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Friday, February 20, 2015

The berlin walls

The Berlin Wall divided Berlin into two halves during the Cold War. It became a symbol of the helplessness it put and placed families into.The world could only gape on while on either side of the wall families were broken up , severed and left to be devastated .Similar berlin walls have popped up around the world wreaking the same havoc and destruction - tribal killings , job discrimination , human trafficking etc.

But then ,not to overlook, there are berlin walls in one's own life too - the sort that have held and hold you back from being yourself , from being productive , from a happy life.The thing about these invisible berlin walls is they choke and strangle your life the way you'd rather have it and desensitise you , leaving you crippled to self help or self start on ideas that'll give you a leap into the future or to light your own fires.

One berlin wall you should  never ignore ....