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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Importance Of Having Fun

One of the many spurs to discovery and creativity , a resource forgotten ,discarded and left to die on the shelves is the power of play. By play meaning the things we do for fun, for their own reason, for the sheer sense of finding out , discovering , learning  and  the growing up that they present or offer us.

Outside the home , in the marketplaces , stark credoes , mission statements, corporate cultures or political , religious and other platforms dictate or rule. Leaders at the helm seduce, entice and lure the workers at their command [the mass of us] to carry out , perform necessary but sick-of-it tasks and roles that choke off and bleed  fun . But societies have gone that way  and will in the future too, in order to survive. Subordination and intimidation are necessary for communities to be run.At the end of the day we insidiously morph into what we weren't meant to be , i.e. have become drones : we can neither spark renewal nor create anew.

Play is a kind of opposite of seriousness, of being mechanical.A spirit of play ergs us on to experiment , to try new ways , change the rules or game styles. At work we are silenced into shunning risk taking and get honed to hue to the 'one best way'. But play tweets us to take risks,have fun walking out on a limb, follow hunches . 
Play sparks passions. Passions light the fires of creativity. And creativity hatches practical discoveries. And discoveries lead societies into new life , new eras and break yesterday's yoke on our necks.

Go and have fun.The sort of fun that inquires, that asks why some task can't be shortened or how the winds blow as they do.Fun ignites your vitalities and sparks your energies.Lose it or don't use it and you get worn and burnout.Fun helps geyser new energies , knowledge and unearth skills as we walk or trudge through the days of our lives.Have Fun .

Here's A Fun Thing You CAN  Do..

Build An Economic Tree While You're Studying

Starting your own business now is a great opportunity to have fun while learning the fundamentals of business.
If your business starts working well, you may be able to pay your tuition (or pay back your parents) and have something left over for that date.
But the main benefit will come from learning how business works. Then, once you have your degree, you'll be light years ahead of your classmates.Don't worry about missing out on the parties and sporting events. This is the best time you will ever have to focus on your studies and get your new business going.

Develop A Resumé-Buffing Skillset?