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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ways To Finding Yourself ...

Peggy will never forget the phone call she received one September morning.Her daughter,Diane, a student at a university had been killed in an automobile accident.The weeks and months that followed were a blur of grief for her.Until an old friend from secondary schools and a few bike rides together in the woods did she claw back to her usual gazelle self.

Stress and anxieties through whatever door they come in trigger the now familiar fight-or-flight response in all of us.But unless you tear loose from the gravity of old life, you are going to get boxed in and caged again from time to time.But there's a way to kick your heels up again and live life:Get Lost!

Yes!Lose yourself!Lose yourself on an operatic binge.Hide away in a rustic old hotel on a faraway beach.Sneak away on a moonlit canoe ride.

Why should you bother getting lost?Getting lost unhatches trails out from the prisons of your comfort zones, your locked-up situations, forcing you to adapt,change,challenge and overwhelm a situation.Getting lost forces you to abandon schedule,routine and rigidity.You should let your instincts lead you instead of you leading your instincts.

Every new day is a new leaf to the chapters of our life.Will today be as tomorrow was or the day before had been?We have a past but we are not our past.If we don't like what we are doing now, we have the choice to change.

Go get lost! Take a leap from well grazed turf and the couches to open vistas. But if work has you bottled in here's a trail to get lost on.

Finding Yourself..

Cally Rao

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