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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Importance Of Having Fun

One of the many spurs to discovery and creativity , a resource forgotten ,discarded and left to die on the shelves is the power of play. By play meaning the things we do for fun, for their own reason, for the sheer sense of finding out , discovering , learning  and  the growing up that they present or offer us.

Outside the home , in the marketplaces , stark credoes , mission statements, corporate cultures or political , religious and other platforms dictate or rule. Leaders at the helm seduce, entice and lure the workers at their command [the mass of us] to carry out , perform necessary but sick-of-it tasks and roles that choke off and bleed  fun . But societies have gone that way  and will in the future too, in order to survive. Subordination and intimidation are necessary for communities to be run.At the end of the day we insidiously morph into what we weren't meant to be , i.e. have become drones : we can neither spark renewal nor create anew.

Play is a kind of opposite of seriousness, of being mechanical.A spirit of play ergs us on to experiment , to try new ways , change the rules or game styles. At work we are silenced into shunning risk taking and get honed to hue to the 'one best way'. But play tweets us to take risks,have fun walking out on a limb, follow hunches . 
Play sparks passions. Passions light the fires of creativity. And creativity hatches practical discoveries. And discoveries lead societies into new life , new eras and break yesterday's yoke on our necks.

Go and have fun.The sort of fun that inquires, that asks why some task can't be shortened or how the winds blow as they do.Fun ignites your vitalities and sparks your energies.Lose it or don't use it and you get worn and burnout.Fun helps geyser new energies , knowledge and unearth skills as we walk or trudge through the days of our lives.Have Fun .

Here's A Fun Thing You CAN  Do..

Build An Economic Tree While You're Studying

Starting your own business now is a great opportunity to have fun while learning the fundamentals of business.
If your business starts working well, you may be able to pay your tuition (or pay back your parents) and have something left over for that date.
But the main benefit will come from learning how business works. Then, once you have your degree, you'll be light years ahead of your classmates.Don't worry about missing out on the parties and sporting events. This is the best time you will ever have to focus on your studies and get your new business going.

Develop A Resumé-Buffing Skillset?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Become An Infopreneur. . Nothing Beats Working From Home !

Do you have a small business idea ? Or are you thinking of starting a business? Note : SSBs  
[ Small-Small Business ] include an infinite variety of niches (from antique watch repair to pet keeping ). These "niche-spaces"  are forever expanding, with the number and variety of services and products growing geometrically. And it is the SSBs that are the real backbone of  an economy . They create and fill these niches.Find the type of business that best describes what it is that you do (or want to do).
    Then see how to truly use the Net to make your specific business (or business idea) thrive.Entrepreneurship
    is your door to freedom - financial freedom.

Find Your Small Business (or Idea)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tomorrow Trap

Determined to climb corporate ladders,save for retirement and to avoid being dumped in another downturn many are heading headlong into a let's call it-"tomorrow trap". People rush past everything building their careers and other personal pursuits.But taking refuge in visions of a wonderful life just ahead somewhere down the road income earners are forgetting to tend to their personal and family lives.Living in the future can be emotionally seductive.People gain some kind of emotional satisfaction from constructing fantasies of a future life tomorrow even though they are not living it today.This trap, the 'tomorrow' trap that the sun's gonna shine on you is so alluring it's captives see their actions as noble.Catch yourself before burnout, exhaustion and a loss of will fry you.

We all must plod on slogging it out against an economy that appears to be floundering and desperately trying to heal itself.Though it's allright to stretch the boundaries of your imagination and vacuum your energies in the course of transforming an idea into a successful venture yet you must avoid driving headlong 'round the bend!Instead take unique steps that would go on to produce extraordinary results.Knowing what the next step is and being able to take it is the magic. Many bump into enough "next steps" along the way that after 2 or 3 years they eventually figure it out and do allright.But most people never do figure it out. Winding up out of money,out of time,and out of energy most end up staying with their safe,secure jobs. But for how long is anything safe?Take your company for example.Marketing is such a crucial limb that if employees don't know that their service delivery all ties in to cash flow they could put the company out in red ink in no time.

The biggest lie that anyone can ever tell you is that all is safe and nothing can go wrong.Whether you are an employee or a small business owner you have a need to know the whole marketing puzzle and how it all fits together..and you need to know it now. Agreed?Your buddies,the millionaires or anyone else will shed no tears if you lie there dying financially.Customers don't walk in.They need to be won over. I mince no words: If you won't want to learn how to do this right, you shouldn't be worried about your on line future at all.There ain't none.The 'tomorrow' that has had you so seduced so long may never knock on the door!


Cally Rao

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Site Or Blog Is Not A Business

It is the "place of business."
Site/blog-building is only 1 out of the 10 key steps for building any e-business. Software like WordPress does not include the process or tools or support/guidance necessary to do the other 9 steps.

DO SOMETHING about the rest of your life...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake people make in life is not
making a living at doing what they most enjoy.

- Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990) 

Living in what she calls the "Outback of the Australian Outback," a Web site seemed like a crazy idea to B. Bradkte. Internet access in her area is slow and unreliable. However, 15 months and 2 Web sites later, B. is happily self employed, after quitting her soul destroying day job. She writes about what she loves, and is free to roam the world with her laptop. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Family comes first - WAHM-IT!

There is no other place that you would rather be than with your kids. But, at the same time, you would also like/need to contribute financially to the family. You want to be a "WAHM," a "Work-at-Home Mom/Mother"... but not just any kind of WAHM.

WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course...Click here to start reading WAHM-IT! now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Drive YOUR road to success.

Let's say that you've created a fun site about New York City. Tens of thousands of people search for information on all kinds of topics on New York, every day... "Broadway Plays" or "New York Mets" or "Central Park"... etc., etc.
They find your site... They read your pages, enjoy your content, and check out your recommendations. And so...
They click your link to go to to book a cheap flight. You get paid a commission.
And they click your link to and book a hotel room. You receive another commission.
Finally, they click your link to to buy a New York tour book and street map.
Yup, one more time on that commission!
Getting the idea?
Affiliate programs do bring revenue, but often not enough as the sole income model.
Why then do many earn far too little...?Your affiliate business can be started part-time, on a shoestring.
Doing it right's important.
Here's a FREE COURSE on affiliate marketing that will get you started right.

How SUCCESS in affiliate marketing works..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Easy Is It To Get Started On Line ?

What's stopping you from starting a business on the Net?
No time to deal with customers?
No services to offer?
No hard goods to sell?
Don't know how to create and market digital goods?
No problem!
A Web site, when properly built, is the ultimate niche business-building vehicle. Thanks to Google AdSense, you never even need to deal with customers.You can now publish a high-quality information site that attracts hundreds, then thousands, of targeted visitors per day, people who click on your Google AdSense ads and earn you substantial income. Yes....
Google AdSense and SBI! are the perfect hand-in-glove fit for you to get your feet wet in the waters of e-business. This powerful combination gives you...
  • a site that attracts high volumes of motivated, on-target visitors, and
  • a powerful model for monetizing that traffic. 
Here's how...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Holding You Back?

Ask yourself some hard questions.
Be willing to reinvent yourself.
The key is to decide to be a winner and then simply keep doing everything until you are there...

Are You Getting In Your Way ?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Use Images… And How to Get them for Free

A relevant, smart image is a great way to reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate. It gets people to read your content, so they’re likelier to buy something from you. But you can’t just grab an image from Google and hope the copyright lawyers won’t find you!But you CAN find free images, and use them with no worries.
You don’t need to be a photographer — or even own a camera — to add a free, eye-catching, relevant image to your content. All you need is the Creative Commons, also known as CC, and this handy guide.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Register & Get The Super-Early- Bird Offer .......

The old fashioned sales routine of cold calls, telemarketing, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, ignoring "No Solicitors" signs and trying to visit people who don’t want to see you is DEAD.
Boost Subscribers, Customers & Profits On ANY Website In 15 Minutes or Less... The Simple 5 Step System to Increase Sales in Today's Web Environment.My friend, this is the best networking you’ve ever experienced. Anywhere. Anytime. There’s just something about the sunshine and clear air here in Maui that makes your cares flee a million miles away.

Book your trip now to the world’s most pleasurable, most advanced Internet traffic event in the world of Internet Marketing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Become Invaluable To Your Employer

Thinking about how to pay for tuition, books, school supplies and rent, not to mention fun & games... without having to go into debt? Looking for a way to generate income year-round? Why work hard for peanuts all summer, and then wait tables all winter? Build your own thriving online business... and a winning resumé at the same time?No work experience, technical knowledge needed here, just a positive attitude and ideas to share.

Why Not SHOW you're a Valuable Player on your resume ?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Use the Web to Build Something Real....

Money doesn't fall down the chimney or grows on mulberry trees or however else you've heard that expression before.The moral here is you need to plan,save and budget wisely.In today's times, financial literacy is the key to , the stepping stone to build and scale personal net worth.It's no more about how much you earn  and how much you spend - keeping the books,i.e.It's also about saving , investing and budgeting.Just like any other skill ( writing , golfing etc ), financial literacy is necessary knowledge , one that promotes and builds your financial well being.Any crisis can have us facing the wall  in these uncertain times and  impale us. Living from paycheck to paycheck maybe .

Here's one link about earning in a different theatre - as an affiliate marketer, a rookie entrepreneur. You don't have to worry about start up capital and a product.You'll get great landing[ product ] pages with the sales copy , design layout and hosting done for you.You get scores of landing pages to whet your visitors' passions.All you need to do is choose a medium - PPC, article marketing , social media- in which you are good at to put a word out to your network.Track your traffic in the back office.Test and change your landing pages as often as you wish while soaking up on the art of marketing.

You can't outsource [ rely on somebody or something ] your personal leap of  faith .You'll have to stick your neck out for yourself.As someone who brings in the money you need to look out for new oars to bring your family boat to safe harbours. Here's that link again.

Cally Rao

Will I Be Here Next Year ?
Next time this year will I still have a job ?

Will the job be still here , outsourced or gone ?

Will the company survive another tumult ?

How can I survive this ?

Nothing Beats Working From Home

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Emotional Benefits Of Working From Home

"2004: I sat at a computer...and used a digital camera...for the very first time! 2005: I wanted to show my new hobby to the world: taking digital photos of my native Los Angeles. Timidly, I started an SBI website... and found it surprisingly easy to do. 2007: My "hobby" has turned into the job I wish to keep for the rest of my life, and will provide my retirement income, too!"

Vicki Funes, Greater Phoenix, Arizona, USA 

Who doesn't dream about freedom, about "doing your own thing," about making a positive change in your life/work style, about personal fulfillment? Take that leap of faith .Here are some benefits of that wish :
  • purchase special items
  • pay off student loans
  • buy a house or a bigger one
  • stay home with the kids
  • vacation somewhere special
  • save for their children's education
  • retire comfortably
  • and the list goes on and on
  • everyone in the family can "connect" to the dream..
Scroll Over 

How To Build A Business List

How to make additional easy cash from Hidden Goldmines in your business. Grow your business exponentially.

The Pull way of selling! How to make them call you rather than you having to work hard on them.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

When You Retire , Do You WANT To Be Just A Retiree?

Retirement no longer means to leave the working world and chute into inactivity.It's only a matter of time before boredom starts strangling you.And what about income? And fun and the life you cherished?
Thanks to the Internet, new doors are available.Open them with relish and retire "to" something better .
Start the first day of the rest of your life.

Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Get Free Traffic for Your Business – with Google Maps!

This Free Coaching Session will Teach Local Business Owners How to Get Free Traffic for Your Business – with Google Maps!

Grow Your Business

Is Your Marketing System Working ?

Nobody said that selling is a fair game. It’s always unfair: It either tilts unfairly in your favor… or someone else’s.The environment you sell in every day is changing fast. It is ruthless, sometimes even cutthroat. Some people reading this will be out of business by this time next year.Others will have made major advances in playing the game, securing their position and leaving competitors further and further behind.
How does a company go from $1 million in sales to $20 million in 18 months? How do you operate in an industry that’s so cut-throat competitive?Here's how you can separate yourself from the pack and sell at much higher margins ...

Marketing That W-o-r-k-s

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Give Your Site A Traffic Ride

If you are a website owner and have neglected or simply overlooked FREE search engine marketing then your website is probably headed for irrelevancy.There's a simple test you can do..That simple test – well, log  into your website stats and see how many visitors you have had on the site in the past month… and more importantly check out the unique visitors.If you have very few  visitors, or worse yet, none at all, then your web site... your product… well, they just don’t matter.You see, without traffic all  else is irrelevant.If you are too busy then you could outsource that effort.Here's what you ought to do.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There's A Business For Everyone

Decisions are a way of defining ourselves. There comes a time in life when there is nothing else to do but go your own way. Where you are headed there are no trails, no paths, just your own instincts.
Sergio Bambaren 

There comes a time in almost every life when one is forced to choose between whether to keep on plugging into someone else's sockets ( as an employee ) or go do something with the rest of the days of  your life ( as an entrepreneur ).Whether it's offering personal services, starting a retail business or even business's better to just go and launch it when the bulb is still shining! For the cost of a lunch you can  take that little step out of the rat race - online.  
As the Net matures, more and more people are going online in search of the perfect online business opportunity.Or if you're starting from scratch , sell what people online want... information. Yes, you can do it. This is the way to start a profitable online business... regardless of your Web skills.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alternative Lifestyle?

Out of high school,we feel awe struck by what we're gonna do when we get a job.Boy,am I going to ... .But there's another side to it.It comes up years later.Did you take the right wagon out? Here's one man's story.

Brian was the manager for a machinery manufacturer.As he went to work one morning ,as has been custom all these years,he increasingly began to resent what he saw as the clouding of personal honesty demanded by competitive business.Even worse he hardly knows his wife nor the children as he gets 'locked away 'from them for up to 5 days on business trips oftentimes.He began to see that the nearer he got to the board of director's job,the less he liked the sort of lives those above him in the Firm were living.He began to lose the confidence that he can play it differently when he got into the board." I don't want to change my personality.I have this conviction that it was unnecessary to behave badly or stay put in a compulsory charade of hypocrisy in order to be successful.I prefer family life to business entertainment,"  he thought hard to himself.
That evening , when he got home , he told his wife ," I don't think I can stand this until I retire." But the more they thought of it the more an abyss of fear opened up- how can you cut moorings without even knowing which point of the financial compass you are heading for ? The job had afforded the lifestyle they have now.Everyone has come to cling to it's safety.
"There's an old proverb," he told her, " that every cock is proud on it's own dunghill.I have been so obsessed crowing that I forgot the hypocrisy that our lives have come to become." Letting go of the job they were clinging to,they felt a curtain has lifted on something already there: a new phase of life.It would be better to do it now when they still have their wits and age than later they thought.

Together they found a small bed & breakfast business close to a beach.Since then what has increased over time is Brian's ability to make do on a shrinking income . But it opened new doors.They make their own bread and beer.They rebuilt the extended family ties.Though the kids have less pocket money than the neighbours ,yet there isn't any resentment from them.Bonding together again after all these years has churned a kind of hardy happiness that has rubbed off on them."What we have swopped is not money but a way of life, togetherness.It is absolutely essential that I should do what I am doing."

Where you are now are you being true to yourself.Do you get to use your talents and enthusiasms or has your boss plugged you into a round hole ? It's NEVER too late to ask the question nor jump off the mellee of the rat race. Remember the words of H.G.Wells : "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race."

Financial Fears

A growing concern among families on the Indian subcontinent is that they will OUTLIVE their retirement savings and only 2 out of 10 have retirement plans at all.Surveys by life insurance companies show that up to 77% believe they won't have enough to live on.It wasn't that they were caught unawares.There has been a tremendous change in tradition whereby a family would take care of it's older members.A greater mobility among young members of families had taken them away from family bases and the family safety net had gone into fragmentation.

Across over in Taiwan in a survey of 4500 students between 14-22 , an alarming majority of these leaders of tomorrow have considered suicide with about 23% still considering it on a recurring basis.These young people feel that they are good for only tests-university entrance exams and others.They decry a lack of homegrown heroes or role models they can look up to or imitate.Most of them don't know what to do after leaving university.Family ties have crumbled with both parents having had to work while children were sheltered to a point they can handle no setbacks even the death of a pet.

The biggest challenges ahead lie in what we are going to do or have made ourselves capable of doing , if things and support systems that comfort us are taken away or crash.The risks and accompanying fears in the marketplace will confront us as global economics evolve .Nothing is sacrosanct and could be ours forever [ especially our job/s] .What we need to do is to get out of being boxed in.Take a safe risk now - risk everything - your job,your good time parties,even your own tower of systems.Radically transform your income generation because it costs you nothing to get started while you still have a job.

Start Income

Cally Rao

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Realities of Web Hosting Today...

You are a small business person, or are about to start. You care deeply about success. It's more than the money. It directly speaks to quality of life, to freedom and independence, to self-fulfillment.
99% of small business sites fail. The small business Web hosting industry even has a term for this, the "churn rate". [SHOW] .Yes, old-fashioned Web hosting, the standard Web hosting that is offered everywhere and by the largest of companies, virtually dooms small businesses from the start. SBI! is modern Web hosting, complete with all the tools you need. If "Web hosting" was "transportation," SBI! would be a NASCAR or F1 automobile, complete with a full staff of automated pit crew and coaches, that you drive to victory.

What about standard, old-fashioned Web hosts (ex., 1&1, verio, yahoo, etc., etc.)?   "Park it over there in the corner." You rent space on their computers. They throw in a snazzy free sitebuilder and other irrelevant tools. But you get no process, no mentoring. And you pay extra for important, success-generating tools and traffic-building staff.

What about blogging, the latest cheap-quick-easy way to "get online"? For special types of small businesses, it can be a good choice. But for most, blogging is the "new fast way to fail" -- don't miss this analysis.
You should make a well-informed, organized, hype-free decision. Try this decision-making software. After you run through its example, enter any Web host you may be considering, add any factors that are important to you. You will make the right choice.

Blog Or Build A Website ?

Cally Rao

Friday, February 4, 2011

Colonial Revival?

Africa is awakening.It beats it's breast as it sees Asia and Latin America taking off into the future.Africa is still being considered the world's poorest region.The late Jomo Kenyatta was reported to have said that when the colonialists arrived on Africa's shores , Africans had the land while the White Man held Bibles.The white man taught them "how" to pray.When Africa opened it's eyes the White Man had the land and the Africans were holding the Bibles!

There's a lot of huha these days however about a perceived new colonial subordination:Economic Partnership Agreements with Europe.This will lead iniatially to a flood of liberalisation and deregulation of investment and financial cash flows.Africa trembles at the destruction to African cottage industries , loss of tariff income and most of all a loss of it's identity.The identity of a regional African integration process founded on trade between countries in zones ,e.g.the Eastern Zone etc etc.These zones will face the peril of trade diversion to Europe and Africa may once again end up holding " bibles".

That sounds like the EPA's we sign when we go work for a boss,doesn't it?The one sided-agreement working for someone who'll, well , perhaps , teach you "how" to pray.But when you open your eyes , the Boss has your time and talents and you are holding his bible ( the Employee Handbook)!

As a breadwinner or rainmaker you owe it to yourself to wet your feet in the waters of a new frontier.You owe it to yourself!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hard Parts Of Your On Line Business..

The Hard Parts

A site or blog, if it is to become a business, is the "easy part" that comes between 1) the planning and 2) the traffic-building and converting of that traffic into money.
99% of e-businesses fail at the critical "hard parts." If you fail at those, your site or blog fails. If you execute them well, your online business thrives. To get them right...  
Use the only all-in-1 product that provides all you need (process, tools, updating, help) to build long-term, profitable e-businesses... businesses with high intrinsic value, equity that you can ultimately sell, just like well-built offline businesses.
SBIers build businesses with growing income and equity. That is what delivers life-changing freedom .

Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Manage Your Money Better

You have done the next major thing after getting your education and a job.You have just started your family and it is growing.Ahead of you lies the much tramelled road from time immemorial that every family had trudged:how is the family income to be managed.Out in the marketplace in the rush to live it up many fail or refuse to listen to the soft chirping of prudence on money and it's life and death domino role on physical living.Here are three signposts you must never take your eyes off of:
  1. Keep 3 to 6 months nett income in a rainy day fund. Your rainy day fund is your first line of defence against declining nett left-over pay and rising expenses.There will always exist the possibility of another downturn or emergency down the road.This rainy day fund buys a cushion of time to keep rowing your boat towards a safe harbour.
  2. Save 10% of your income each year. Get off the debt path.Financial distress can place the family on crutches.If you can't manage your credit cards lock them away.Get and keep a handle on your eating out entertainment and impulsive expenses.
  3. Explore revenue enhancing options. When it comes to the future should you wholly rely on government or your employer or a bank?Self reliant entrepreneurship is the way to take control of your future.Ninety percent of the wealthy own their own business.In staying where you are,are you building your life or someone else's?Entrepreneurship opens doors.Plant an income tree,not plunge into a capital intensive millstone of a business.Here's an income tree you can plant for the cost of a lunch.   
 Plant An Income Tree,Don't Start A Business Yet..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beyond The Piggy Bank ,Teaching Kids To Manage Money.

Walking through a supermarket my girl spied a sports shirt on sale for $33.00,marked down from $47.00."We'll save $14.00 if we buy this NOW,"she said.She stared at me when I said,"We'll save $33.00 if we don't buy it at all."
Kids absorb lots of messages,values and attitudes from the media and friends.Advertisements whet their appetite for so many things that they don't need.What we ought to do is give them an understanding of the value of money, of 'herds and flocks'.They also sponge up on your example on spending,living,manners and money management.There are compelling reasons to teach them to be money savvy in today's environment and culture.
How do we then teach them?Schools don't teach that.It's up to parents to help their kids into growing up to be responsible,skillful money makers and spenders.The lessons begin now.
  1. Pay them a regular allowance.Then teach them in simple doses how to use it and plan spending.Guide them in the relationship between money and shopping.Be open and frank with them about what amount you can afford to give them now and what you expect them to pay for.Guide them to learn about balancing spending and resources.They don't always have to spend for themselves.If the kids want to forego their allowance to put into a family campfire or road trip for example,let it be.They will learn about togetherness as a family instead of being obsessed on themselves or their needs.
  2. Save then spend.The first step to managing money is setting some aside.Help them set small personal goals.Encourage them to buy small items first before they go on to bigger bills.Keep their goal of what they want to own visible to them.If they see something they want to buy for e.g. cut out the picture and tape it to a piggy jar where they can see their money 'grow'.It's especially important,so they don't blow away their 'fund'.If they show prudence and show effort to save you may want to consider a matching grant.
  3. One more thing though. Too much guidance you end up controlling or mollycoddling them.They don't learn to think for themselves.Remember, the goal here is competence,self reliance and independence. Let them make mistakes.Stay out of their decisions and let them experience the disappointments of a bad buy.What is precious is they learn how to choose,make choices and grow in making good decisions outside your supervision and your bearing down on them.

Today Is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Building Your Dynasty...

    Some food for thought for the weekend.. the following material has been culled from's Archives...

    1. Sheet by sheet, they cut the precious cotton into one-inch squares. Who?

    2.The man who has scraped up enough money and courage to start his own business is still very much part of the American dream. In a day when U.S. big business is successfully exporting its machines and methods abroad, smaller American entrepreneurs are also exporting that dream. In Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, even Africa, hundreds of Americans—who often get their first business ideas while traveling as tourists—are setting up every sort of business from popcorn stands to advertising agencies.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    No Guts,No Triumph

    As you stand on the horizon of a new year pop yourself this question:What is your future going to be? Globalization has made the marketplace your oyster.The courage to go against convention,to be a high performer has never been easier than now.You've got the whole world in your hands.Step into tomorrow today.
    Take the reins of your own life.Do not let it slither away into one of enduring it in quiet desperation . Life , however it has come to you or has come down to you, is do-it-yourself kit.Success is not going to abseil in from luck's skies or fate or the position of the planets.You control your own destiny.Self reliance has turned newsboys into editors,waiters into restaurateurs.You do yourself great harm in wallowing in self pity or ignoring the cries of 'Wolf!Wolf!' from those in the trenches of financial despair and hopelessness.

    Set and write down your goals.Visualize them.Keep your eyes on the oak tree of your goals.Learn new skills.But stay course.Persist,push on.There's a world waiting out there-go for it!If you're stuck in a rut of a job stay away from 'pity' sessions or groups of 'Gripes Anonymous'.You may think it's good to be with them but you are actually clambering back onto the shipwreck you slid off from earlier.Instead raft away.Find a new beach.Find a new trail.Start anew.Make new footprints.A life without danger,daring and perils faced is a life not lived. To discover a new sea you will have to leave shore.

    No Guts , No Glory