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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Make Yourself

Steve Case and his brother hawked magazine subscriptions and sold lemonade when they were kids.Later on when Steve discovered the computer he became passionate about building a connected society on line where people can buy,sell,communicate or to get news with and from friends,family and colleagues.In those days connecting to the Internet was slow,frustrating and fatiguing.Steve started AOL and though many pundits predicted it'd demise Steve focussed as he says it: 'We stayed focussed on what consumers not technologists want." Here are three small steps out of oblivion:

[1] See a need and fill it

Fauzia moved into a new housing estate. Shockingly none of her neighbours came out to greet them. Where she used to stay in Secunderabad neighbours spoke to each other everyday. Fauzia found this strange. So she decided to visit all 27 households on her street.Using information she had gathered during the visits,she rigged up a local directory listing names,phone numbers,house numbers and emergency contacts and delivered a copy to each home on the street.Following favourable response to the directory,Fauzia arranged a coffee party for women in the neighbourhood.At this get together they discovered that their children were in the same classes and decided to share the responsibility of sending the youngsters to and from school. Others who used to see each other almost daily discovered they lived next door.From then on the women stayed in touch. Next she and her husband organised a party for everybody in the neighbourhood.Thanks to Fauzia's iniative the people in her neighbourhood continue to share ideas to solve common problems and be there for each other in times of distress.

[2] Get Out Of The Box

Take everyday tasks and make them more EXCITING.Perhaps a new route to work?Or a complete change in routine for a day?Tinker with curiousity.Is there a better way to do something?Perhaps sit down with the kids or greet the hubby as he comes home drained by the wringers at work.

[3] Get out To Do Something New

For example browse in an old art shop.Study German architecture.Hang around others who are breathing breaking free from the chains of routine.Join an association of scrapbook keepers. These activities feed you in unexpected ways. Lighting the fires in your energies or spark you on to something new or to go in new directions.Many people come up with their best ideas while driving or cleaning house or shopping:be available to your intuitions!

Time spent in these snatches of minutes or parts of an hour in tinkhamtown is time well spent.If there's genius laid low in the woods within you,it may not surface suddenly or catapult you onto fame's court.But it's life altering,leading you to make changes in work and pursuits.Take a chance on something you've always wanted to do.We shouldn't get burnt by living and dying with that one wish unfulfilled.

So steal away to yourself. Find the person in you.

To your best,


Cally Rao