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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Personal Responsibility

Any time one looks into the papers ,or chances upon tabloid liners ,brings new

grief , a fresh howl , glum or maddening , of a notorious affliction of our times , that we hear much of ,that's weighing down itself upon all of us.To suggest one reason for this anguish obligates bringing up one word :personal responsibility, accountability to or of one's actions and attitudes.The generation today, released from the pressures to be accountable , from the hard days and grim facts that stared down the previous generations has gone on to satisfy its whims and fancies.Unless teenagers today admit to personal responsibility for their actions or what they are driven to do , this generation is going to stagger and swagger towards decay, rot and moral bankruptcy and pawn or lose the very freedoms that earlier generations had fought for, cherished and guarded with their very lives , the succor that those freedoms had been to their growing up.  

Friday, May 1, 2015

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