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Friday, July 9, 2010

Here's how a 14-year old girl started her own business as a part-time hobby..

The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy , said Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990).
Dreams do come true, if you dare them to be. And if you work to turn that dream into reality.
Choosing the future home of your business is not an easy decision.

And read how this deserving family runs their business from poolside, looking out over the Tuscan hillside.

Dreams Can Come True

Cally Rao

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do You Really Want To Quit ?

What if you come to realise you may have studied the 'wrong' thing in university? That you have zero affinity for numbers despite that accountancy degree? In my old peoples' time they'd just bite the bullet , endure and stay in the job.But times have and are a'changing.With globalisation opportunities for job and career hopping have come flung open.Careers unheard of fifteen years ago are now the norm.Hate being a lawyer? Become a chef!Don't like finance? Go into retail.Hate where you are? Go to Korea!

But before you hop, a thing or two to consider :

a]When going into a switch do you have enough transferrable skills to tide you over
in the short run on the new job?
b]Are you willing to slash your paycheck because you are starting at near bottom
with a steep learning curve ahead?
c]Are you really interested in your new found career or have been swept off your
feet by some image of it ?
d]Take small first steps.Instead of plunging and ploughing rightaway into your new
career try working weekends on it.When your gumption or instincts tell you that
you have both talent,resources and seed money,do you quit.

Though there is nothing wrong chasing your dreams or striking out to be numero uno just be sure your decidion is based on clear , practical thinking and not a sudden squall of emotions.The best thing you can do is PLAN your change.

Here however is a 'change' that won't sink your boat.Check it out and weigh.

Stop Being Someone Else's Guinea Pig

Be A Netpreneur

Cally Rao

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Today you’re faced with some very tough challenges.Your customers and prospects are inundated with choices.They’re relentlessly pursued by sales people.For the small business owner today knowing how to sell is the most important business skill you can acquire.Learn it and you will take cash flow to new heights.Master it and you will be able to turn around any situation into showing you the money.

The marketplace is crowded with thousands of professional and self -claiming marketing coaches.People in the older age group,especially those in their 40's and 50's feel that they already possess the necessary knowledge and experience that can be leveraged wpon as a business.With more and more retiring year on year this avenue has become a worthy business option to embark on.Some driven by an 'inner calling' also flow into this teeming marketplace.

The hard truth is fortunes are not going to change much until and unless something is done to reinvent the way to do your marketing.Unless marketing is very much part of your business life you can't grow,protect,project and sustain your own brand personality and identity.You can outsource a lot of things but you ought never outsource knowing marketing.

Assuming away marketing would be waltzing into a trap.Before a distress call or seismic signal comes in from your business now is the time to beaver the art form into your marketing.

From the Fringes to the Jet Stream

David Bullock used to feel The Man’s boot on his neck every day, but when he discovered how to systematically multiply the power of web pages by 100% to 1000% within weeks or months, he flew the coop.Originally Available Only in Programs Costing Over $4500,Now You Can Have Them for $99 Just for Saying “Maybe”

Cally Rao

Monday, July 5, 2010

Living Through Personal Crisis

Barbara was meeting with clients when she got a call from home.Interrupting her appointment,she took the call and was stunned when told her daughter has Hodgkin's disease. Growing up in a close knit family,she felt that family comes first.She caught the first flight home thinking that she could sort this out in a week or month.But it ballooned into a mammoth struggle.It dawned on her that though family comes first,yet,she can't let her business go down the drain.

Barbara is one among thousands or perhaps millions who must carry on,on a job while their personal lives are in peril of going as smoke up the chimney.Whatever the cause-illness,death in the family,divorce or losing the home-the emotional and practical pressures of a life crisis can lead to emotional and financial bleeding.In fact people need more,not less income to navigate across to calm waters on the other side.Those who have been there and back suggest some steps which you ought to consider:

1. Tell your employer about your situation.They can't help unless they know what's going on in your life.Frank disclosure of serious personal problems is the best way to go. Emotional relief and help might spring out of this.When colleagues see that you are there at your desk despite your problems they will reach out to you.

2. Don't become a tower to yourself.The old saying that no one is an island is very very true during times of turmoil.Don't take pride in never accepting help.The little ways friends and coworkers reach out to you could well help you raft through the storm.

3. A crisis can rip off financial structures and nests.Should you think of working from home?Perhaps an online income?Consider these life rafts against cloudy financial overhangs.

5 Pillars

Here's A Deal

Cally Rao