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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This Father's Day.....

  • Treat him to a spa - yeah,surprise him and help him to relax , unwind under your watchful eyes.
  • Do his chores  - take out the trash , clean his car , grill his favorite dish right at home , make it memorable in ways you know how.
  • Last but never least give him a gift - a gift of a website  - you see Dad is the one who puts the food on the table. Perhaps he's bored at work. Perhaps he has, deep down in his heart a boyhood dream to start his own business. But instead of him burning all the savings launching a business , help him launch his business for only the cost of a lunch!! Tell him the story of  Crystal Maleski  who launched her own business with some e-mails to friends about easy dinner ideas.

Happy Father's Day !