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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Parent Show

If the home's a stage, kids are the audience. They see everything that happens or takes place on that stage.For better or for worse the day to day events taking place on that stage such as decision making, conflict and other displays, slowly construct the childrens' blueprints for their behaviour that will last and build or tear them throughout their lives.

In a problematic marriage, a child's perceptions and reactions go awry resulting in behaviour or health problems such as putting on weight, headaches and sullenness.Their performance falls and personalities change. And kids can carry the yoke and guilt feelings of their parents' failed marriages into their own adult relationships in the future.Like some unfinished business it continues to blight and tear apart the lives of the children.

Simply overhearing parents' conversations kids absorb several aspects of character or behaviour. A discussion about what to do over the weekend can illustrate planning, respect for everyone's views and purposeful talk.Every day life-managing discussions between parents are the show that kids get to see most.In their eyes parents are the prima donnas.How to face challenges, manage crisis,treat the opposite sex are learnt right at home in the in the innocent days of their lives.

How are we helping our children grow - physically,emotionally and in character?Our conduct is the rudder that in unseen,unseemly ways steers their lives.Should it be a matter of jesting, impunity and blind walking?Set the stage for well adjusted kids.Let the real parent show come on.

Build Character

Cally Rao