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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Will The Guinea Worm Strike Again?

It's a two and a half foot long parasite the width of angel hair pasta.HUMANS are the only known reservoirs for these disease.There's no cure , there's no vaccine.Guinea Worm larvae live in tiny crustaceans/water fleas.When people drink water contaminated by these fleas , the human digestive systems destroy the fleas but not the worm larvae.These larvae,usually females , migrate through the subcutaneous tissues , and in about a year the worm emerges headfirst usually,through a blister somewhere in the legs or arms.The host person experiences itching,fever,swelling, and burning sensations - infected persons have found relief from these pains by immersing in water ; shallow lakes , wells and open ponds.The contact with water stimulates the worm to emerge through the blisters and release thousands of larvae into the water.A single infected person could reinfect hundreds of people . Ostensibly civil wars,poverty, wrecked, neglected economies have been the Worm's best allies ........

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