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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can You Make Money With A Blog ?

With the economy howling the way it is , fear and anguish are rampant. It's one reason why people are increasingly retreating into the world of online marketing . Another is the fatigue from rejection from job searches. One other hound is the tremendous amount of buzz about making money from blogging .But is blogging THE tool for your online web prescence or financial goals ? When you launch your own blog there is of course hardly any barrier .Everyone and anyone can do it. A lot of blog content are based on activities or interests pursued by individuals for pleasure and not primarily to generate income . It may surprise you to know that a blog post today becomes a two week old throwaway newspaper in two days! People reading blog posts often come into or go away with the impression that they are listening in on a conversation or rant rather than reading the writings of a trained , knowledged professional . However thematic blogs , such as , say on credit repair or finance sometimes build good followings. Yet content needs to be refreshed often , otherwise traffic just languishes to death. So is the blogging model to launch an online income flawed ? Generally there is tremendous silence as to and if whether blogging brings home the money. Before you drift into using blogging software to build your primary web prescence you may want to seriously look at whether it lacks or meets what an entrepreneur needs to make money on line.It's your onus to check the details.

Blog Or Build ?

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Cally Rao


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