbiz adage: Eighty percent of success is just showing up. But how do you show up? How do you get seen by these milling shoppers and buyers?

We all know that the essence of marketing is to find a need and fill it. Find a want and fill it. When people are looking for or are ready to pay for something they need, they come in with their emotional buttons on and flaring. It's true that more than 90% of all Internet users from any nook and corner of the world find what they are looking for through search engines. And the ease with which they can find and reach you is dependent on the listing and ranking in search engines, of your site. Can you therefore live oblivious to search engine marketing? Remember the showbiz adage: Eighty percent of success is just showing up. But how do you show up? How do you get seen by these milling shoppers and buyers? Sales come from targetted traffic and that's what search engine marketing is about. You need to market your website. You need to bring traffic to your site. The search engine marketing service, Spin Success, applies this fact and makes effort towards guaranteeing you among the top rankers in the search results so that it is a lot easier for prospects to hunt you down and zero home to your site. They submit your own or affiliate website to leading search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google. Additionally, your site will be submitted to thousands of other search engines as well which will generate serious visitors to your website. This way you will be your own best salesperson, leaving footprints for searchers, prospects and buyers.

Here's to increasing your traffic and sign-ups!


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Monday, April 5, 2010

What Is Business Failure Due To?

It really doesn't matter if you have just come through the doors of university or are retired and old and withered.Nor does it if you are boss of your own business,a cook,a caregiver or a teacher.The truth is that your goals are little more than air unless you roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

You are leaning on a very feeble reed if you rely on mere good feelings about the direction of your financial bandwagon into the yonder with your name on it. Are milestones being passed?Are benchmarks showing through on your financial pegs?

It's a leave of reality to succumb to the feeling that things will somehow sort themselves into place for you. It's the call to arms,the cry to battle that,that small piece of scribbled goals makes from the cradle of your hands. It's the taking of action that separates us from the sloven and reckless keepers of the family purse.

If you really want to get anywhere you have to learn,tool up and use marketing to position yourself as a problem solver par excellence on cash flow.You can outsource a lot of things but you can't outsource knowing your marketing.It doesn't matter how much you talk about achieving your goals or how much you plan.Unless and until you actually step into the cold waters and make things happen,you ain't done nothing yet.

So don't wait till the next rainbow.Saddle up and hit the right trail.Anything else is snake oil.

To your future,

Step Out !

Cally Rao

Ride The Asian Tigers

The winds of recession and financial woes are blowing and America's strategic position is in peril.A period of relative peace the world enjoyed from World War 2 up to the 90's wasn't due to America's military might. Squabbles over markets, expansion of empires to build markets, prowling for resources and raw materials had plunged the world into world wars.Following the last war America began to stand up for and encouraged a world that respected sovereignty,a culture which rewarded work and fair exchange of goods and services.The Europeans were pressured to de-colonise and GATT was established alongside a stable system of currency exchange.These actions led to huge growth in world trade,finance and banking.Through the 50's and 60's the US was the dynamo that hastened economic development and many countries bloomed from US investments. By the early 1970's South East Asia became seething with it's own economic engines and the word 'tigers' was coined .These economic waves changed the views of other nations.China which used to be a spoiler slowly realised that closed doors for her would only lead to stagnation and financial backwaters.Much of the Third World began to rethink their policies.Once infatuated with socialism more and more Third World nations began to open their doors to trade and investment.Thus the US became a catalyst for these countries to slowly move towards modern societies with technological and other skills.But concerned voices out of Washington have been decrying trade imbalance, job losses, budget deficits and a clamour to put up barriers to America's markets.This would be fatal and halt the advancement of the free-market oriented developing nations.It would signal that the model provided through the 50's and 60's that made for peace and growth is no longer an available option and trigger a downward spiral of the world economy.Is America to abandon the contest between free market democracies versus controlled and alternate ideologies? This will have disquieting consequences for the rest of the world.For sixty years peace and political boundaries were possible because peoples have achieved a better lot through trade.If these opportunities are choked a return to the traditional ways of conquest such as by war becomes more attractive.Protectionism and dwindling trade means less growth for the developing countries.National debts will pile up, defaults will become common with heavy consequences for the international banking system. Developing countries may abandon democratic freedoms and severe and repressive governments may ride in.America has been the anchor of the of the world's free-market economies.It is encumbent upon America as the pre-eminent powerhouse to rein the rules for progress and growth and not to put up tariff and other walls as these would then cause others to retaliate similarly and thus force a replay of past depressions and even a return to wars to settle things.

Commercially an inward looking approach can cause the US billions of dollars per annum particularly as the countries of South East Asia which have come to be called the Asian Tigers embrace every sphere of activity that used to be the domain of the US only. Asian governments hold up to 40% of the world's total foreign exchange reserves with the bulk of them in U.S.-dollar assets.But with the emergence of the euro things can change dramatically.Some nations ,especially China have begun to switch their reserves from the US dollar to the euro.Estimates have it that up to 1 trillion could migrate from the dollar to the euro.Consider Europe's ambitions to a global role commensurate with it's economic clout it wouldn't be long when a huge chunk of the world's reserves will be in euro.This European single currency is creating a huge new capital market of great significance for Asia.Fund raising,mergers,acquisitions and corporate refocussing doors have suddenly come flung open and which Asia feels would be foolish to ignore.

For the man in the street in America one door of abundance and prosperity is to look to Asia instead of wrapping oneself up with the bandages of every financial prescription back home.

Monetise Your Passion

Read This Report...

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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Never Ever Too Late!

Behind most of the damaging things we do to our ourselves such as being overweight, fretting and being a couch walrus are two ideas that have kept us that way.First that,someday when we clean up our act we can undo any ill effects and secondly that we are in our prime,nothing can happen to us.We begin to feel indestructible!But the evidence for how wrong these assumptions cry out from a wealth of data.

The effects of some bad habits can haunt and torment you for decades.However any time you improve your behaviour and make lifestyle changes they begin making a difference from that point on.Maybe not immediately.Our bodies and minds like as when you have to brake a car need some skid distance.The truth however is:you can reverse a lifetime of bad habits.

Caregivers argue that many chronic diseases can be warded off with a few sensible changes in lifestyles. Adopting healthy habits won't cure all that ails you though nor take the void of personal responsibility.But one positive change leads to another. Make enough changes and you will discover you have adopted a new way of life.It won't make you invincible or doctors unneeded but you can't wait forever either.Unless you do you will never know how much damage you can undo if you don't try.It doesn't matter what your age or job or where you are but you CAN reverse a lifetime of bad habits. But if you are ready to turn your life around,the payoff can be huge.

Not sure where to start?

Get Fit - a little weight training or aerobics or getting involved in a sport of your choice would be the best first steps away from the couch.

Take It Easy-the mind does influence the body.You may need to examine your emotional management and values that you chose to live by.

Learn A New Skill- there was a time when the company took care of everything and at the end of the month there's the paycheck. But times have changed.Many employers are living in trepidation of their own paycheck.Can YOU make a difference?Can YOU add to the company's coffers?And if you can or would want to-how?

Turn Things Around!

Cally Rao

Making Money

From ancient times making money has always been the catalyst for trade routes, silk routes, explorations to open up new worlds and entrepreneurship. The need,want and how to make money has made small communities and entrepreneurs take risks and start over and over again from setbacks and failures-just so that making money,earning ever more and more money can be kept up on.New toolkits to make money,better ways to growing money as against the traditional keeping of herds and flocks,agricultural harvests or cottage industries has driven financial pilgrims and pioneers to new shores and frontiers.The persisting on onto unchartered endeavours,searching for ever different ways to making money will never die off.Witness the skill and technology changes within whole societies moving from the agricultural age into the industrial age onto the information age and into the space age driven largely in part on wings of money economics.Nations earning off from commerce.

The Internet has both expanded and changed the ways to generate money. An on line marketer has available to him thousands of ways to make money. Earning off affiliate programs,from providing services such as legal work or banking or dropshipping have flung open doors for entrepreneurs to earn money across the globe without having to physically traverse air, sea or land routes or by horse and camel as in yester years.The best and easy ways to making money today can be launched right from bedrooms or basements or a cave.Difficult times such as now have forced people to rethink ways to generating incomes and move away from traditional corporate jobs or as employees to find daring and novel ways to making money as risk takers and venturers into the unknowns. No frontier today can escape the 'veni,vidi,vici' ( I came, I saw, I conquered ) footsteps and spirit of the entrepreneur because making money has become tied to survival today's economy.

Finding ways to money well is an 'art and craftsmanship factor' too.The difference between winning and losing is the earning game is the craftmanship factor.It's born out of your ability to combine tools,skills and talent in making money.Imagine if Mr Flintstone had 'discovered' a special barbecue sauce, he would have made enough money working from home instead of commuting into the jungle.Just as Sam Brennan did during the 'Gold Rush' by selling shovels instead of prospecting for gold himself.Those who won't put forth the effort nor learn skills would have to wait for a genie to deliver their wishes.Would you rather not be an action taker?Most marketers including Internet Marketers ask you to follow or duplicate their system to become rich.The 'art factor' says you have to have some originality in your money making toolbag.

Keep company with performers and doers in marketing.The ultimate goal of any endeavour is to have it become the flagship rainmaker.Financial abundance comes from the belief and persistence that you can accomplish what you want inspite of what else is happening around you. Sometimes we may not have 'everything' but David did slay Goliath with nothing.He used his own weapon-a sling and a stone.It's time to find your slingstone and overwhelm debt, living paycheck to paycheck,fear of a layoff,fear of being busted,fears of a whole slew of things.Make money before age inks out the years of our lives. Haul anchor and sail away.

Unlock The Game

Cally Rao

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Will Never Get Rich With Just Your Regular Salary

Too many entrepreneurs and business owners have succumbed to the notion that they cannot shake off from their present job highway and move on.If that's the way you feel too either have some serious personal leadership issues that need to be worked on or you need to remind yourself that you don't have forever to plant a cash tree.You might think you are indispensable where you are or are warming yourself in your own glow but unless you exercise the freedom of stepping off the beaten tracks from time to time your rainmaking ability will slowly collapse and you will become nothing more than an employed asimo.

We don't have free minds only to enslave them to averageism, being contented with or philosophize about our choices.We are not meant to drift aimlessly without purpose and direction.We must engage in and use our talents and skill technologies to their fullest in ways each of us sees best.To do otherwise is to waste our lives by personal choice.Impoverished communities or captive men and women caught up in prison camps or slavery know too well the banality of waste:human life of tremendous potential reduced to mere existence,slithering in and out of the days of their life.Denied all will to make use of the best of their talents and energies their lives wither away into oblivion.

If your economic productivity is handcuffed or your rainmaking is closetted in a tower of self erected mediocrity then your life has lost it's sense of purpose.Don't seek refuge in a rathole.Wherever you may be,whether a baker or in an office,on an assembly line or a teacher don't plant yourself in a place too small to grow in.You expand your life by using your talents and imagineering.Remember the beginnings of the electric bulb or the wheel or the torch?

Starting your own internet business is one breakaway.You'll have the freedom to concentrate on a passion.The freedom to set your own work hours.The freedom to work from wherever you are in the world.Best of all you take the first steps towards financial abundance.

Plant A Cash Tree 1

Plant Another

Cally Rao

Stay True to Yourself No Matter the Age

Why did a nurse walk among the dying and the horribly maimed? Why would someone live with outcasts and help them set up colony when they could be playing golf or watching TV or knitting?"I'll go in case everyone else has given up on them.I'll never give up!" was the answer from one hope bringer.

Never giving up is a trait we honour in soldiers,survivors of perils and those making comebacks from severe injuries and afflictions.Any community worth living in must have a web of people faithful to 'lighting candles in the darkness' however tiny their flames are. And unless for these little candles that community would fall apart.The challenge for all of us is to find those few causes that are peculiarly our own,those causes to which we are roused to, and then to plug in and go for launching with all our energies and heart.By remaining faithful to a calling we can ink the conditions for finding purpose,pattern and paths to living.If you seek to solve everybody's problems,your own energies might just not be enough.They could evaporate before you grab the spade.But if you stake out your own cause reaching out to whom you will and being there for someone you could then accomplish a great deal.

Faithfulness to a mission,in the words of Roosevelt:'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are' seems to be the battle hymn of those who bring light in every place that they do.

However imperfect we are,clinging to our true self,being who you are is what matters.You can make whatever you want out of your life because like a potter, our days on earth are all the clay we'll ever have in our hands to shape and mould our tomorrows.

It costs energy and time,maybe a lifetime.You can make whatever you want out of YOUR life, but first you have to not be afraid to try.

What Others Say

A Memo

Cally Rao

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Step Into Innerpreneurship!

As a new year scrambles to roll out the carpet for you isn't it time to ask yourself if those words still echo down your memories- the time when Grandpa said :'You're really gonna be somebody .You'll make a dent .You'll be successful.' Or have those words withered out of memory's ground? Connect with that big picture unless you want to leave your life to careen to a dead end story! Stop sending out that press release about what you 're going to do while leaving it to amnesia to pay the bill. If you discovered an inner streak of non conformism , a propensity for risk taking , and been a beaver for a new opportunity/ies , hungry to be different , then it's time to fulfill Grandpa's prophecy.

Replant the plant. It's time to think of your full potential , saddle up and blaze fresh , new trails .Walk away from the treadmill , break rank from the mundane where you know you're just going to be a square peg in a round hole all over again. Get ruthless .Make the new year a year of beginnings , renewing the pages of your individual history. Become more of what you really are - seize the day! We've all had career missteps but change has to start now. The past should not hold hostage the future. As the new year rings in , zing up Grandpa's words again.

Here's an avenue : become a problem solver instead and start preparing for a future personal financial hostage crisis.

Be Your Own Casting Director

Cally Rao

Questing And Learning

On the platforms most schooling systems are built upon on today,learning is mandatory,compulsory.But after a while most learners start sneering,snarling and gnashing.Because for far too many of them learning has turned out to be a demand to surrender their will to external direction, an enforced oppression.

One of the joys of life are the things we can learn up on or bring to life a hitherto hidden talent and yes picking up a craft too.Learning has always been inborn,instinctive and essentially full of fun.But if learning is fun WHY have so many become dull and incurious?It must have to do with conditioning.Conditioned to routine,surrendered to dullness and by falling into a habit of absorbing everything as it comes in unquestioned acceptance.

Many have played themselves into their caskets or eaten and drunk themselves to their tombs but no one has ever died from learning.Though the body gradually wilts taking in tow our aged emotions but the mind in everyone continues to live, growing ever more lively and active, expanding and delighting itself with things,vistas, horizons and crafts new.

The greatest danger confronting us today is not age or race or geography.It's the drying up of our lives by abandoning learning and avoiding learning.It's further ambushed and smothered to death by laziness , slothfulness,routine and stupidity.

No learner has ever run out of, run short of,of subjects to wade into, crafts to learn, skills to practice.So why the despair in the hallways of learning?Like all things of life such as careers,wealth building learning demands long deliberate effort of the mind and emotions.It's not conferred upon us by nature or God or anyone else.It's comes by one's own efforts.

In embracing it our days are extended,we are taken out on new wings to new worlds and unlike health or wealth building which wither with age learning rares for more of life and pushes on.So what ought we to do?

Here are two steps:

Return To The Library Step right back again into the libraries.Look up at the shelves.Those are not lifeless books or bundles of worhtless paper.Each one is a voice crying out though far distant in time and space.Minds alive but on shelves waiting to sit down and talk to whoever would want to.

Return To Rainmaking. We are all providers, providing into family coffers.In an era when employeeism reigned supreme most of us never bothered,nor realised that our jobs depend on not our cash nests alone nor our resources but rather on how your employer is facing the competition , on marketing.Here's an idea to ponder.Considering that the wealth of a firm are it's employees, imagine how valuable YOU would be if you tripled your firm's revenue this year. Or how about tripling the traffic to their website? How about saving the company from the hangman of dropping sales?In today's ever-changing marketplace,you need to be more than being just a worker.You could be the rudder that turns the ship around from being shipwrecked! LEARN the tools a company needs to keep it in the black.Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself:Shouldn't I be a rainmaker instead of being a mere employee?Have I ever thought of being a difference?What have I done for the company?Now is the time to be the Obi Wan Kenobi for your company!

What Have You Done For Your Boss?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Competition Matters

While it is important to win,it's imperative to compete said Dave Weinbaum once.

In any game or race without a potential winner the excitement is lost.A competitive spirit striving to win is key to our success as adults.Why shouldn't we foster and nurture it in our children?It's not to suggest pitting children against each other like some sports coach who mistakes the heat of the game for the spirit of sportmanship.But healthy rivalries can teach our children a lot about life.While games, contests,races show up the importance of drive,determination,will and endurance they also teach them how to lose without developing a loser's mentality.And with these attitude building come a tree of lessons.Of learning from mistakes,finding ways to do things better,make things work faster,to tinker and be curious.This builds in them a will to try and try again to fall down seven times and get eight as the Japanese business philosophy urges.Children who haven't gone out,fallen down,picked themselves up and gone into the fight again may end up having character problems in adult life in areas such as goal setting and persistence. Children learn valuable lessons when their activities result in winners and losers.

Winning is a feeling you'll never forget.It is the accumulation of experiences including mistakes and misjudgments that will finally give them the seasoning for real and lasting success.

Rivalries build,not tear down.They should be the classrooms for our children to come out of to face their future.

Find Something

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Monday, March 1, 2010

About Depression

When it came to dealing with "feeling down" or otherwise called mild depression the bootstrappers credo was that you just pull your socks up and get on with things and the blues will flee every other way.

But depression is not to be confused with "feeling low".It's almost a disease, that slithers through our emotions like a slug leaving little sign of it's violence and preventing us by it's very invisibility how horrible an ogre it is when out of steer.It can debilitate us in every way it continues to inflict mood disorders. When a family breaks up it's okay to feel sad.But just as normal cells can be infected by carcinogens, sadness out of control triggers malignant sadness or otherwise called by it's proper name,depression.

There are no reliable tests to diagnose depression other than that it's hosts are mostly negative about everything or have gone through weight and sleep swings and are ridden by overwhelming feelings of worthlessness and guilt.Many reasons have been proposed for depressiveness.Any event or activities in any area of life can trigger depression with as yet untold consequences upon physical health.There seem to be just two over relied treatments for those among us battling depression: anti depressants and cognitive therapy.In cognitive therapy a care giver or practitioner helps a victim unlearn the negative thoughts that are emotionally drowning them in mood mayhems and replace them with positive ways of thinking, for e.g.going for long walks or exploring trails instead of languishing on the couch is called 'replacement'
thinking.The depressed are also hell to be with.So if you are feeling down in the dumps most of the day,get out of yourself ,reach out and get help.Here are resources to help yourself.



Cally Rao

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

This complete, FREE 10-day course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It pulls no punches, it holds nothing back. It leads you step by step, day by day through a flawless process...E-business Success. Simple. Real.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Resume For Cash Flow

1.Deliver What Your Employer Is Looking For

Your resume merely sums up what you have been doing all this while and leaves the door ajar to your would be employer to figure out how you can help them or their firm.Can you sell yourself that way any more?It might be a better way to get to know the company you are going to work for:their products,culture,goals and competition.Now WHERE can you add value?Can YOU cut costs somewhere or take productivity up from off the shop floor? Remember when you are hired the company cedes a part of the management and control processes and the resources and power that go with it to you.Should you not therefore tell them what you plan to do with that responsibility?Question and answer interviews are yesterday's tedium.If you present your requests and plans professionally and it becomes apparent that they will profit from hiring you a good company will go a certain distance to consider the things that are important to you.

2.According to recent polls,70% of American households are thinking about starting a home-based business! From stay-at-home moms to your local baker, from friends who do multi-level marketing to your doctor, from those who wish they could quit their day jobs to your sister who'd like to retire.Now the next step:how do you generate sales,bring the money in from your start up? How can you become the rainmaker?The old fashioned sales routine of cold calls, telemarketing, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and trying to visit people who don't want to see you is DEAD.Imagine the following two scenes:
Scene 1: A buyer has a problem and needs to fix it.You happen to have called the buyer that same day.You were lucky and was able to show him a solution to his problem.
Scene 2: Same buyer. Has the same problem and needs to solve it fast.He starts woodpecking for a solution. So he goes out and talks to friends, or comes upon an ad, or looks into the yellow pages, reads an article somewhere and hears about you.So he calls you on the phone to see if you could help.

Whether you want to go out and work for someone or help one of these would-be entrepreneurs your skill blade has to be sharper.

To your future ,

New Rules For Landing A Job

Cally Rao

Monday, February 15, 2010

BE A Rainmaker

Have you given thought to perhaps how valuable an employee you are where you are ? Could you merely clock in and out because you have mouths to feed and be nothing more ? When you took those first footsteps into the marketplace you probably didn't anticipate a great depression ,downsizing ,outsourcing or the economy getting the slammers.The floundering cash flow that has your company put everybody out on the streets ? That , despite the years industriously promoting and tooling yourself up the career ladder and arming yourself with a sharp set of skills - only to find out your company can't afford to keep you around because it's coffers have gone dry. So what do you do now? Here's an idea to ponder . Considering that the wealth of a firm can be it's employees , imagine how valuable you would be if you tripled your firm's revenue this year. Or how about tripling the traffic to their website ? How about saving the company from the hangman of dropping sales ? What's the likelihood your company keeps pace or even stays in business? Can you afford to sit back , stay oblivious and watch your hair turning instantly white with the breaking news that the doors to it's colossal entrance are closing forever in days! In today's ever-changing marketplace, you need to be more than being what you are - you could be the rudder that turns the ship around from shipwreck! LEARN the tools a company needs to use to beat back it's competitors. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself : Could I be a rainmaker ? Have I ever thought of being a rainmaker ? What have I done for the company ? Now is the time to be the Obi Wan Kenobi for your company!

May the force be with you !

What Have You Done For Your Company?

Cally Rao

4 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Not long ago a friend murmured that I was a workaholic.I was startled.Hearing this outside my own head,it slammed me as a dart to my liver.It was shocking to think that getting hooked on work though it was work that I loved could be a problem. As I stepped back and looked at it hard it became apparent that my addiction was punishing family life and edging me towards burnout.Admitting it was hard but I had to and when I did I knew what I needed to do:less!

That's almost true for a lot of us because we are all engaged in work in the marketplace,giving out in countless ways - as directors,partners,shakers and movers,parents,friends,colleagues,children,teachers,artists and caregivers.This work never ends.But we must never overlook that we need to be renewed and recharged.And there's no better time then when our instincts or spider sense or heart beckons us to get out there.Out of cocoons and ivory towers.Here's a to do list that's helped me.

Stay Out Of The Supermarket
Go to farmers' markets whenever you can and smell those freshly harvested produce.Eat outside more often,picnic out.Get a straw hat,fresh bread,cheese,fruits, wine and a friend or two or a group.

Go Outside At Night

Walk around after dark.Admire the stars or how the clouds look in moonlight.Walking outdoors,listening to the waves or hearing voices from long ago from the books in your nearest library, memories or just thinking of your loved ones sharpens senses and ignites passions.

Find A Hayfield Or Hill

Atop a hill drink in of nature's splendors whilst everyone else is rushing headlong into their schedules and pursuits. The meadows, the valleys, rushing winds and swooping birds! And yes, a hayfield.When hay has been cut,drive by.Stop the car, just sit there and through rolled down windows,breathe in the sweet,green fragrances while watching the birds holding circus over fields vanishing into the inking darkness.

Let Go!

Paralysed by the pains or suffering of family and friends and colleagues and classmates or your own struggles?Give yourself some sanctuary,breathing room everyday and you'll find yourself better able to face up to the odds and things.With renewed energy you are wiser in reaching out in ways small and large to change our family's courses and the world.

Prevent Burnout

Cally Rao

Start Furthering Your Dream

This recession has laid bare the mettle that's in a lot of us. People have lost jobs, their businesses, their financial nests and in some cases their feelings of self-worth. They are afraid and furious. They feel victimized by events, by peers and even government.But they keep afloat on a lifeboat of debt and hope waiting for help to airlift them out of the mess or to be rescued by friends at church or someone. They bunker down and hope expecting that things will turn out for the better. But life's lonely in a bunker. It's a tendency that skyrockets during a downturn.

Remember an old proverb 'Iron Sharpens Iron'? Are you using stone to do the job? Life begins by refusing to see yourself as a victim, that you are instead captain of your own ship. Shipwrecks and navigating through typhoons are rites of passage and you don't get overwhelmed by anything. Don't give up and wait to be rescued-the hypothermia that that puts you into can kill.Stop waiting for rescue.You must push out onto new rafts,horizons and endeavors.You must press on."Can't act.Can't sing. Slightly bald.Can dance a little."was a film company's verdict on Fred Astaire's screen test.If the bunker beckons don't smell the flowers but go out instead and be an entrepreneur.Hustle,retool,take responsibility to remake yourself.Start an income stream.Take risks.Bring to mind the soulless grind that work had been.Start something. Put your faith in your talent and boot for your dream."Champions aren't made in the gyms. champions are made from something they have deep inside of them-a desire,a dream,a vision.They have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill," said Muhammad Ali,one of the most famous boxers of our times.

Walk into the future!Not let it become inebriated by the waiting game and die of cirrhosis of hoping help will come somehow.

Further That Dream

DIG Into Life's Second Chances

From the time he was eight years old Dave Thomas wanted to own a restaurant. Orphaned since birth he didn't have a stable home life neither did he excel at studies.But he clung to his goal. When he was 12 he got a job at a diner. He worked his way up to eventually become a restaurant manager. He turned around four failing restaurants and became an executive with that chain.Years later after putting together the necessary capital he opened his own eatery and named it Wendy after his own daughter.Today he has in excess of 3000 restaurants."I didn't set my sights on owning 1000 restaurants or even ten," he says."I just concentrated on making one profitable,then another,one step at a time."

Too often people set a difficult task,then give up.Goals should be focused on what is achievable."At some point in our life nearly all of us yearn for a second chance to do that one thing we always dreamed about,but never got around to trying. Most of us won't take the leap of faith that separates dreaming from doing.There's no school like "just doing it"!Life is full of second chances to move from failure to success,from humdrum to the fast lanes by moving on to a new endeavour or changing attitudes. Struck down by illness or catastrophe, assailed by grief or failure,dealt a raw deal or betrayed-in the words of Martha Graham:"You cannot give up what you are". The longing to beat the odds,to triumph and come through has what carried men and women into history.Strap yourself with a life jacket of books,doers,faith,purpose and a dream. Stop spending life waiting for things to happen or sell your tomorrows' soul to the 'someday' devil. Write down your goals. Outline what you want out of life and you can find ways and means to rally resources and enthusiasms.Keep your goal in focus.

Take individual steps. Never fear failure. Persist, persist, press on! Along the way to any goal you will be confronted with obstacles and dead ends and you would want to quit.Push that thought away and get back to work.Conquer the mountain in stages.At the end of the day it's what you DO,not when,how or whether you did it.George Bernard Shaw was 94 when one of his plays was first produced.Benjamin Franklin was a newspaper columnist at 16 and a framer of the constitution at 81.

Cling to your goal.

A Second Chance

Cally Rao

Why Not Just Wait..... ?

In Asian folklore,the mouse deer is ascribed mythical wit.One day he reached a river bank on a journey but alas found the river creeping with crocodiles and absolutely unsafe and too wide to cross by wading across either.But he had to think out of the situation to get across to the other side of the river bank.So he called out to the first croc saying that he had been asked to count the number of his kin in the river..if only Mr Croc can arrange for them to string out,he could do that in a snap and so the the crocs assembled one after another. Off jumped the mouse deer onto the back of the first croc counting "1","2","3" and soon he was on the other side of the river bank.And immediately after he waved and vanished. When the crocs found out that they had been had they raged the river dry and gnashed with such fury that almost all of them lost their dentures!

If you are in your 30's and it's another twenty years to go before you plan to retire to a life of leisure sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, have you thought of the croc infested financial waters in between?The future is not a level playing field and is visited with it's own demons,challenges,fears and anxieties.Can something come by and relieve you of your financial nests or fry your strategies? What about the real threat of being made financially homeless-isn't it both a weak weapon and option to be assumptive that friends or self correcting market forces or the government will be there to rescue one?Will Rogers said it right:'Even if you're on the right track,you'll get run over if you just sit there.'

Perhaps it's time to put together a toolbag and seek out to resource your income generating sources.I remember reading an article years ago in the Reader's Digest that said 75% of us have a deep down clamor and yearning to do our own thing.Write a book or..but we never or don't get to.Unless it's a better option to sleepwalk into the future here is an option that has helped me come to terms with what Will Rogers said.

Strike out!

Think Out Of The Box!

Strike Out!

To Your Dreams,

Cally Rao

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Entrepreneurial Strategy

In 1998 Jonathan hosted one of the most seminal live events in net history in Boulder Colorado. Jonathan's clients include not only some of the top experts in online marketing but people whose names are not known to John Q.Public but who do tens of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars a year online.

Over 100,000 people have downloaded my now-legendary teleseminar How to Profit with Google AdWords that I did with Jonathan. More people have cracked the code of Google advertising through this four-hour clinic than any other single book, e-book, seminar or event. I've met web entrepreneurs literally from DC to Dubai who have used this information to transform their businesses and acquire new customers with greater ease than ever before.

The key to Jonathan's success is that he has truly mastered the art of Entrepreneurial Strategy, applying the concepts from Michael Gerber's E-Myth to work on his business instead of in it. And this is what he's going to teach you.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

5 Steps To Take Your Income UP

About two thirds of America's millionaires still work though self employed.The types of businesses they own tend to be mundane such as welding,dry cleaning and yes cakehouses.Eight out of ten accumulated their riches themselves.To realise your own financial dreams walk these simple rules:

1.Live Below Your Means
Get off the spending treadmill especially conspicuous consumption.Many have come to realise that frugality is the first step back out of the red ink.Miser are survivors.

2. Launch A Savings Plan
Jumping off from a spending mindset, set aside a certain percentage into savings.Then invest them.There is always the possibility of an additional downturn or other emergency down the road.If a funding squeeze comes on this reserve is your first line of defence.

3. Take On Debt Sparingly
Don't get sucked into today's "gotta have it now" culture.Or be led to financial death by the notion that good times last forever.Up to two thirds of millionaires are debt free.

4. Start Your Own Business
Self employed people are four times more likely to be millionaires than people who work for others.Salaried workers are limited to what an employer will pay but savvy entrepreneurs grow their own business.

5. Make Yourself Stand Out
Decide what role you want to play in the marketplace.Which audience are you going for?What do you want to be known for?What does your character look like and sound like?Be your own casting director and step into the spotlight. Cast off from old ideas.Perhaps an online income is something you have never considered or thought of.It could be your single fortune maker!

Take Your Income UP!

Up Your Income ,

Cally Rao

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stop Feeling So Guilty!

Are you being too hard on yourself?Psychologists say the average person spends approximately two hours a day feeling guilty!And of that about forty five minutes are taken up by a severe dose of feeling guilt.Although guilt feelings are constructive yet a system that works for the better can also malfunction.If in response to your guilt feelings you have taken steps to make amends but the sense of guilt still persists you are probably suffering from false guilt which can slide away into self destruction.

So how can you get rid of guilt feelings? Experts agree it's much like pain.You don't sit there and grit your teeth till your dentures crumble - you do something about it.Here are four steps you can take to deal with your guilt feelings.

Make Amends:Unrelieved guilt can hole your immune system and expose you to illness.Old guilt can connect to your current situation and rattle you time and again.

Disable your 'guilt buttons':The people in your personal community can manipulate you into feelings of guilt.A martyred sigh from a friend can send a tide of guilt feelings washing over you. First identify what or where your guilt feelings are.What are you insecure about?Work?The kids?Your ability to give or give in to your friends?Next, who or what has the power to push those buttons.Decide you are the one who is going to control your life and so take steps and pre emptive measures to take power away from them or it.

Forgive yourself:You have done the best you could at the time.You have done the best you could about being a dad but you aren't superdad nor do you have to make yourself out to be.Let go of the past and press on onto new paths.Mend broken relationships or get back into contact with that old friend.Do something but don't wait for a glacial melt to move on.Forgive yourself.Expecting perfection of yourself is a no win situation.

An ancient remedy:There is an old Chinese tale that a woman once lost the lives of her husband and two sons in a day.Overwhelmed by grief she sat alone in ashes and sackcloth until it dawned on her she might be killing herself too.So she sought out an old seer friend.He told her the best cure he knew of is to go and 'find a mustard seed'.But she has to get that seed from a home or family where no tragedy has befallen.So she went into town and knocked on all doors that would open to her and as she sought her mustard seed she also heard tales of woe and tragedy from each family.As she saw the streams of tears and broken hearts she changed around to being a comforter and forgot her own grief.

Behaviourists say that a practical way to overcome some of life's hang ups is to channel your grief or anger or guilt feelings into a new endeavour.As you populate that goal with all your energies, time and talent you'll soon overwhelm the guilt gremlins that are out to do you in.

Stop Feeling So Guilty!

Vanquish Your Fears!

Cally Rao