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Friday, February 4, 2011

Colonial Revival?

Africa is awakening.It beats it's breast as it sees Asia and Latin America taking off into the future.Africa is still being considered the world's poorest region.The late Jomo Kenyatta was reported to have said that when the colonialists arrived on Africa's shores , Africans had the land while the White Man held Bibles.The white man taught them "how" to pray.When Africa opened it's eyes the White Man had the land and the Africans were holding the Bibles!

There's a lot of huha these days however about a perceived new colonial subordination:Economic Partnership Agreements with Europe.This will lead iniatially to a flood of liberalisation and deregulation of investment and financial cash flows.Africa trembles at the destruction to African cottage industries , loss of tariff income and most of all a loss of it's identity.The identity of a regional African integration process founded on trade between countries in zones ,e.g.the Eastern Zone etc etc.These zones will face the peril of trade diversion to Europe and Africa may once again end up holding " bibles".

That sounds like the EPA's we sign when we go work for a boss,doesn't it?The one sided-agreement working for someone who'll, well , perhaps , teach you "how" to pray.But when you open your eyes , the Boss has your time and talents and you are holding his bible ( the Employee Handbook)!

As a breadwinner or rainmaker you owe it to yourself to wet your feet in the waters of a new frontier.You owe it to yourself!