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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just What Is Success

I must be about 11 years old when this bouncy history teacher of mine hands me a book entitled " The Seven Laws Of Success".It's contents became the shoes for my small feet . I learnt there is a Great Designer , that you get where you will by setting goals in life : push on over , around and below obstacles , be a beaver and have unflailing enthusiasm . Sex is no play matter and it takes character to build relationships and keep friends beyond today. I steered away from whatever would drag me into what I felt were back alleys and stayed on the highways . Money can't buy values and character.Later when I became a schoolteacher and my students were teenagers I was aggrieved by the seeming inadequacy of them and others in making decisions and taking a stand in the face of situations , conflicts and choices .

To quote Winston Churchill , Britain's wartime prime minister "Come on now all you young people all over the world , twenty to twenty five , those are the years,don't be content with things as they are,enter upon your inheritance , accept your responsibilities . Raise the glorious flags again. Don't take no for an answer. NEVER SUBMIT TO FAILURE !"

Go out there and celebrate: whatever , sing , serve , dance , cheer up the girls ( or the boys ) be caring and give , do anything but beware the cheating alleys and backstreets.I wouldn't know what I would be today but for that road hardly travelled , the lighthouse that that book was - it's still with me badgered , frayed , paged and aged but hey it'll stay a friend .

The 7 Laws Of Success