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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Are You A Rubber Stamp ?

Are you someone's clone ? Have you been made into a square potato ( there isn't one ) from an original round one by every influence and personality over the growing up years?      

Our cultures embed into our psyches and personalities a compliance prone and tail wagging life/lifestyle . Practically everyone seems to have a hand in 'certifying' us ! Loved ones , good friends , best colleagues. So we get on the bandwagon of doing what everyone's doing..... dying at 30 but getting buried at 60 ! It's time to rethink what you'd rather be than what everyone wants you to be.

In particular , being an employee or a worker or being someone's spoke in their business or work wheel. It's time to examine if the way you're earning is going to make you , dumb you or perhaps break you !

Time To 'Discover' Yourself !